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Distribution of communications and IT products

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Established: 1994
Line of Business: Distribution of communications and IT products
Address: 6 Meir Ariel Street, Netanya
Phone: 972-9-7644777
Email: [email protected]
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  • Chetz Berkovich, DATA TECH Advanced Solutions

    Chetz Berkovich


    DATA TECH Advanced Solutions

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About DATA TECH Advanced Solutions

Data Tech company, part of the Excel Solutions Group, distributes communication and IT products and offers customer support, planning, and consulting services. For over 17 years, the company has been the leading distributor for communications giant Cisco systems, serving hundreds of resellers to supply an array of Cisco technologies to all market sectors while providing technological, logistical, financial, and marketing support.

Over the years and through various activities, Data Tech has gained a great reputation in Israel and worldwide and is known among the marketing community as a professional, service-oriented, and reliable company.
The company ended 2022 with a record profit, despite problematic opening data due to the Corona crisis, the increase in production inputs, and geopolitical instability. The company was able to gain an advantage over the competition by identifying the situation in advance and making appropriate financial and logistic assessments.

There are currently 24 employees at Data Tech, which includes warehouse workers, operators and staff involved in procurement and importation, finance, engineering, technology, sales and marketing. The CEO of the company is Chetz Berkovich.

Company Milestones

Data Tech has gone through several incarnations over the years. It was founded in 1994 to sell hardware and software computing solutions before being acquired by the American distribution giant Tech Data. As a result of its merger with Tech Data, the company became an Israeli branch of the group.

In 2003, Tech Data Inc. acquired the European distribution company AZLAN. Consequently, in 2005, Tech Data Israel launched its communication and cyber security solutions while joining the Cisco Israel distribution system.

In 2007, Tech Data was acquired by Rapac Communication & Infrastructure Ltd. a leading holdings company in the communications, infrastructure and energy sectors.
This dramatic shift led to a rebranding process, during which the company’s name was changed from Tech Data Israel to Data Tech Advanced Solutions Ltd.

In 2022, the Excel Solutions Group purchased the company from the Rapac Communication & Infrastructure Group, since Data Tech’s activities are synergistic with the activities of the other subsidiaries in this group.

In 2023 Data Tech Purchased control over IVS – TEC company, which specializes in providing broadcast and multimedia solutions. The company holds vast experience in setting up video studios using a turnkey project method, and is an inseparable part in all stages of the project, from consultation and characterization, through integration, and all the way to installation and day-to-day support.

In 2024, Data Tech signed a distribution agreement with Dream Vps company, a leader in the managed cloud services. This new collaboration will enable Data Tech to offer its clients innovative and advanced cloud solutions.

Marketing and Distribution of Fujitsu and Linksys Solutions

Along with Cisco products, since 2018, Data Tech has been distributing an array of solutions by Japanese company Fujitsu that include workstations, laptops, servers, and storage solutions. In addition, Data Tech is the sole distributor of Linksys communication products, a market leader in wireless solutions for home and office, and in providing top cyber security and information security solutions.

Click 2 - Automated Renewals Platform

“Click2” - A digital and automatic platform for managing service and licensing renewals opportunities in a convenient and simple manner - was developed by Data Tech in collaboration with Cisco and another Australian company in 2021. This secure system increases the business opportunities of the company’s customers as it actually provides a personal activity area (entry is made through the website -, where resellers can continuously monitor the service contracts for customers and the licensing period for the various products. The system proactively push notifications with renewal opportunities and thus helps them in day-to-day business management.

Value-add Beyond Pure Distribution

Companies whose products Data Tech distributes benefit from Data Tech’s value-added services. It supports the transaction throughout all its stages and characterizes solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. Furthermore, the company maintains its relationship with customers by offering a broad marketing package as well as technical training and information about its new solutions.

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