DHL Global Forwarding Israel

DHL Global Forwarding Israel
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Established: 1982
Line of Business: International Shipping
Address: 2 Rakefet St., Northern Industrial Area, Shoham 608370
Phone: 972-3-9719000
Email: [email protected]
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  • Efrat Raanan Edry, DHL Global Forwarding Israel

    Efrat Raanan Edry


    DHL Global Forwarding Israel

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About DHL Global Forwarding Israel

DHL Global Forwarding Israel is the world’s largest provider of supply chain solutions, offering all supply chain services using a One-Stop-Shop approach, and providing door-to-door services, including courier and customs brokerage services, online commerce services, storage, as well as distribution services. The company leads global shipping solutions around the world, specializing in its areas of expertise. The company, which is part of the DPDHL Group, is spread over more than 200 countries with more than 3,000 branches. Founded in 1982, DHL Global Forwarding Israel (formerly Flying Cargo International Transportation) provides customs brokerage services to hundreds of thousands of shipments by air and sea, handles tens of thousands of tons of air exports and imports, tens of thousands of TEUs of sea exports and imports, and offers groupage services to hundreds of thousands of CBMs to and from the major ports in the world.
Together with DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding Israel operates nine weekly flights on B-757 cargo planes to and from Germany and Belgium.

Comprehensive Solutions by Air, Sea, and Land

Approximately 600 employees work for DHL at Israel’s seaports, airports, and borders. Approximately 100 people are employed at customer sites in various capacities, depending on customer needs. The company’s software division offers tailored solutions, Customer Facing Solutions, interfaces to all existing ERP systems, and maximum flexibility to provide the customers a wide range of services and equip them with the highest quality of service that DHL Global Forwarding Israel delivers, while maintaining an individual response to every customer at Tailor Made Solutions.
DHL Global Forwarding Israel consists of dedicated professional teams, both at sea and in the air, to provide its customers with basic and professional solutions in high-risk fields, including medical and pharmaceutical equipment, security equipment, hazardous materials, perishable products, as well as industrial projects, including power plants, renewable energy, solar farms, desalination plants, gas, and oil drilling.

DHL Global Forwarding Israel offers its customers:
. Cross trade services by air, sea, and land.
. NFO Services - Next Flight Out.
. Local services for online commerce - release and distribution.

Continually Growing

DHL recently acquired Hillebrand, a global leader in transporting liquids (alcohol, wines, etc.) by air, sea, and land. Through constant renewal and growth, DHL intends to provide its customers with the quality service they have come to expect.

DHL Global Forwarding Preserving the Environment

As part of its dedication to environmental protection, the company has set a goal of zero pollutant emissions by 2050 and is transitioning to sustainable fuels. Since 2021, all partial shipments sent through the company’s global agent, DHL GLOBAL FORWARDING, have been pollutant-free at no additional cost. Customers of the company can also use sustainable fuel for transportation of full containers and air freight.
In addition, the company offers its customers additional eco-friendly services, including optimization of transportation processes to reduce carbon footprint, production of CARBON STANDARD REPORT, which analyzes the pollutant emissions in the shipping operations carried out by DHL, CARBON ESTIMATE REPORT, which details the emissions carried out by a customer-selected forwarder, and an ONLINE CALCULATOR service, which is a cost-friendly tool that allows an estimate of the amount of pollution expected in a single shipment according to the specific routing.

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