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Established: 1954
Line of Business: Law Firm Specializing in Taxation Law
Address: 7 Mesada St., 4 BSR Tower, Bnei Brak 5126112
Phone: 972-3-6956699
Fax: 972-3-6959696
Email: office@taxlawfirm.co.il
Website: http://www.taxlawfirm.co.il
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  • Michal Silberstein, D. Potchebutzky Law Offices

    Michal Silberstein


    D. Potchebutzky Law Offices

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    Michal Silberstein
  • David Goldman, D. Potchebutzky Law Offices

    David Goldman


    D. Potchebutzky Law Offices

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    David Goldman


    The late Daniel Potchebutzky
    The late Jacob Potchebutzky
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About D. Potchebutzky Law Offices

Potchebutzky Law Offices was established in 1954 and has since offered unique legal services to the business, public and private sectors in a range of taxation areas, in ongoing support and finding solutions for different issues.

The firm’s clients include corporate bodies, local authorities and entities, companies in the fields of energy and natural resources, infrastructure and project finance, the capital market, tourism and leisure, hi-tech and biotech, banking and financial institutions, communications, real estate, food industry, manufacturing industry, retail and wholesale, importers, high-wealth families and individuals, family companies and companies in difficulties in various legal procedures.

Due to excellent service values, a personal approach and finding precise solutions for each client, the firm has gained a solid reputation for its excellence, involvement and commitment to optimal results in terms of the various taxes.

End-to-End Service Values

The firm’s services are provided to business and public bodies to find legitimate ways to optimally reduce Israeli tax liability in all relevant areas for their operations in Israel and abroad. This is achieved while ensuring professionalism and understanding of the fine details.
The firm provides routine support to the organization’s tax personnel, and gives real-time responses to issues arising during business, thus prevents tax exposure in the earliest possible stages. The firm assists in daily, quiet, assured business management, while adapting precise tax solutions to every client and every situation. The firm’s clients receive, regarding all aspects of taxation in their operations, direct and indirect taxes, examination of the mutual influence between them, legitimate tax planning and creating a stable framework allowing proper conduct, both internally and with the Tax Authority.
In addition, the rich experience that the firm has gained in the field of taxation and its various aspects, allows the firm to gain special expertise in providing tax advice to families. Skilled fiscal support is necessary to cope with the changes typically happening in family businesses and with the families managing them, such as transferring between generations (giving gifts, wills and dividing estates), all while maintaining proper relations in the family and mediating over the details.

Services to Businesses Overseas

Overseas clients with business connections in Israel are assisted by the firm’s services in supporting and planning their businesses and representation before the tax authorities. The firm also closely supports its Israeli clients operating abroad.

Managing Contacts with the Tax Authority

After examining the business operations of clients, and fully consulting with them, methods of operation are chosen and in relevant instances the option of approaching the Tax Authority is proposed to receive approvals, for direct and indirect taxes. As part of the firm’s approach to the Tax Authority, detailed, reasoned requests are written based on legislation, interpretations, and rulings, and negotiations are conducted to receive the best results for clients in order to obtain the highest level of certainty on the tax issues examined.

Representing Taxpayers in Administrative Proceedings

The firm works for clients requiring assistance while undergoing Tax authority audits. In this stage, the firm fully cooperates with the clients’ accountants and lawyers, in ongoing consultation and representation before the Tax Authority. If no agreement is reached in auditing and assessment obtained, the firm submits a detailed, reasoned objection and subsequently conducts professional discussions with the relevant bodies in the Tax Authority. When conducting the objection, the firm places particular stress on preparing a legal framework of evidence both for reaching an agreement with the Tax Authority and if necessary, looking ahead, for an appeal to the court, or appeals committee.

Representation in Court Proceedings

The firm represents its clients in all required legal proceedings in substantial disputes with the Tax Authority between the need to reach a compromise outside of court, and the need to reach a legal decision in the District Court or Supreme Court.  


Adv. Michal Silberstein (Economics) specializes in all areas of indirect taxation and supports the firm’s clients in various stages of their activities. Lectures on VAT at the Institute of CPAs, and Israel Bar academic, professional and commercial institutes. Serves as a mediator in various legal sectors. Among the editors of the bimonthly magazine “Taxes” and has revised several editions of the book by the late Jacob Potchebutzky - “VAT Law.”

Adv. David Goldman (Acct. & Econ.) specializes in all areas of direct and indirect taxation and supports clients in all stages of activities. Has a regular column “Comments on Fiscal Rulings” in the magazine “Accounting”, publishes articles in the media, and had won a prize for a series of articles in “Comments on Fiscal Rulings.” Over 20 years has lectured on all tax areas in academic institutes, the Israel Bar and the Institute of CPAs. Served as a Prosecutor in the Fiscal Dept. of the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office (civil), and  subsequently as Chair of the Indirect Tax Committee at the Israel Bar.

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