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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Criminal law and white collar crime
Address: Midtown Tower, A144 Menachem Begin Rd.,
P.O.B. 18123, Tel Aviv 6492124
Phone: 972-3-6030710
Fax: 972-3-6030711
Email: officed@dachoach.com
Website: http://www.dachoach.com
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  • Gil Dachoach, Dachoach & Co. - Advocates

    Adv. Gil Dachoach

    Founding Partner

    Dachoach & Co. - Advocates

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    Gil Dachoach
  • Galit Rottenberg, Dachoach & Co. - Advocates

    Adv. Galit Rottenberg


    Dachoach & Co. - Advocates

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    Galit Rottenberg
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About Dachoach & Co. - Advocates

Dachoach & Co. Advocates is a leading and unique boutique firm in the criminal law sector with special expertise in white collar offenses including securities offenses, bribery, breach of trust, money laundering, tax offenses, cyber offenses and more. The firm represents defendants and suspects in these offenses and is also skilled in managing crises (for both suspects and complainants), in managing negotiations with Israel’s enforcement agencies, and in administrative enforcement. Dachoach & Co.’s uniqueness is in its ability to combine striving for a swift and satisfactory end to the client’s legal distress and the ability to stand resolutely against the opposite parties and the courts. This advantage has reaped proven success in a wide range of cases conducted by the firm. Due to the firm’s professional record, suspects’ conditions improved, major criminal principal rulings were given in favor of suspects’ and defendants’ rights, and indictments have been canceled. The firm’s lawyers are skilled in building the defense case evidence while having the ability to analyze and sort through large volume investigative material. Due to their ability to distinguish between main and trivial points, targeted strategies are built that provide an optimal defense for every scenario. The firm is renowned for its ability to make groundbreaking arguments that deviate from norms, while taking calculated risks to reach goals without compromising. The firm offers immediately available services with a personal, sympathetic approach, adapting solutions to each client


Practice Areas

Securities Offenses: The firm represents clients in securities offenses from the first instigation or questioning to the various stages of the trial. The firm has major advantage in conducting criminal proceedings in securities offenses and its ability to achieve surprising results due to its determination and daring in presenting arguments in court. The firm also specializes in administrative enforcement, a relatively new field in securities law, requiring unique familiarity and skills.

Bribery Offenses & Breach of Trust: The firm is experienced in supporting and representing elected officials accused of bribery, and breach of trust. It is involved in the well-known cases such as Ronel Fischer, The Israeli Tax Authority, “Netivei Israel”, Mate Yehuda Regional Council, Yisrael Beitenu party, etc. The firm’s staff is proud of its perceptive analysis of the developing situation and its ability to identify original points of view that help reach optimal legal results for the clients.

Money Laundering Offenses: The firm represents individuals and organizations suspected of money laundering with consult and ongoing legal support, representing clients before the Money Laundering Prohibition Authority, Israel Police, etc. The firm has an advantage in this field due to the partners‘ senior roles in relevant committees in the Israeli Bar Association and their deep and thorough familiarity with the law, rigorously keeping up with national trends occurring in the field.

Tax Offenses: The firm specializes in conducting complex and intricate cases in tax fields.

Cyber Offenses: The firm has experience and expertise with the cyber offenses field and represents cases before the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority (RAMOT).

Crisis Management: In white collar offenses, a criminal incident usually requires coping simultaneously with several authorities, the media and business agencies. The firm has proven experience in complex and multifaceted crisis management, while providing maximum protection of the client’s interest.


Notable Achievements

Harel Investment House Embezzlement Affair: Advs. Dachoach and Rottenberg represented the main prosecution witness. Although the State Attorney granted the witness immunity from incriminating himself in exchange for his testimony, he was indicted after the hearing. Advs. Dachoach and Rottenberg filed a complaint with Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein who in an unprecedented step instructed the criminal case to be closed after the indictment was filed.

Tax Authority Affair: Advs. Dachoach and Rottenberg represented the Tax Authority Consul in New York. The lawyers worked determinedly to prove that it was not possible to claim bribery and breach of trust in parallel and after the proceedings the client was acquitted of bribery charges.

Boulos Financial Report Deception: Advs. Dachoach and Rottenberg represented the partner of a leading international accounting firm suspected of deception in the financial reports of a TASE listed company. After a grueling 10-year trial, the lawyers led the client to acquittal on all charges despite incriminating evidence from an employee subordinate to the client and the client’s confession during questioning, given under extreme duress.

IDB Share Manipulation Affair: Advs. Dachoach and Rottenberg represented one of the primary suspects, a trader suspected of illicit purchases for Nochi Dankner. The representation included protection from prosecution as a state witness and the lawyers conducted the client’s defense amid a legal and media storm.


The Partners

Adv. Gil Dachoach, Founding Partner: Specializes in criminal law, mainly in securities law and white collar offenses. Has major experience working with the bodies and authorities in the criminal field in Israel and abroad. He began as an Associate in Sassy Gez Law Office and in 2001 formed Bram Dachoach & Co. with Assaf Bram. In 2011 he founded Dachoach & Co. Adv. Dachoach serves as chairman of the Israel Bar’s Money Laundering Prohibition Committee, a role that requires appearing in the Knesset, and coordinating actions regarding innovations in the legislation. He also lectures at the College of Management on white collar offenses.

Adv. Galit Rottenberg, Partner: Specializes in criminal law, in securities law and in white collar offenses. Started as an intern and associate at S. Horowitz where she helped conduct large and complex white collar cases. In 2008, she joined Bram Dachoach & Co. and in 2011 became a partner in Dachoach & Co. She is the Deputy to the head of the Israel Bar, Vice Chair of its National Criminal Forum and Chair of the Criminal Legislation Committee, responsible for setting the Bar’s position on criminal legislation debated in the Knesset. Previously, she served as PA to the head of the Israel Bar.

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