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Established: 1991
Line of Business: Personal Information Protection and Cyber
Address: 12 Abba Hillel Silver St.,
Ramat Gan 52506
Phone: 972-3-6005777
Fax: 972-3-6005888
Email: office@hay-law.com
Website: http://www.danhay.co.il
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  • Dan  Hay, Dan Hay & Co., Advocates & Notaries

    Adv. Dan Hay

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    Dan Hay & Co., Advocates & Notaries

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    Dan Hay
  • Liav  Shapira, Dan Hay & Co., Advocates & Notaries

    Adv. Liav Shapira


    Dan Hay & Co., Advocates & Notaries

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    Liav Shapira
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About Dan Hay & Co., Advocates & Notaries

Dan Hay & Co., Advocates & Notaries is a leading boutique law firm, with a unique specialization in the fields of personal data protection, data security, protection of privacy, cyber & high-tech law, as well as with libel, class actions, sport law and commercial law fields. The firm provides consultation and litigation services in all of these fields. The firm is regularly involved in legislation processes of laws and regulations in the fields of privacy, data technologies and cyber law.

Dan Hay & Co. is involved in and shapes legal processes in its practice areas, in Israel and globally, while providing creative solutions for its clients’ specific needs, with devoted and personal service. The firm’s unique position, as Israel’s leading firm in the personal data protection, data security, privacy and cyber-defense, stems from the combination of in-depth knowledge, longstanding experience, technological innovation, and the unique expertise of the firm’s leader, who is one of Israel’s leading experts in the field and who has published unique books on this topic.

Adv. Dan Hay has been serving as Chairman of the Israeli Bar Association’s Privacy Protection Committee since 2006, and the firm supports Knesset legislation process on behalf of the Committee. The firm’s involvement in Israeli legislation in its practice areas and its au courant with international developments, are part of the reasons for its reputation as an authority in its field. The firm is also involved in the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU (GDPR), remains abreast of international legislations in its practice areas, and counsels international companies operating in Israel in this field.

The firm, founded in 1991, is one of Israel’s leading technology and communication law firms, and specializes in the fields of personal data protection, data security, privacy, cyber, high-tech, media, libel, copyright, IT contracts, electronic signature, credit data services, commercial litigation, class actions, sport law, commercial law, real-estate and labor law.

The firm’s clientele includes clients of the highest profile in Israel, including industry-leading companies, leading Israeli and international corporations, banks, insurance companies, investment houses, financial institutes, telecom and cellular services providers, health organizations, food and textiles companies, retailers, production and communications companies, businesspersons and individuals.

Selected Practice Areas

Personal Data Protection, Privacy and Cyber
The firm provides counsel and facilitation of legal compliance concerning database management, data security, cyber and privacy, represents in proceedings before the Privacy Protection Authority of the Ministry of Justice, privacy actions, appeals, represents clients in administrative and criminal proceedings concerning forbidden use of databases and defends in class actions.

Internet, High-Tech and Venture Capital
The firm is one of the leading firms in counseling and regulations of the numerous legal aspects of the internet, and it represents start-ups. The firm has a particular specialization in high-tech in general and internet entrepreneurship and personal data usage in the business realm in particular. The firm represents entrepreneurs, VC funds and other VC investors.

Libel, Media and Communications
The firm is one of Israel’s leading libel and communications law firms. Its clientele includes Israeli media and communications companies, both in ongoing counsel and defense against libel claims. The firm also represents plaintiffs in libel claims, and was involved in major legal proceedings concerning communications and telecommunications’ regulation.

Law and Sports
The firm is one of the pioneers of the Law and Sports field. Adv. Dan Hay founded the Israeli Bar Association’s Law and Sports Committee, and headed a committee that recommended legislation amendments in the sports realm. The firm’s clientele includes sportspersons, sport associations and sports departments in local authorities, and it represents them before associations, sports unions and the Olympic Committee in legal proceedings, and drafts diverse agreements between associations and sportspersons, sponsor and advertisers and between sportspersons and advertisers.

The Communications Law – “Spam”
The firm is one of the leading firms in the “Spam” and marketing messages field. Adv. Dan Hay published his book on this topic, which is unique in the legal literature realm, and serves as a basis for practitioners in this field. The firm has a unique proficiency in defending spammers, with numerous successes in the field, including in defending against class actions.

Adv. Day Hay

Adv. Hay is one of Israel’s leading privacy protection, personal info, data security and cyber-defense attorneys, renowned as an authority in his field, and even published unique books in this field, including “Message Theory – between direct marketing and “Spam”” (Vital Publishing 2012), “Communication Data in Israel” (Vital Publishing 2011) and “Privacy Protection in Israel” (Milega Publishing 2006). In addition, he specializes in real-estate and commercial law and also practices libel, copyrights, IT contracts, electronic signatures, commercial litigation, defending against class actions and sports law. He serves as an arbitrator in various business disputes, including disputes concerning commercial contracts, real-estate and sports.
He served as a member of the Public Privacy Defense Council of the Ministry of Justice, has been serving as the Israeli Bar Association’s Privacy Protection Committee chairman for the past 12 years, and represents the Bar in Knesset discussions concerning privacy, databases and eavesdropping. He has also been serving in the past seven years as a member of the Engelrad Committee for reviewing the publication of identifying details in court decisions and rulings, and served as a judge in the Bar’s National Disciplinary Court. He is one of the pioneers in the Law and Sports field in Israel, Founder of the Sports and Law committee (which published the Dan Hay Report for Sports Legislation Amendment in 2005) and its first Chairman.
He serves as an external lecturer in academic institutes on privacy protection and sports law.

Community Service

Adv. Dan Hay served as the Chairman of Roundtable Israel and its supervisor of international relations, and as the chairman of the Tel-Aviv and Gush Dan roundtable, and was also selected as the Global Roundtable Excelling Activist in the Europe, Americas and Mediterranean area for 2007-08.

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