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Established: 1973
Line of Business: Lawyers and Notaries
Address: 113 Ha’Yarkon, Tel Aviv 6350455
Phone: 972-3-5272272
Fax: 972-3-5271736
Website: http://www.offerlaw.co.il
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  • Amit  Amoyal, Dan Offer & Co., Law Office

    Amit Amoyal


    Dan Offer & Co., Law Office

  • Dan  Offer, Dan Offer & Co., Law Office

    Dan Offer

    Founding Partner

    Dan Offer & Co., Law Office

  • Avi  Kain, Dan Offer & Co., Law Office

    Avi Kain


    Dan Offer & Co., Law Office

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About Dan Offer & Co., Law Office

The Dan Offer & Co., Law Office was founded in 1973 by Adv. Dan Offer. The Firm is a legal boutique specializing in various areas of commercial law with an emphasis on the Hotels Industry, Real Estate, commercial transactions and ventures in Israel and abroad, day to day legal counsel for corporations, Capital Market and Securities, Indenture Trustees in the Capital Market and the Credit Market, and Personal Wealth Trusts. Thanks in part to the Firm’s size of 6 lawyers, two special advisers and its staff of interns - each client receives personal attention from one of the partners, who insist on a high level of service as well as around the clock availability and accessibility.

The Firm’s client list includes leading companies in the Israeli economy, multinational companies, foreign companies, as well as private entrepreneurs both Israeli and foreign. With the majority of its clients the Firm marches together for decades - and this is perhaps the best proof of the unique nature of the service and attitude granted by the Firm to its clients.

Practice Areas

Hotels Industry

The Firm has unique expertise and vast reputation in this Industry in Israel and abroad, and it represents international hotel chains, hotel owners in their dealings with international and Israeli management chains, management, franchise and lease transactions, on-going support for hoteliers in establishing the hotel and its ongoing management, and representation in transactions for the sale of hotels as a going concern and hotels’ receiverships.

Real Estate – Planning and Construction

The Firm is reputed and experienced in handling the various aspects of Real Estate and Planning and Construction transactions, and is rated as one of the leading boutique firms in this field. The Firm’s clients in this field includes developers, contractors, property owners, purchasing groups, groups of residents and private customers – in a wide range of transactions of various types including the purchase and sale of real estate, real estate partnerships, combination transactions, complete legal handling for residential projects and income-generating projects (office and industrial), urban renewal, extensive legal counsel and guidance for Planning and Construction including outline plans, rezoning, utilization and transfer of building rights, engagements with contractors, complete handling of the financial aspect of projects including project financing agreements with banks, re-financing of income-generating properties, guidance and representation in cases of land expropriations, liquidation of real estate partnerships, objections and appeals against planning plans and construction permits. In addition, the Firm specializes in all aspects of real estate tax and betterment levies, including representation before the relevant committees and councils, various administrative and municipal authorities and the courts of law in reduction, objection and appeal procedures.

Urban Renewal (Tama)

The Firm practices urban renewal with expertise in Tama 38 (NOP for earthquakes reinforcement) transactions and Pinui-Binui projects. The firm supports entrepreneurs, apartment owners and residents in the urban renewal field, from the negotiation stages, through the planning checks, the permits proceedings, the local committees and up to the plan approval and execution.

Companies – Commercial – International

The Firm provides legal counsel to a range of public and private companies, both local and foreign/multi-national, operating in various business activities. The counsel includes founding, M&As of companies, partnerships and ventures in Israel and abroad. The Firm guides, prepares and handles a wide range of transactions and agreements, including shareholders agreements, investments, JVs, shareholder separation, agency, license and franchise, sale and purchase, employment agreements, escrow, securities (pledges and liens), etc. The Firm is experienced in supporting corporations in complex banking financing agreements with both local and foreign banks.

Representation of Foreign Companies in Israel 

The Firm is experienced in the formation of Israeli branches and subsidiaries for foreign entities, and supports such local entities on a day to day basis.

The Capital Market

The Firm has significant experience in public offerings and the raising of capital and debt in the capital markets, as well as providing ongoing legal counsel and representing listed companies in front of the regulators – the Israeli Securities Authority and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Capital Market and Credit Market Trusts

The Firm has rich experience in capital market trusteeships, Indenture Trustees in financing of leasing companies, complex structures of funding and securitization backed by assets and cash flows, in Israel and worldwide. Under this activity the Firm has acquired extensive practical knowledge in creating various types of liens and other securities in Israel and various countries around the world.

Personal Wealth Trusts, Wills and Estates

The Firm specializes in the preparation of wills and complex Personal Wealth trust structures for private clients and families in Israel and abroad and has practical knowledge in the execution of wills & estate management.

The Partners

Dan Offer, Founding Partner

Practice areas: Hotels Industry, Capital Market Trusts, Credit Market Trusts, Personal Wealth Trusts, Credit Insurance, Complex Structures of Funding and Securitization, Commercial Transactions and International Ventures, Corporate Law, Securities Law, Debt Settlements, Receiverships and Liquidations, Planning and Construction, Real Estate, Wills and Estates.

Amit Amoyal, Partner

Practice areas: Real Estate, Planning and Construction, Urban Renewal (TAMA 38), Clearance and Construction, Land Expropriations, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Taxation, Commercial Law, Wills and Estates.

Avi Kain, Partner

Practice areas: Credit Insurance, Insurance Regulation, Hotels Industry, Planning and Construction, Urban Renewal (TAMA 38), Commercial Transactions and International Ventures, Finance and Factoring, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Debt Settlements, Securities Law, Wills and Estates.

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