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Environmental law and regulation

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Line of Business: Environmental law and regulation
Address: Communication Campus, Neve Ilan, the Judean Mountains
Phone: 972-2-5796699
Fax: 972-2-6312228
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.d-t-law.co.il
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    Dan Tzafrir Lawyers

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About Dan Tzafrir Lawyers

Dan Tzafrir Lawyers is a boutique law firm whose main specialty is the environment and regulation. The firm provides its clients with a comprehensive package of legal, creative solutions based on the unique expertise of Adv. Tzafrir and his team in the field of environmental law, regulation, administrative law and criminal law.
Although Dan Tzafrir Lawyers was founded in 2016, Adv. Tzafrir has over 20 years of experience and is a renowned expert. The firm has gained a reputation for combining extensive legal knowledge, practical experience, creative and innovative thinking, service and dedication.

Representation of Companies from all Sectors, Including Start-Ups and International Consulting Companies

Dan Tzafrir Lawyers represents and accompanies start-ups in the field of environment and green energy in the processes of obtaining the necessary approvals for the companies’ facilities, submitting grant applications in Israel and the European Union and promoting approvals for technologies in various European authorities.
The firm serves as a professional representative of an international environmental consulting company - WSP GROUP and as part of this service provides legal advice to international companies interested in acquiring Israeli industrial companies as well as ongoing assistance to companies that pay membership fees to the international consulting company.
The firm’s clients are spread across a wide range of fields and a variety of industries.

Adv. Dan Tzafrir, The Firm’s Founder

Adv. Tzafrir is a renowned expert in the field of environment and regulation. Over the years, he has accumulated extensive legal experience in senior positions in leading law firms. Adv. Tzafrir served as a managing partner in the department of environment and regulation at the firm of Adv. Fischer, Bachar, Chen,Will, Orion & Co., as well as at the firm of Adv. Lipa Meir & Co.
Adv. Tzafrir also served as Global Regulation Manager at the global company Frutarom with an annual turnover of $ 900 million (acquired by IFF) where he engaged, among other things, in analyzing the environmental regulation at 15 production sites of the company worldwide (China, USA, Germany , Switzerland, England and Turkey) and in building a multi-year risk management plan.
Previously, he worked as a legal counsel for the Ministry of Environmental Protection, where he provided ongoing legal advice to the ministry’s management as well as district administrators and professionals in industry, planning and construction, renewable energy, infrastructure, waste recycling projects, and business licensing. A key advantage of Adv. Tzafrir’s experience is his ability to provide legal advice and support based on a broad understanding of economic, industrial, and financial issues, as well as the areas of environment and regulation.

Areas of Expertise

Environmental Law

The firm provides environmental consulting services to its clients. They are up-to-date and in line with current legislation, and they are based on a unique understanding of the professional considerations that guide the Ministry of Environmental Protection, as well as an understanding of the existing limitations in the industry. A number of legal services are offered to meet the various legal needs of the firm’s clients, including: special and ongoing guidance and counseling, legal assistance in administrative enforcement proceedings (representation at hearings, opposition to financial sanctions), legal assistance in criminal enforcement proceedings, and preparation of internal enforcement plans. As part of the firm’s legal service, attorneys represent clients in environmental criminal proceedings in courts.

Planning and Construction

A unique characteristic of the firm is the variety of clients it serves, which represent all major industries in Israel. The firm represents its clients in a variety of issues in the field of planning and construction, including: assisting in the preparation of city building plans (master plan), assisting in submitting building permits, filing objections, representation before various planning institutions, representation in appeal committees, representation in legal proceedings, as well as in matters of soil and groundwater pollution which in recent years have been subject to varying provisions as part of the master plan provisions or as a prerequisite for building permits.
Real estate companies are represented by the firm before the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Water Authority, regarding land and groundwater cleaning requirements that have been set as prerequisites for building permits.
The firm also provides legal advice and representation in the field of coastal development and accompanies real estate companies that deal with issues related to construction in the coastal environment.


Having extensive expertise and experience accumulated over 20 years in the field of environment, the firm is one of the only ones in Israel to undertake criminal litigation in the field of the environment. This sets the firm apart from large firms, most of which are assisted by litigation departments that are not experts in the field of environment.

Administrative Law

The firm assists industrial and recycling companies, garbage companies, and many other businesses in appeals against administrative fines and financial sanctions as a result of the increasing enforcement trend of various regulatory authorities. These fines may amount to hundreds of thousands of shekels and even millions of shekels. The company also files administrative petitions with the High Courts regarding unreasonable demands from the various regulatory authorities in order to amend the requirements in accordance with the reasonable standards accepted by similar factories across the globe. For this purpose, Adv. , Where he learned up close about the legal arrangements practiced overseas.
As part of this process, Adv. Tzafrir makes use of the vast knowledge he obtained from accompanying Protarum’s offices in Europe and the United States, where he gained much insight into the legal arrangements abroad. The firm also serves as a representative of an international consulting firm, thus enabling it to access legislative amendments in Europe, in real time, and to update its clients on regulatory changes around the world. As a result of the lack of a regulated enforcement policy, cases of selective and discriminatory regulation are often brought to the firm’s attention, with one facility having stricter requirements while another has more flexible requirements. Upon request, the firm helps factories and businesses clarify the reasons for the discrimination and, if necessary, submits administrative petitions to align regulations with those of competing businesses.

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