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Family Law, Wills and Inheritance Law

Danit Asaf Yehudai- Family Law Office
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Line of Business: Family Law, Wills and Inheritance Law
Address: 4 Weizmann St., Asia House, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6958163, 972-54-8000815 
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.danitlaw.com
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  • Danit Asaf Yehudai, Danit Asaf Yehudai- Family Law Office

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    Danit Asaf Yehudai- Family Law Office

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    Danit Asaf Yehudai
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About Danit Asaf Yehudai- Family Law Office

The firm handles a broad variety of civil status topics including dispute resolution proceedings, property claims, division of reputation, career assets and salary potential differentials, resource balancing lawsuits, custody claims and prevention of parental alienation, child support and specific housing lawsuits, child and spouse support increase and decrease lawsuits, spouse and rehabilitative support, nuptial and divorce agreements, surrogacy and adoption. In addition, the firm handles inheritance disputes, drafting of wills, probate order applications, will enforcement orders, objections thereof, child and spouse support from the estate and estate management.

The firm provides personal and close support and act completely discreetly, in all of the courts.

The firm’s clear strength stems from the diverse practice of Adv. Danit and her extensive experience, whether if in representation in the family and rabbinical courts or in mediations, which enable her to provide professional and comprehensive solutions for the firm’s clients throughout every stage of the legal proceeding.

20 Years of Experience and Knowledge in the Family and Inheritance Law Practice

Adv. Danit Asaf Yehudai has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2002, a notary and a mediator.

She was appointed as a judge in the IBA’s Disciplinary Court.

She litigates in the courts and the rabbinical courts.

She is appointed by the family court as a receiver and legal guardian of minors in high-intensity divorce disputes.

All of the above is conducted alongside volunteering for promotion of rights in the family law realm, including legal counsel in the “Rekman Center of Bar Ilan University”.

By education, Adv. Asaf Yehudai has an LL.B. from the Reichman University, Herzliya, and LL.M. from Haifa University and a B.Sc., Biology from Bar Ilan University.

Professionalism and Sensitivity Personified Together

Adv. Danit Asaf Yehudai is completely devoted to her clients and has been supporting men and women for about 20 years in complex personal and family proceedings while maintaining a high professional level and more important, compassion and emotional containment. Over the years, she accumulated experience through dozens of mediations which were aimed at avoiding legal proceedings, prepared divorce and nuptial agreements and dozens of wills, including mutual wills.

She formerly worked in leading family law firms and led dozens of complex high-profile cases before the various courts and the rabbinical courts.

Adv. Danit Asaf Yehudai chose to practice family and inheritance law many years ago, because of the unique characteristics of this practice area – the fascinating integration between the legal world and the emotional world. She takes care to remain abreast, on a daily basis, in the rulings and legislation amendments and the revolutions in this field, and implements them in her legal work in combination with critical thinking, the values of justice and equality, a broad social perspective and an understanding of the personal and human story of each and every case. Danit participates in training, seminars and professional conventions and is a member of the IBA’s Family Law Committee.

Creativity and Flexible Thinking

The legal support that Adv. Danit provides to her clients is given from an in-depth understanding of civil status and family law in combination with creativity and flexible thinking that assist in handling unexpected situations. Danit is aware and has a deep understanding of the fact that during a crisis in a person’s life, she, as their lawyer, serves as a significant and dominant figure that is trusted by the client. Therefore, she makes every effort to provide the client with the most professional and accurate counsel, with personal and sensitive attention for their varying needs. Every case is managed by the firm as a well-tailored suit in accordance with the client’s unique characteristics and circumstances.

Adv. Asaf Yehudai aims to lead the warring parties to agreements and compromises pleasantly and quickly, and over the years she has managed to settle complex longstanding disputes that had already been managed in several tribunals or mediations. However, in cases where the other party is going to war, Adv. Danit applies an all-out approach and fights fiercely and relentlessly for its client’s rights.

Adv. Danit leads the legal proceeding with careful attention to maintaining a close cooperation with the client, listening to their needs, presenting their legal options and selecting the tactic and strategy that are right for them with the aim of reaching the optimal legal results for them.

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