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Established: 2013 (Experience in medical malpractice as of 1997)
Line of Business: Medical malpractice
Address: 7 Menachem Begin Rd.,
Gibor Sport House Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-5444337
Fax: 972-3-3036350
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.rashlanutlaw.com
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  • Daphna Zadicario-Ely, Daphna Zadicario-Ely, Law Office

    Adv. Daphna Zadicario-Ely

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    Daphna Zadicario-Ely, Law Office

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    Daphna Zadicario-Ely
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About Daphna Zadicario-Ely, Law Office

The Daphna Zadicario-Ely, Law Office exclusively practices in the medical malpractice field. After serving as the manager of a Medical Malpractice division in one of Israel’s largest law firms, Daphna opted to establish her own office to exclusively handle medical malpractice, which she considers her special calling. The Office, having been active as an independent office for the past 7 years, with Daphna’s 24 years of legal experience in the medical malpractice field, deals in all types of medical malpractice-related fields, including medical malpractice during pregnancy and during labor, compensation due to stillbirth, death of a fetus in the womb, malpractice relating to failure to discover fetal defects – false genetic consultation – damages to the mother post-partum – negligence in treating and diagnosing children and adults, delayed diagnosis of cancerous diseases and others, surgical malpractice, post-operation injuries and complications, etc.

Specializing in Representing Complex Medical Malpractice Cases

The Office only handles medical malpractice cases and is among one of the most senior offices in the field, having represented clients in complex and known cases of malpractice claims. The office’s extensive experience with past representation of HMOs and hospitals currently grants it dramatic advantages in achieving the best result for the clients who are dealing with the medical system, based on the Office’s longstanding familiarity with the medical system and its enveloping insurance system.

About Advocate Daphna Zadicario-Ely

Advocate Daphna Zadicario-Ely has an LLB from Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Law (1995) and is a permanent lecturer in Medical Malpractice at the Haifa University- Faculty of Law. Daphna is the chairman of the Medical Malpractice committee of the Israeli Bar Association and is an active lecturer and conference organizer in the Israeli Bar Association. She started as a teacher assistant at the university in the Introduction to Jurisprudence and completed her internship at the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office (Civil) under the Attorney’s Office’s damages division. She then joined a large and senior firm in Israel specializing in the medical malpractice field, eventually becoming a partner and the manager of the Damages and Medical Malpractice division. With a creed to improve the relationship between patient and physician, Daphna Zadicario-Ely took an active part in volunteering in the Patient Rights Association pending her appointment as a member of the Patient Rights Association’s advisement committee. Simultaneously, she volunteered to teach law classes to students from disadvantaged populations and is actively giving lectures and organizing conferences for the Israel Bar Association. Daphna graduated a mediation course at Barak Mellamed Institute and is a member of the Society for Medicine and Law in Israel. 

An In-demand Academic Lecturer and Chairman of the Israel Bar Association’s Malpractice Committee

Advocate Zadicario-Ely, as mentioned above, is also a lecturer at Haifa University -In a course for M.A students called Practical Issues in Medical Malpractice, a unique course that was formed by Zadicario-Ely and is taught to graduate students at the esteemed institution’s Faculty of Law, as part of a unique Law and Health program) and also serves as an academic coordinator and active lecturer on behalf of the Bar Association in advanced trainings, conferences and orientation days organized by the Israel Bar Association. Furthermore, Daphna has been appointed Chairman of the Israel Bar Association’s Malpractice Committee as of 2020.

Publications and Articles

Daphna Zadicario-Ely has published dozens of articles, opinions and columns about medical malpractice in Israel and abroad, in written and professional journalism such as YNET, The Marker, Calcalist, Yedioth Aharonot, Haaretz (Health Supplement), Hamodia, Yated Ne’eman, Jewish Family Weekly, MedMal Newsletter, etc., and has been interviewed about medical malpractice on television and digital channels.

Highly Extensive Knowledge of the Medical System

Daphna Zadicario-Ely’s office is among the most senior law offices in the medical malpractice field, and is unique not just due to its exclusive practice in this field but also due to Daphna’s past rich experience in representing defendants, granting her extensive knowledge of the medical system and its ins-and-outs. The extensive experience and the handling of complex medical malpractice cases are jointly used to achieve the best result for the client, while being attentive to the client’s expectations and suiting the result to the client’s subjective needs.

Full Attention to Clients and Suiting Results Based on Personal Needs

The Office champions listening to clients and their needs in the emotional issues of medical malpractice injuries and uses its extensive experience in the field to achieve for the client a solution that is suited to their personal needs. The legal assistance and consulting processes are all done with an emphasis on personal treatment, humane sensitivity to the complicated situations of medical malpractice, and with professional and thorough work of the highest levels that sticks to the goal and aspires to excellence.

The Vision

The Office’s top goal is to lead, through the legal battles and successes it manages for its clients, to the improvement of medical-therapeutic standards and to the instilment of professional medical norms that will improve the relations between the medical systems and its patients.

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