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Delek Group is Israel’s leading independent E&P company

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Established: 1951
Line of Business: Delek Group is Israel’s leading independent E&P company
Address: 19 Abba Eban Blvd., P.O.B. 2054,
Herzliya 4612001
Phone: 972-9-8638444
Fax: 972-9-8854955
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  • Gabi Last, Delek Group Ltd.

    Gabi Last

    Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Delek Group Ltd.

  • Asaf Bartfeld, Delek Group Ltd.

    Asaf Bartfeld

    President & CEO

    Delek Group Ltd.

  • Idan Wallace, Delek Group Ltd.

    Idan Wallace

    Deputy CEO

    Delek Group Ltd.


    Arie Zief
    Avi Harel
    Carmit Elroy
    Isaac Sharon (Tshuva)
    Ron Roni Milo
    Yehudit Tytelman
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About Delek Group Ltd.

“Delek Group - the pioneering leader of the natural gas exploration and production activities that are transforming the Eastern Mediterranean’s Levant Basin into one of the energy industry’s most promising emerging regions.”

The Delek Group, Israel’s largest energy company, is the pioneering leader of the natural gas exploration and production activities that are transforming the Eastern Mediterranean’s Levant Basin into one of the energy industry’s most promising emerging regions. Having discovered Tamar and Leviathan, two of the world’s largest natural gas deep-water discoveries since 2000, Delek and its partners are developing a balanced international portfolio of exploration, development and production assets with total natural gas resources of over 40 TCF in 8 separate discoveries since 2009. In the past few years, Delek set a strategic goal of becoming an international energy company, which was validated in the past year by the successful purchase of Ithaca Energy, which holds natural gas and oil production assets in the North Sea. In addition, the group entered the gas and oil search field in the Mexico Bay region, with the initial potential of over 400 million barrels, as well as the acquisition of rights in Canada.

Moving Towards Energy

Over the past six decades, Delek has grown from a small chain of Israeli gas stations into the Eastern Mediterranean’s dominant natural gas player. In 2009, Delek and its partners discovered the Tamar field, the world’s largest deep-water natural gas discovery of that year. The Tamar reservoir of 11 TCF enabled Israel to achieve energy independence. In March 2013, after four years of intensive investment in infrastructure and technology, Delek began to flow natural gas to Israel from Tamar. Tamar completely transformed the landscape of the Israeli energy market and significantly contributes to Israel’s economic growth and strengthens its geo-political status. In late 2010, Delek and its partners discovered the Leviathan field, the world’s largest natural gas discovery in more than a decade. Leviathan, estimated to include 22 TCF of gas, was a game changing discovery that brought global awareness to the region’s exceptional latent potential, and positioned Delek as one of its leading players. The Leviathan Reservoir is expected to turn Israel into a significant regional energy exporter and a major industry player. In early 2017, Leviathan’s partners made a final investment decision to develop it, with production expected for 2019.

Upstream: Ground-Breaking Gas Discoveries and Beyond

Delek’s unwavering belief in the potential of the Eastern Mediterranean led it to persevere through decades of pioneering oil and gas exploration activities offshore Israel. Today, with over 40 TCF of natural gas discoveries, it continues to expand and grow in the international energy industry and to further expand its E&P portfolio. 

Production: Delek’s diverse portfolio includes assets for both current and near-term production. Delek’s steady production, which commenced in Yam Tethys’ Mari-B wells in 2004 and continued from the “Tamar” reservoir since March 2013, has made it Israel’s leading domestic producer of natural gas and the major supplier of this cleaner, more economic energy source.
Development: Delek and its partners continue to plan and develop natural gas reservoirs following the significant discoveries in recent years. Delek is developing the estimated 22 TCF resources contained in its groundbreaking Leviathan discovery, including supplying the local Israeli market and export. Delek’s development plans will take advantage of the subsequent discoveries it has made throughout the Levant Basin, including Aphrodite in Cyprus.
The group intends to turn its reservoirs a key supplier of natural gas to neighboring countries, to Europe and the Far East.
Exploration: The Delek Group continues to entrench its position in the international energy industry through the promotion of its reservoirs’ development plans and investments in new international energy opportunities, with the clear aim of further strengthening its position and maximizing the shareholders returns.

Delek’s Gas Discoveries – A Major Contribution to Israel’s Economy and Resilience

The natural gas industry is one of Israel’s prominent growth drivers. Switching to natural gas provides the Israeli industry with a cheap and reliable energy source, made in Israel, which supports the acceleration of the entire economic activity, the nation’s income tax revenues, and the creation of thousands of new jobs. Thanks to the use of natural gas, Israel is less dependent on energy imports, the electricity production costs and tariffs were reduced and a foundation for efficient private power plants was established. According to the Ministry of Energy’s data, the cumulative cost-savings from natural gas utilization in Israel in 2004-2015 is estimated at $8.74B in the power industry and $2.9B in the industry, and in total about NIS 43.8 billion. According to Moody’s estimates, in 2013 natural gas alone contributed about 1% of GDP, and led to a reduction in Israel’s risk premium and to a credit ranking increase. Furthermore, natural gas has wide-reaching macroeconomic effects, which are expressed through the capital-intensive investments of the gas companies in development, production and exploration in the gas reservoirs. These direct investment stimulate the Israeli economy and contribute to its growth and GDP. The natural gas industry pays royalties, corporate tax and, starting in next few years, oil profits charges (the Sheshinski on tax), which would amount to NIS hundreds of billions according to the Bank of Israel’s estimates. The Sheshinski tax’s funds would be directed to the Israeli Citizens’ Fund (The Sovereign Wealth Fund) which would allocate resources for economic, social and educational purposes, and would also serve as a “safety buffer” for Israel when necessary.