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Line of Business: Cervix, Vulvar and Vaginal Medicine
Address: 1 Lind Center, Modi’in
Phone: 972-8-8566577
Email: [email protected]
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  • Bina Cohen Sacher, Dr. Bina Cohen Sacher

    Dr. Bina Cohen Sacher

    Ob-Gyn Specialist Doctor

    Dr. Bina Cohen Sacher

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About Dr. Bina Cohen Sacher

Dr. Bina Cohen Sacher is a doctor, specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, who specializes in the field of vulvar and vaginal diseases. Also, Dr. Cohen Sacher treats cervical diseases, and performs colposcopies , conizations and laser treatments in the cervix clinic in Assuta Ramat HaHayal. Dr. Cohen Sacher is responsible of the vulvar and vaginal diseases clinic in Beilinson Hospital campus. In addition to her work as a specialist gynecologist in Maccabi Healthcare Services, Dr. Cohen Sacher is trusted with the consulting clinics of vulvar and vaginal diseases in women’s health centers of Maccabi health maintenance organization in Modi’in and Tel-Aviv.

Dr. Cohen Sacher sees this exclusive field as her vocation, while she is treating women who suffer from symptoms sometimes for years and feel they get no response. Dr. Cohen Sacher, who specializes in this unique field, has a vast professional experience of over ten years in the field, combined with deep, extensive professional knowledge in parallel fields, that creates the added value for her patients.

Dr. Cohen studied Medicine in Tel-Aviv university and interned in Gynecology and Obstetrics in women’s department in Wolfson hospital in Holon. Dr. Cohen Sacher finished her residency in 2006 and started working as a senior physician in the women’s hospital in Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson), as well as a women’s medicine specialist in the community clinics of the health maintenance organizations.

During Dr. Cohen Sacher’s work in the different clinics, she came across time after time, women who complained about repeating vaginal symptoms, situations that she almost never came across when she interned at the hospital. These women suffer for a prolonged period and move from one doctor to another seeking a relief to their problems. When she started seeking information about treating these women, she found this unique field of expertise, the vulvar and vaginal medicine.

To deepen her medical knowledge and professional experience in this area, Dr. Cohen Sacher went in 2011 to professional continuing education programs in USA and interned at a number of the leading clinics in the world of vulvar and vaginal medicine.

Upon her return to Israel, Dr. Cohen Sacher opened the clinic to vulvar and vaginal diseases in the women’s hospital in Beilinson campus, that provided, so far, a response to hundreds of women. Later, she opened consulting clinics in this field in the framework of Maccabi Healthcare Services.

The field of vulvar and vaginal medicine is referring to different diseases, with diverse reasons, and that is why the treatments are not homogeneous as well. There are situations that enable a short treatment, and others require longer treatment, because sometimes it is about chronic diseases that need a constant treatment and supervision. Dr. Cohen Sacher has experience of over a decade in designated clinics for vulvar and vaginal diseases, where she treated successfully numerous patients.

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