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Established: 2021
Line of Business: Labor Law and High Court of Justice
Address: HaArba’a Towers – Northern Tower, 34-35 fl.,
28 HaArba’a St., Tel-Aviv 6473925
Phone: 972-76-5385756  Mobile: 972-52-9326878
Fax: 972-76-5100097
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.svorai.com
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  • Moran  Savorai, Dr. Moran Svorai, Law Firm

    Dr. Moran Savorai

    Adv., Founder and Owner

    Dr. Moran Svorai, Law Firm

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About Dr. Moran Svorai, Law Firm

Dr. Moran Svorai, Law Firm is a leading boutique office specializing in the field of labor law and high court of justice, while being strict on paying personal attention, being sensitive and professionally excellent. The office provides first rate legal services, fitted personally to each client in “personal tailoring”, all related to labor and administrative laws – High Court of Justice. Including areas of cases on principal of equality, bids, hearings, protection from abuse and harassment at work, terminating employees, negotiations, labor unions, committees and collective agreements, and also freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
To the credit of the firm stand groundbreaking precedents, meaningful verdicts and prominent collective agreements.
The office provides its clients with a professional activity adjusted personally to each customer with a personal treatment of Attorney Dr. Svorai the whole way.
Attorney Dr. Svorai is officiating as a judge in the Histadrut’s judicial authority, which is an inside tribunal of the general federation of labor in Israel. Attorney Dr. Svorai acts as an organization member in the Golda Meir Institute for leadership and society and as a member of the prime minister Golda Meir prize committee, and as the committee’s coordinator.
Attorney Dr. Svorai escorts workers’ committees and workers’ unions, in, among the rest, labor disputes, negotiations and legal proceedings, represents workers in hearings, represents her clients individual cases, legal proceedings and bidding issues, in abuse and harassment at work, rights of workers with disabilities, represents in workers’ appeals to the state comptroller of Israel in cases of whistleblowers, and represents her customers in additional legal proceedings such as freedom of speech, administrative law and High Court of Justice.
Attorney Dr. Svorai authored “the book of workers’ committees” by Nevo Publishers, 2019: the book is about the structure of the Histadrut and other workers’ organizations and includes an interpretation of workers committees’ regulations. In addition, Dr. Svorai wrote another book, “The book of the collective labor law”, by Nevo Publishers, 2023. The book deals with strike laws, labor union, workers’ and employers’ rights in case of labor disputes and organizational measures, and more. Additionally, Attorney Dr. Svorai lectures in seminars and professional and academical conventions, among the rest, in the international institute for leadership in Beit-Berl College. Attorney Dr. Svorai publishes articles in professional magazines and is considered an authority in the field of collective labor law and judicial ethics. President of the supreme court, retired Judge Esther Hayut, quoted from Dr. Svorai’s sayings out of her article on Judicial independence.

Areas of Expertise

Employee Representation - The office represents workers in hearings, including regarding tender laws, defamation, abuse and harassment at work, sexual harassment at work, pension and other work rights.
Representation of Workers’ Committees and Professional Unions - The firm represents workers’ committees, workers’ unions and workers’ organizations in negotiation toward collective agreements, in different disputes with the employers, opposite the commissioner of wages at the ministry of finance, and in labor disputes, in organizational measurements and strikes.
Employers Representation - The office represents employers, opposite workers’ committees and professional unions, against state authorities, and opposite the commissioner of wages at the ministry of finance, and in cases of strikes, initial organization, negotiation and more.
Litigation in Courts - The firm represents its customers in litigation in labor courts and in general courts including the supreme court, and escorts them from the stage of warning letter, statement of claim, document discovery procedures, affidavits, cross examinations and summations. The firm represents its clients also in administrative procedures and High Court of Justice, mainly in cases of workers’ protection, violation of principle of equality, violation of freedom of speech, violation of freedom of the press, and handles, among others, requests under the freedom of information law. The firm also handles legal or administrative petitions, such as reasonableness, the right to demonstrate, and Israel’s regime structure. Attorney Svorai also serves as a judge (panel of judges) in jurisdiction of the Histadrut, which is the inside decisive tribunal in internal conflicts between members of Histadrut and themselves, and between Histadrut’s members and Histadrut’s institutions.

Prominent Verdicts

High Court of Justice 2996/17 The Union of Journalists in Israel and others vs. The Prime Minister and others, 23.1.2019.
High Court of Justice 2109/20 Shachar Ben-Meir and others vs. The Prime Minister and others, 26.4.2021.
High Court of Justice 6118/17, 6192/17, 6196/17 The Association for Civil Rights in Israel and others vs. Israeli Police and others, 1.11.2018.
High Court of Justice 3315/20 The Union of Journalists in Israel and others vs. Chairman of the Council of the Second Authority for Television and Radio and others, 24.5.2020
Collective Dispute Appeal (National) 59352-10-13 Yediot Internet Ltd, registered partnership - The Union of Journalists in Israel, 21.8.2014.
Conflict Between Organizations (National) 22825-08-13 The Union of Journalists in Israel and others vs. Tel-Aviv’s Journalist Association and others, 12.3.2014.
Request for Leave to Appeal (National – panel of five) 50556-09-11 The General Histadrut – Israeli Railways Ltd. and others, 28.9.2011.
Collective Dispute Appeal (National) 58934-01-17 Maan Workers Association – Yehuda Welded Mesh Ltd., 19.4.2017.
Handling Fee File (Jerusalem) 29302-01-20 Chamber of Commerce Tel-Aviv – Nitzat Haduvdevan and Chamber of Commerce Jerusalem, 14.4.2022

Prominent Collective Agreements

Collective agreement between Shaarei Tzedek hospital and the employees’ representative regarding monetary rights and “linkage agreement”.
Collective agreement between The Central Bottling Company (“Coca Cola”) and The New General Workers’ Union, The Food and Pharmaceutical Workers’ Union and the company’s workers’ committee 2022, 2023. Collective agreement between Ashdod Port Company and The New General Workers’ Union, Transport Workers’ Union and Port Observation Workers’ committee, 2020.
Collective Agreement between SAP Israel Ltd. and The New General Workers’ Union, The Union for Cellular, Internet and high-Tech Workers, and SAP company workers’ committee in Israel, 14.12.2020

Prominent Academic Publications

With the numerous academic publications of Attorney Dr. Svorai, one can mention “The book of the collective labor law” (2023), “The book of workers’ committees: history and practice of workers’ organizations and workers’ committees activity” (2019), in addition to many articles published, among them, “The right to fair representation” published in the magazine “Work, Society and Trial” (2020), “On the open borders of the forum: Between national court and the supreme court”, published “Work, Society and Trial” magazine (2012), “Is the restitution obligation indeed: On the proper law at the time of recognition in employee-employer relations in retrospect”, published in Adler book (2015), “Organizational Democracy”, published in Strasberg-Cohen book (2017), “Purpose of representation mechanisms in labor law: the class action mechanisms versus traditional tools of the collective labor law”. Published in Elisheva Barak book (2012) and “The judicial independence as a central part of judicial ethics”, published in Court Gates Volume E, (2010). Over the past year, two more academic papers were submitted by Dr. Svorai.

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