Dr. Yael Front

Senior doctor in the in the unit for treating children with congenital jaw and face defects, and high risk children, in the Rambam Hospital; has a private clinic for pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Yael Front
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Line of Business: Senior doctor in the in the unit for treating children with congenital jaw and face defects, and high risk children, in the Rambam Hospital; has a private clinic for pediatric dentistry.
Address: 53 Moriya St., Haifa 3457515
Phone: 972-4-8344034, 972-77-8344034
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.drfront.com
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  • Yael Front, Dr. Yael Front

    Dr. Yael Front

    Pediatric Dentist

    Dr. Yael Front

  • Yulia Rabinovitz, Dr. Yael Front

    Yulia Rabinovitz

    Dental Hygienist

    Dr. Yael Front

  • Nicole Petronin, Dr. Yael Front

    Nicole Petronin

    Dental Assistant

    Dr. Yael Front

  • Ekaterina Zitnik, Dr. Yael Front

    Ekaterina Zitnik

    Dental Assistant

    Dr. Yael Front

  • Mika Bronshtein, Dr. Yael Front

    Mika Bronshtein


    Dr. Yael Front

  • Sasha Rebenok, Dr. Yael Front

    Sasha Rebenok


    Dr. Yael Front

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About Dr. Yael Front

Dr. Yael Front, a specialist in pediatric dentistry, is one of the distinguished doctors in her field in northern Israel. Dr. Yael Front is a senior dentist in Rambam Medical Center in the unit for treating children with congenital jaw and face anomalies, children at high risk and children with special needs. She manages her own private clinic and has vast experience in pediatric dentistry treating toddlers, children and adolescents. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Front regularly lectures to med students and dentistry interns in the Rambam Medical Center and in the Israeli Dental Association.

A New Generation of Children who are not Afraid of Dental Treatments

Dr. Front graduated the pediatric dentistry specialization program in the Tel Aviv University. Today after 22 years of clinical experience working in her private clinic as well as in Rambam Medical Center, she managed to establish her goal of creating a “different” dentistry, one that would provide toddlers, children and adolescents with a pleasant, safe and highly professional dental treatment and experience, that would guarantee that they would continue to care for their teeth with a smile into their adulthood. 

From Vision to a Reality

Dr. Front has been implementing this vision every day for the past 22 years in her private clinic in Haifa where she treats infants, toddlers, children and adolescents up to the age of 18, including special-needs children. All of the above benefit from a visit to a designed especially for children and particularly pleasant clinic which feels more like an intimate family living room than a cold dental clinic. This is accompanied by the warm attitude of the clinic’s team members, who try to relate to their young patients with empathy and most important of all, with a smile.

Dr. Front uses behavior management technique together with her gentle personality and character. She is highly qualified as well as many years of experience she manages to treat most of her patients with no sedation or minimal conscious sedation. However when needed she also executes dental treatments in her clinic using sedatives, analgesics, or deep sedation. This enables her to carry out complex treatments, as well as treat very young children when there’s a difficulty in obtaining the child’s cooperation. Sedatives prevent anxiety and discomfort, and enable dental treatments of a high level and good experience.

Instilling the Correct Habits

Dr. front believes that through imparting good habits of dental and personal hygiene from a young age, in combination with appropriate nutrition, and good dental home it is possible to prevent dental diseases and to adapt a positive attitude towards dentistry. Alternatively, she believes that when there is a dental problem, treatment must be provided by a skilled and experienced professional, in order to enable a good and enjoyable experience throughout all of the treatment stages. Her sensitive approach to children, her extensive experience in sedation and the advanced equipment that she uses make a big difference, and the children who leave her clinic have had an experience that would affect their dental health also in the future.

Research and Academic Work

Dr. Front lectures in Israel in the Israeli Dental Association and thus contributes some of the knowledge and experience that she accumulated also to general dentists. In the framework of her work in Rambam Medical Center she participates in numerous researches, writes and publishes case-studies and articles in the field of pediatric dentistry. She also lectures in hospitals across Israel and remains constantly up to date of professional development through conventions of the Israeli Pediatric Dentistry Association, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and the European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.  

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