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Established: 2004
Line of Business: Family Law
Address: 156 Menahem Begin St., Resital House, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-7173939
Fax: 972-3-7273940
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.shiber.co.il
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  • Illana Shoshan, Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

    Illana Shoshan

    Intern and Mediator (LL.B; M.A; B.A)

    Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

  • Yair Shiber, Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

    Dr. Adv. Yair Shiber


    Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

  • Doron Shiber, Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

    Adv. Doron Shiber


    Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

  • Adi Henig, Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

    Adi Henig


    Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

  • Yasmin Ben Ritan, Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

    Yasmin Ben Ritan


    Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

  • Shlomo Feldstein, Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

    Shlomo Feldstein

    Rabbinical solicitor and intern

    Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

  • Dorit Gitterman, Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

    Dorit Gitterman


    Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

  • Joan Parkins, Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

    Joan Parkins

    Office Manager

    Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

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About Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber Law Office

Shiber Law Firm is a leading law office specializes in family and inheritance law. These are two unique and complex circumstances where the parties of the conflict are family members who are experiencing difficulties and challenges that require a solution. The firm was founded in 2004 by two brothers: Attorney Dr. Yair Shiber and Attorney Doron Shiber.
The firm operates with professionalism, sensibility and determination. It provides solutions to its clients in all matters pertaining to divorce procedures, written claims, division of property, alimony - spousal and child support, child custody arrangements, civil marriages, financial agreements, wills, inheritances, paternity, bastardy law, guardianships, Hague Convention issues, and other family law-related matters.
There are several departments in the office run by the best lawyers in the field of family law, headed by Dr. Yair Shiber and Doron Shiber. Together with their other brother, Eyal, who is now a doctor of geophysics, they were raised in an underprivileged neighborhood of Bat Yam. The late Tzvia and Yaakov Shiber, their parents, instilled in them the belief that everything was possible. Their experience in rising from the bottom and paving their own way to the top gave them the determination to succeed in every case and refuse to accept their place in the legal hierarchy as a given. As part of this, each case is treated individually, and they devote time and resources to achieving the best results. Along with the Shiber brothers, there are three other lawyers in the firm’s legal team, as well as an intern who is also a Rabbinical solicitor.

A Family Law Firm that Stands Out from the Rest

Having gained a reputation over the years, today - Shiber Law Firm is considered one of the leading law firms in its field, representing senior clients, celebrities, and public figures. Over time, the firm has established itself as a boutique firm specializing in representing disputes involving personal status and inheritance in precedent and complex cases. Obtaining a precedent ruling on bringing children into the world using the sperm of a deceased person brought them worldwide recognition. In addition, Dr. Shiber’s expertise in Hebrew Law gives the firm a significant advantage in representing clients in Rabbinical Court proceedings.

In-depth, Innovative and Extremely Creative Thinking

The firm’s uniqueness comes from Shiber lawyers handling its cases in full partnership. The brainstorming between them and the firm’s staff results in detailed, unbiased and creative thinking while providing specific solutions in every case. As a result of the close cooperation between the Shiber brothers, their extensive experience with hundreds of cases and their academic knowledge of the field, each client receives a thorough, professional and compassionate representation. Due to a great patience, an understanding of the legal framework and the unique strategy, many clients were able to get through the crisis without too many bumps and without harming the children, resulting in a better outcome.

Office management

Dr. Yair Shiber, attorney, co-owner

Dr. Yair Shiber, married to Liat and father of 4 children, graduated from “Bar-Ilan” University and holds many and varied degrees. The following degrees have been awarded him (from a bachelor’s degree to a Ph.D.): Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) with first-class honors; Bachelor’s degree in Talmud and Hebrew Law (B.A) with high honors; Bachelor of Education (B.A) with first-class honors; Master’s degree in Talmud and Hebrew Law (M.A.) with distinction. The thesis focused on the laws of inheritance and wills in Hebrew and Israeli law, outstanding grades for the Ph.D. The doctoral thesis aimed to deal with the evidence procedure in the Rabbinical Court and the solution to the problem of the refusal of divorce in Israel. He is also the recipient of the university president’s scholarship for outstanding doctoral students.
To date, Dr. Yair Shiber has published eight books and many articles in the field of Family Law and Rabbinical Courts. In addition, attorney Dr. Yair Shiber serves as a leading educator in law faculties at various academic institutions in general and at Bar Ilan University in particular. He serves as the (joint) chairman of the National Forum for Family Affairs of the Bar Association (he represented the Bar Association in the process of amending the Genetic Information Law (Tissue Testing), 2001, in the Knesset Committee) and as a sought-after lecturer in the Bar Association’s training courses in the fields of Family Law and the Rabbinical Court.

Doron Shiber, Adv., Co-owner
Attorney Doron Shiber is a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) graduate and started his legal career in the civil field, specializing in tort law, defamation, copyright and cyber crimes. In 2004, the Shiber brothers founded Shiber Law Firm, a firm specializing in family law and inheritance.
Through its years of experience, the law firm has managed hundreds of legal cases for its clients. Doron Shiber is in charge of legal litigation and evidentiary hearings, and he has extensive experience in building cases and managing legal proceedings. Throughout their careers, the Shiber lawyers have handled a wide range of challenging, complex and diverse cases, resolved disputes, accompanied, advised and represented their clients, minimized obstacles and helped them get results that allowed them to move forward optimally in their lives.

Featured Cases in the Media

Having an excellent reputation, Shiber Law Firm selects its cases carefully. As part of the unique cases handled by the office, there are cases related to reproductive rights after death, that are bringing children into the world with the dead person’s sperm after death.
In this framework, Shiber Law Firm represented the unique case of the late Capt Omri Shahar, a distinguished navy officer who was killed in a car accident during his military service and whose parents wanted to raise a child with the sperm of their deceased son.
A precedent was set in the Family Court after the Shiber brothers obtained a ruling stating that Omri’s parents are indeed entitled to have a child from their son’s sperm, which was the first case of its kind in the world and it received worldwide publicity as well. As a result of this ruling, a similar ruling was given to parents in a similar situation in Switzerland. The firm also specializes in the complex issue area of bastardy and even reached a verdict that legalized the wedding of two bastard brothers. Since then, the Shiber brothers have represented many more cases related to this issue.

Considering the Family Unit and the Children

The Shiber brothers also handle more traditional family law cases, such as divorces and inheritance disputes, incorporating their unique perspectives into them. As a result of their excellent communication skills and empathetic abilities, the two understand that a divorce conflict is essentially a family crisis. Together, they find solutions for resolving the dispute and dividing the property. Despite the new crisis reality created by the parties, they place the entire family unit and its children at the center of their efforts.

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