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Established: 2003
Line of Business: Portuguese Citizenship
Address: Tel Aviv Office:
Beit Emmanuel, 31 Habarzel St. (Ramat HaHayal), Tel Aviv
Afula Office:
10 HaHashmal St. AmZion Business Center, Afula
Tel: 972-4-6526479; Fax: 972-4-6592087
Customer service: 972-77-5135141
Phone: 972-77-5135141
Fax: 972-3-7620163
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.portugal-passport.co.il
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  • Dror Hayik, Dror Hayik & Co., Law Office, and Notary

    Dror Hayik

    Founder and Owner

    Dror Hayik & Co., Law Office, and Notary

  • Moshe Hayik, Dror Hayik & Co., Law Office, and Notary

    Moshe Hayik

    Head of Foreign Citizenship Dept.

    Dror Hayik & Co., Law Office, and Notary

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About Dror Hayik & Co., Law Office, and Notary

Dror Hayik & Co., Law Office and Notary was established in 2003 by Dror Hayik, attorney, and specializes in issuing Portuguese citizenships. The firm is considered one of the prominent in this field, and it accompanies its clients in all stages of the process. From proving the client’s family origins (including extremely complex cases), through locating documents in various archives in Israel and abroad, ending with locating all the evidence establishing the relations between the client and Jews deported from Spain and Portugal 500 years ago.

The firm serves its customers through two branches - a main branch located in Ramat HaHayal, Tel Aviv, and a northern branch located in Afula. The geographical layout allows the team to provide the firm’s services to residents from all over the country. The seniority and experience accumulated by Adv. Dror Hayik over the years, are very significant, enabling him to choose for the client the right, most efficient, and smartest way of achieving the desired result.

Over 2,000 Citizenships

In recent years, the firm has been dealing exclusively with Portuguese passports, while providing full notarial services. The firm’s staff has accumulated vast knowledge and experience, which have guaranteed, to date, over two thousand citizenships to satisfied clients.

All Under One Roof

The firm supports clients from A to Z, while they are not required to do anything, and are spared from the tedious bureaucratic procedure. The service includes the translation of documents to Portuguese, issuance of all necessary certificates in Israel and abroad (inter alia in the police, the Ministry of the Interior and the Foreign Ministry) and their submission to the Portuguese authorities, until the conclusion of the process with the issuance of the citizenship and passport. The firm also provides the same services to the client’s family members. The firm works closely with service providers in Portugal, who provide it with full services, including document verifications, inquiries, and submissions to the relevant authorities, etc. Dror Hayik, Attorney, and Notary, fluency in Portuguese allows him to do all translations by himself, thus facilitating the process, making it more efficient and shorter.

Moreover, many clients go through the whole process remotely by applying via the firm’s website. The clients enjoy the peace of mind, given the best professionals are working tirelessly on their behalf, until they are granted with the desired passport.

A Unique Fee Model

Unlike other firms, Dror Hayik Law Office collects part of its fees at the end of the process – after its successful culmination with the customer receiving the Portuguese citizenship. This model applies also in cases where the process takes two or even three years – in all these cases the client pays only with the issuance of the final product - the foreign citizenship.

This unique model testifies to the firm’s absolute service level, and to the team’s availability to its clients, while proactively following the process’ status.

Issuing Portuguese Passports to Jews of Iraqi Descent

The firm has gained expertise and reputation in the more complex cases of application for Portuguese citizenship by Jews of Iraqi descent, having roots in Spain and Portugal. This segment of the population constitutes a very significant share of the firm’s clients, and over the years the staff has accumulated many precedents with these specific last names.

Thus, when a citizenship is given to a family relative coming out of Iraq, the firm may, by force of this citizenship certificate, submit similar citizenship applications for the rest of the family.

Boutique and Family Firm by Definition

The firm is first of foremost a family firm, employing four brothers – two of which, Dror and Moshe, are attorneys – and all are veterans of a special military unit.

As a family firm, the work is done in perfect harmony and at the highest standard of devotion, since each brother strives to maintain the firm’s high reputation, due to the customers’ full satisfaction. Dror views the firm as a boutique business, therefore it does not function as a “citizenship factory,” a situation that would have forced a massive recruitment of personnel, many mistakes, and drowning in a sea of documents and data.

In line with this worldview, the firms works with fewer clients, ensuring a premium service for a fee on a par with its professionalism and commitment to an excellent service.

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