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Established: 1993
Line of Business: Real Estate, Agricultural and Elementary Appraisal and Project Support
Address: Afula Branch: 23 HaMelacha St., Afula
Tel: 972-4-6420470
Fax: 972-4-6420480
Nesher Branch: 4 HaHaroshet St., Nesher
Tel: 972-4-6195646
Ramat Gan Branch:
Tel: 972-3-5750212
Fax: 972-3-5750213
Phone: 972-4-6420470
Fax: 972-4-6420480
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.drori-shaked.co.il
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  • Drori  Zohar, Drori & Shaked Appraisers

    Drori Zohar


    Drori & Shaked Appraisers

  • Shaked David, Drori & Shaked Appraisers

    Shaked David


    Drori & Shaked Appraisers

Leading Executives

    Drori Zohar Partner
    Shaked David Partner
    Drori Yehuda Founder
    . . .
    Tamir Leah
    Madar Maor
    Globin Orna
    Sadan Yael
    Zeig Eli
    Saida Dana
    Elisha Negbi Shani
    Shachar Assaf
    Ben Lulu Yaakov
    Yishai Golan
    Leibowitz Eitan
    Shifman Assaf
    Dahan Gitit
    Hen Ben Harush
    Yom Tov Debby
    Spitzer Tove
    Levi Etti
    Nixon Rachel
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About Drori & Shaked Appraisers

Drori & Shaked is a longstanding and leading appraisal firm which specializes in real estate, agricultural and elementary appraisal, consulting, real-estate facilitation and management, and is unique in its multi-disciplinary understanding and long-term strategic perspective. In addition to complex appraisals and assessments, the firm provides complementary planning and real-estate management, and economic strategy services, and has been benefiting from extensive reputation in its practice areas for 30 years.
Furthermore, offers professional banking-related services, including, among other things, collateral appraisals and the projects’ financial facilitation; Support for agricultural cooperatives and associations (kibbutzim and moshavim) nationwide, in various issues including vis-a-vis the Israeli Lands Authority (ILA) and an expertise in land expropriations and appropriations by the ILA. The firm, established in 1993, includes appraisers who have been employed in it for 20 years or more. Its headquarters are located in Afula with additional branches in Haifa and Ramat Gan. The firm believes in hard work which creates professional excellence and succeeds in maintaining a “boutique” and familial nature despite its size. The firm continually learns and remains abreast with open-mindedness, listening, and creativity, from the aspiration to gain an in-depth understanding of the economic, theoretical, practical and social aspects in its field, and, where necessary, utilizes experts from complementary disciplines in order to provide the first-class service to its clients. The firm deeply cares for its employees, who benefit, among other things, from joint trips and firm conventions once a year, also from both the personal and family aspects. The firm’s organizational culture actively supports its employees learning, family-life and healthy lifestyle. The attention to balance, cultivation, and empowerment bears fruit in the form of loyalty of the employees and the professional and personal team spirit, as well as the fertile collaboration, which serves as a necessary basis for the firm’s extraordinary multi-disciplinary expertise.

Practice Areas

Settlements Activities: the firm is an expert in analyzing the financial aspects of settlements and agricultural segments, as the longstanding agricultural appraisal operations of Yehuda Drori, Zohar Drori and Assaf Shifman, were assimilated into it when it was established. Over the years, these operations were consistently expanded and today they include most of Israel’s cooperatives, Moshavim, Kibbutzim and local and regional councils, among its clients are more than 150 cooperative agricultural associations. The firm’s services include traditional agricultural appraisal, consulting and support vis-a-vis the state authorities, in matters relating to objections, leasing agreements renewal, strategy and operating models setting, regulation of breaching uses, handling new allocations, purchasing fees and discounting of agricultural estates, cost-benefit analyses, opinions and advisory for the purposes of rights redemption, apartment allocation, estates occupation and balanced inheritance division, including tax implications. The firm has unique multi-disciplinary expertise and familiarity which include agricultural, administrative, human-social and economic aspects of the appraised activity. The assessments and the decisions often have far-reaching implications on the lives of the settlement’s residents and their social texture, and therefore require extreme sensitivity, an in-depth understanding of the situation and extensive experience, both in the analysis and in the long-term monitoring of the implications of the decision moves. The firm’s experience and familiarity in the settlement field serve as essential tools which enable it to provide sensitive and balanced service and advisory which account for all of the relevant aspects, from the ability and duty to clarify the opinions and defend them vis-a-vis various government and administrative entities in all of the courts, up to the Supreme Court.
Real Estate Appraisal: Drori & Shaked provides a range of services in the field, including opinions to planning authorities, government agencies and courts, correspondence with the Israeli Lands Authority, assessments for expropriations and betterment and purchase tax, cost-benefit and feasibility analyses, balancing tables and more. The firm manages a large department with longstanding experience in expropriations, appropriations and property devaluation, where it supports clients in receiving fair and appropriate consideration for the expropriation/devaluation. In this field, the firm also conducts extensive planning operations, including support for zoning plans.
Appraisals and Project Facilitation for the Banking System: the firm is approved by all of the commercial banks for collaterals and financial facilitation. The firm’s reputation turns it into a preferred supplier of collateral appraisals. The in-depth understanding of the financial system, the real-estate field and accompanying credit aspects enable the firm to provide more reliable appraisals (especially for complex and unusual collaterals) which both support the banks’ credit and risk metrics and enable them to offer competitive financing proposals. The firm also provides supervision and financial facilitation of projects services, including budget management and zero reports. The firm’s reliability, experience, reputation and combined real-estate/financial models expertise are expressed also in this field.
Energy Operations: Drori & Shaked has vast experience and unique expertise in the field of “renewable energy” (including pumped storage, power stations and various energy sources), and it provides opinions, consulting and planning, regulatory and professional support for entrepreneurs and leading companies, while balancing between the administrative positions and the economic feasibility, in order to enable the development of this important environmental field. The firm provides services concerning the promotion, planning, construction and taxation of the projects.
Project Facilitation: The firm provides end-to-end project facilitation, including feasibility checks, strategic planning, and cost-benefit analyses, while utilizing various experts including tax experts, supporting the project vis-a-vis the ILA and various planning and government agencies, budget management and monitoring.

Community Outreach

Drori & Shaked sees community service as one of its central values, and its employees and partners volunteer in various frameworks, including the “Good Deeds Day” and “Regavim Association”, “Merhav Neshima association” activities, Youth Guidance and more.

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