ELTA Systems Ltd.

Design, Development, Manufacture and Support of Electronic Intelligence & Defense Systems for military, paramilitary and law-enforcement markets

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Line of Business: Design, Development, Manufacture and Support of Electronic Intelligence & Defense Systems for military, paramilitary and law-enforcement markets
Address: ELTA Systems Ltd.
P.O.B. 330, Ashdod 7710202
Phone: 972-8-8577630
Fax: 972-8-8561872
Email: market@elta.co.il
Website: http://www.iai.co.il/about/groups/elta-systems
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Company Executives

  • Nimrod Sheffer, ELTA Systems Ltd.

    Nimrod Sheffer

    President & CEO of IAI, Chairman of the Board of ELTA

    ELTA Systems Ltd.

  • Yoav  Tourgeman, ELTA Systems Ltd.

    Yoav Tourgeman

    ELTA President & IAI Executive VP

    ELTA Systems Ltd.

Leading Executives

    Ronen Zagoory Executive VP Operations
    Moshe Lippel Executive VP CFO
    Tal Sagee Executive VP & General Counsel
    Igo Licht VP Marketing & Sales
    Gideon Landa VP & General Manager, Airborne Systems and Radars Division
    Adi Dulberg VP & General Manager, Intelligence, Communication and EW Division
    Eyal Shapira VP & General Manager, Air Defense and Naval Systems Division
    Zvi Yarom VP & General Manager, Land Systems Division
    Esti Peshin VP & General Manager, Cyber Division
    Asaf Sharvit VP & General Manager, Engineering and Systems Division
    Yacob Saraf Acting General Manager, Software Engineering Division
    Meir Shabtai General Manager, Autonomous Ground Robotics Business Unit
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About ELTA Systems Ltd.

ELTA Systems Ltd. (“ELTA”) is a group and wholly-owned subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd (“IAI”), Israel’s leading Defense Company and a global leader in the defense and aerospace sectors. Since the founding of the company over five decades ago, ELTA has achieved a leading position in the local and international markets as a radar and electronics systems house and a systems integrator. ELTA develops technologically advanced solutions for defense, paramilitary, government and law enforcement customers as well as for the civilian market.

ELTA’s product portfolio includes solutions for Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR), Early Warning and Control, Homeland Security (HLS), Force & Self Protection, and Self-Defense, Fire Control, Multi-Mission Systems, C4I, Autonomous Ground Systems, and Cyber solutions. These solutions are based on in-house developed advanced electromagnetic sensors and systems: RADAR, COMINT, ELINT with related IMINT and GEOINT exploitation capabilities; Electronic Warfare Systems; Communication Systems; Big Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technologies; and Cyber applications. 

ELTA’s Organizational Structure

Air Defense and Naval Systems Division
The division designs, develops and produces advanced air & missile defense and naval radars, integrated systems for advanced Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), and fire control solutions. The world-renown MMR radar used in the Iron Dome air defense system is an example.

Airborne Systems and Radars Division
The division designs, develops and integrates special mission aircraft solutions for Airborne Early Warning (AEW), Intelligence Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR), Maritime Patrol (MPA), and SIGINT aircraft based on high-end business jets Gulfstream, Bombardier, and Embraer, Beechcraft King Air lightweight aircraft and Airbus commercial jets. The division also produces advanced airborne systems which include Fire Control Radars (FCR) for combat aircraft, Air-to-Surface surveillance, targeting, and reconnaissance radars.

Intelligence, Communications and EW Division
The division provides SIGINT, Communications and EW products and services to support Electronic Battle of Order (EOB) and includes special suites for air, naval and ground platforms as well as providing real-time intelligence for security agencies in order to protect forces and ensure the survivability during missions. The division also produces satellite and LoS (Line of Sight) communication systems for ground, air and naval forces. 

Land Systems Division
The division develops and deploys end-to-end solutions for ground forces and Homeland Security programs. In addition to offering tactical radars, the division integrates active and passive sensors and systems fusing them together to provide multi-mission solutions for border, coastal and site protection; Counter Rocket Artillery Missile (C-RAM) & Counter Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS), and Counter IED & Mines solutions.

Cyber Division
The Cyber division is IAI’s center of excellence for Cyber Solutions addressing “national grade” challenges faced by nation states, critical infrastructures, law enforcement, and defence forces. The  division has developed unique solutions for Cyber defence, protection, monitoring, prediction, identification, intelligence and accessibility. Solutions include national-grade Cyber Early Warning centers, Cybersecurity for mission-critical systems, aviation and maritime cybersecurity, cyber intelligence, cellular search and rescue systems, and critical cyber protection solutions.

Autonomous Ground Robotics Business Unit
The unit designs, develops and manufactures a wide portfolio of autonomous ground solutions. The systems incorporate autonomous navigation with advanced artificial intelligence and autonomous decision making to control the platform as well as the mission payloads (EO, weapon station, radar, etc).

Engineering and Systems Division
The division develops and supplies cutting edge core technologies for ELTA products. It provides independent capabilities for developing critical components and subsystems, such as VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration), microwave sensors, RF, System on Module (SoM), signal processors, mechanical assemblies and Automatic Test Equipment (ATE).

Software Engineering Division
The division develops ELTA’s software infrastructure and applications. Software solutions include network management, combat management, Command and Control, signal processing, real-time software, surveillance and intelligence gathering and mapping display.

Sales and Backlog – End of 2018

Sales in 2018 reached US$ 1,016 million, of which about 83% were exported to the armed forces of more than 41 countries worldwide and the rest were sold to the domestic market, where ELTA is a major supplier to the IDF. Profit before tax reached US$ 39.5 million. A backlog of US$ 3,500 million covers on average 36 months of work.

Business Development

ELTA Group includes holdings in subsidiaries and affiliated companies located in Israel, Europe, North and South America and the Far East. ELTA Systems has teamed with numerous defense companies around the world to provide high-end solutions to the end-users.

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