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Initiation of Civil Engineering, Infrastructures and Production of Concrete for Construction and Industrial Applications

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Established: 1997
Line of Business: Initiation of Civil Engineering, Infrastructures and Production of Concrete for Construction and Industrial Applications
Address: 45 Jabotinski, Ashdod, Star Center Complex
Phone: 972-73-2111888
Fax: 972-73-2111801
Website: http://www.eyd.co.il
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    Eran Yifrah Owner
    Dudu Yifrah Owner
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About EYD Group

The EYD Group, which was founded in 1997, specializes in the initiation, support and execution of complex projects in all segments of the infrastructures, development, paving, waste disposal and recycling, drilling and construction industries.
The group executes large-scale projects while strictly maintaining the values of innovation, creativity and a broad systemic perspective of environmental development.

The group’s customers benefit from the added value of longstanding professional knowledge alongside with dedication and personal service throughout the entire process. The group’s clientele includes government ministries, municipalities, economic corporations, regional councils, Moshavim, and public and private companies.
The company has been operating throughout Israel for more than 20 years in the following fields: 

Infrastructures and Development

The group has been specializing in infrastructures and development works for many years and led numerous road-paving and infrastructure development projects in numerous settlements throughout Israel.
The group specializes in upgrading urban infrastructure in densely-populated areas where extensive coordination and special traffic arrangements are required.
The group strictly maintains the schedules and the safety of the workers and the residents in each and every one of its projects.

Industrial Operations

Production of concrete for construction and industrial applications. The group aspires to contribute to the improvement, perfection and development of the works, while continuing to show professional excellence, initiative and innovation.


EYD Group, which operates in initiation and construction, specializes in supporting and executing complex infrastructures projects all across Israel.


The group has longstanding experience in providing leading professional solutions for landscape development, drilling and foundations, stone works, concrete works, steel constructions, municipal electricity, sanitation and cesspits, depth and height works.


The group benefits from experience in the initiation and execution of construction projects, Tama 38 projects and many other seismic retrofitting projects, in various stages of execution and construction.
The group aspires to be a leading urban renewal company, with uncompromising professional excellence, reliability, and transparency, first-class quality and unmediated contact with the various officers and projects.
Thus the group guarantees to its customers optimal results in all of its operations.

Civil Engineering

The group has expertise in engineering and complex large-scale projects throughout Israel. The complex projects are executed by skilled professionals from various fields, including architecture, construction, supervision and subcontracting. All with attention to quality, safety and compliance with the schedules.


The group holds a drilling subsidiary which specializes in high-rise and low construction drilling and depth drilling.
In the framework of its operations, the company provides comprehensive drilling service comprising of the professional work of a skilled team with longstanding experience and training in this field, and executed land drilling works through advanced tools, a skilled team and longstanding experience, that enable it to provide top-tier professional service with comprehensive solutions throughout the whole of Israel.
Some selected projects of the group from recent years are:
Road 90, Shachmon Eilat, Agamim Ashqelon, Carmei Gat in Kiryat Gat, the Seam Zone project for the Ministry of Defense, a project in the Herzliya Industrial Zone, Neve Sharon in Yavne, the Ginadi Neighborhood in Or Yehuda, A heavy vehicles parking garage in Rishon LeZion, Narcissism in Rishon LeZion and more…

The Group employs a skilled and reliable team with formal training and vast experience in all of the related aspects of its operations, including civil and geo-physical engineering, surveying and drafting, quantity calculations, safety, a legal and economic department and more.
The works are executed through field teams which include highly experienced work managers and operators under the supervision and accompaniment of the company’s executive team.
The group owns a fleet which includes all of the mechanical and earthworks equipment that is required for executing the works. As a an industry-leader, the group takes care to remain abreast of the latest developments and innovations in its fields in order to offer creative solutions, while adjusting the work characteristics to the project type and the field conditions. The company is registered in the Contractors Registrar and has the following work classification: Segment 200 – C5 (Unlimited), Segment 400 – B5, Segment 100 – C2, Segment 500 – B1, and it is an approved government works contractor and ISO 9001 certified.

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