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Established: 1983
Line of Business: Family Law and Inheritance
Address: Bet Midot, 51 Weizmann St., Tel Aviv 6209109
Phone: 972-3-6911911
Fax: 972-3-6911912
Email: perry@effylaw.co.il
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About Effy Perry, Law Firm

Effy Perry is a specialist in divorce and inheritance laws with a proven reputation, who uses his knowledge and abilities to resolve complex disputes through prevention and out-of-court settlements.
Adv. Effy Perry graduated in Law from Tel Aviv University (LL.B. summa cum laude) and was a Senior Partner at Y. Segev & Co.
In 2000 he decided to open his own firm, where he has been able to leverage his areas of expertise and the extensive experience he has gained in commercial litigation and complex family disputes, while providing each client with personal attention and close ongoing support.
Effy Perry has been a member of the Israel Bar since 1983.

Uniqueness and Areas of Expertise

Resolving Complex Family and inheritance Disputes
Adv. Effy Perry has gained experience and knowledge in handling large and difficult family disputes on a range of economic and commercial matters. Adv. Perry manages divorce disagreements as well as inheritance and complex family disputes – disputes that require an understanding and profound knowledge of commercial law, corporate law, liquidations proceedings, evaluating shareholdings and businesses, locating properties, and finding creative solutions during crises, alongside an understanding and expertise of divorce and inheritance laws.
Adv. Effy Perry also accumulated extensive experience and an eminent reputation in appearances before all types of courts and in resolving complex disputes in an amicable manner.
In the year 2000 Effy Perry decided to exploit his knowledge and advantage in the areas of economic-commercial law combined with the experience he accumulated in family law in order to open his own firm that is dedicated purely to family matters. The firm specializes in complex economic and legal disputes and provides complete solutions under one roof to the full range of family and economic issues that are interwoven with each other.
Adv. Effy Perry has acquired vast experience and expertise in complex and emotional divorce cases of large-scale property, and in major will disputes in Israel, such as the late Shaul Eizenberg legacy dispute and the late Yuli Ofer legacy dispute.
In recent years, Adv. Perry has been using his gained reputation and the trust he has earned by lawyers in the field, as well as his extensive negotiating experience, to resolve most disputes outside court halls. This way, an escalation can be avoided, expenses can be saved, and an optimal resolution can be reached, on both ends of the dispute. Results show that a well-managed negotiation between two experienced lawyers will usually have a better outcome than a judge’s verdict.
Furthermore, Adv. Perry has also provided support and legal counsel to parties in mediation and “Mahut” proceedings (Information, introduction and coordination), both on the front and on the back of the stage.

Prenuptial Agreements
Adv. Effy Perry has vast experience in drawing up pre-nuptial and post-nuptial property agreements including Common-law spouses, with the purpose of avoiding legal proceedings and disputes in the future.
These agreements include both the relatively simple ones, designed to protect pre-nuptial properties, its betterment, etc., and the complex ones, designed to resolve matters relating to joint properties, as well as compensations for the separation of property.

Adv. Effy Perry, who has vast experience and expertise, acquired in the large-scale inheritance disputes, an expertise in inheritance arrangements as well. This includes mutual wills, and also agreements among potential inheritors in order to transfer the family fortune to the next generation successfully.
Adv. Perry also provides counseling in his areas of expertise and lectures on these and other topics in the Bar Association forum and others, and has published articles.

Personal Attention and High Availability
An additional unique aspect of the firm is the personal attention that it offers and the high availability of its personnel. Adv. Effy Perry does not employ associates and therefore clients do not suddenly find themselves passed onto a junior lawyer with limited experience. The complex matters handled by Effy Perry demand high skill, and above all – trust, discretion, high availability and personal supportive attention. Periods of dispute are characterized by crises and dilemmas that require immediate responses and assistance. In order to provide the high availability, personal attention and professional service to the client, Adv. Perry prefers to handle a relatively limited number of disputes simultaneously.

The Firm’s Clients

Among the firm’s clients are senior figures from the economy, business world and the media as well as couples that lack the know-how and understanding of their assets and bank accounts but are entitled to a fair share of their property.

Swift Handling

The work philosophy of Adv. Effy Perry is that these types of disputes, even if they are the most difficult of disagreements, should be resolved in the shortest possible period of time, if this can be achieved – without resorting to protracted legal proceedings and the deep scars that this leaves. Effy Perry acts to identify the “soft underbelly” of a case, while focusing on the main issues. All this is accomplished, while strictly adhering to professionalism, thoroughness, personal attention and discretion, and finding creative solutions in order to bring about a swift and complete conclusion to a dispute.

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