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Established: 1971
Line of Business: Economists and Real-Estate Appraisers
Address: Head Office: 65 Yigal Alon St., “Toyota Towers”, Tel Aviv 6744316
Phone: 972-3-6243770
Fax: 972-3-6243660
Email: [email protected]
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  • Ehud  Hameiri, Ehud Hameiri & Co., Economists & Real Estate Appraisers

    Ehud Hameiri


    Ehud Hameiri & Co., Economists & Real Estate Appraisers

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    Ehud Hameiri
  • Gilad  Hameiri, Ehud Hameiri & Co., Economists & Real Estate Appraisers

    Gilad Hameiri


    Ehud Hameiri & Co., Economists & Real Estate Appraisers

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    Gilad Hameiri
  • Haim  Calfon, Ehud Hameiri & Co., Economists & Real Estate Appraisers

    Haim Calfon

    Head of the Real-Estate Appraisal Div.

    Ehud Hameiri & Co., Economists & Real Estate Appraisers

  • Michael  Segal, Ehud Hameiri & Co., Economists & Real Estate Appraisers

    Adv. Michael Segal

    Head of the City Tax Div.

    Ehud Hameiri & Co., Economists & Real Estate Appraisers

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About Ehud Hameiri & Co., Economists & Real Estate Appraisers

Ehud Hameiri & Co., specializes in all types of real estate consultancy, with an emphasis on real estate appraisal, planning and zoning advisory, and real estate taxations. The group’s areas of expertise include: real estate assessments for bank guarantees (Israeli Appraisal Standard 19) and for balance-sheet purposes for public companies (IFRS), initiation and facilitation of zoning change plans and preparation of balancing tables, feasibility checks for Pinui-Binui projects, support for appropriation and depreciation claims under Clause 197, advisory and appeals on all real estate tax fields – betterment charges, betterment levies, payments to the Israel Lands Authority (ILA), municipal taxes, building fees and development charges. The group has been providing advisory services for complex real estate transactions, some of Israel’s largest projects and extensive damage claims, covering every aspect of the field.

The group was founded in 1971 and is one of Israel’s top firms, and benefits from an outstanding reputation owing to the longstanding experience and the professional excellence for which it is renowned. The firm’s unique strength stems from the synergy between its departments and divisions, which creates a comprehensive solution for its clients and the added value from which they benefit.

The group employs real estate appraisers, economists and jurists with a very broad with the aim of providing an integrated and complete professional solution for all the numerous aspects of real estate. The group’s clientele includes private clients, top-tier initiators and contractors, commercial banks and leading financial institutes, large public and private companies, associations and NPOs, universities and institutes, the courts, and Israel’s largest and leading law and accounting firms.

Practice Areas

Real Estate Appraisal Division

Facilitation of Real Estate Transactions: the division specializes in advising initiators and contractors, companies and private clients in real estate investments, sale, purchase and rental of properties and handling all the tax aspects including full representation vis-à-vis the authorities in appeals and objections for betterment levies and ILA payments. The division conducts feasibility checks for all types of projects, real estate valuations for bank guarantees, public issuances and fundraising.

Support in Legal Proceedings: the division accompanies claims and provides professional opinions in appropriation and depreciation claims and on grounds of financial damage in the framework of real estate investments, both as the representative of any of the parties or as court-appointed expert. The division also provides M&A services for every aspect of real estate.

Initiation of Zoning Change Plans and Pinui Binui: the division provides consulting services for a wide variety of Planning and Zoning and Pinui-Binui topics, and accompanies initiators, local authorities and private clients in large construction complexes.

Municipal Taxation Division

Reduction of City Tax Charges: The division specializes in achieving significant cost reductions for its clients in municipal taxations, construction fees and development charges that are levied on their properties by local authorities, throughout Israel. The division is entrusted with reviewing the actual usages of the property according to the definitions in appropriate laws, reviewing the legality of the city tax order, its applicability, and the rates it imposes on the property, reviewing potential exemptions and discounts, and supports objections and/or appeals and/or lawsuits and conducts professional discussions with the local authority and the Ministry of Interior.

Reduction of Construction Fees and Development Charges: The group’s longstanding experience in municipal charges, combined with the complexity of this field and the necessity of multi-disciplinary expertise, led to its close collaborations with experts, including accountants, economists, real estate appraisers, engineers and certified surveyors. The division’s unique strength stems from the combination between the extensive resources that are invested in it, and its advanced technologies, which enable thorough analyses of the economic calculations on which the rates in the by-laws are based, including financial statements analysis for the local authority or the water and sewage corporations.

The Group’s Executives

Ehud Hameiri, Chairman: Real Estate Appraiser, with an M.B.A. from Tel Aviv University and a B.A., Economics and Social Sciences from the Hebrew University, graduate of the High School of Surveying and of the Mediation course of the Technion’s Ne’eman Institute. He has more than five decades of experience in the field, served in a wide variety of senior positions in his areas of expertise and considered to be an authority in his field. He served as Chairman of the Israeli Lands Appraisers Chamber for five years, as the District Government Appraiser, as a member of the Appraisers Council in the Ministry of Justice and coordinator of the diploma exams, and as a member of the Construction Industry Council. He is one of the founders of the Real Estate Management and Appraisal program of Tel-Aviv University, and served as an executive member and lecturer of this program. He served as Chairman of the Efal Center for Real Estate Initiation and Management and head of the real estate appraisal program of the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center. He is one of the founders of the Israeli Real Estate Appraisal Research and Application Academy and served as Chairman of the Committee for the Amendment of the Appropriation Laws in the Appraisers Chamber.

Gilad Hameiri, CEO: Real Estate Appraiser, with an LL.M. and a B.A., Economics and Business Administration from Bar Ilan University, and an Environmental Studies diploma of The Geographic Society and the Open University. He has a unique specialization in the economic and business aspects of betterment tax and in tax planning and appeals on betterment charges and is considered to be an authority in this field. He has also expertise in supporting claims under Clause 197 and appropriation claims and represents throughout the years plaintiffs and defendants in cases that amount to NIS billions, while creating numerous precedents. He is a popular lecturer in professional training and workshops and serves as a lecturer and academic coordinator of the Real Estate Investment, Initiation and Management course of Bar-Ilan’s M.B.A. for Accountants program. He also manages the real estate appraisal forum of Tapuz and authored the book “Real Estate and Taxation (to the point)”.

Haim Calfon, Head of the Real Estate Appraisal Division: Real Estate Appraiser, with a B.A., Geography and a diploma from the Real Estate Appraisal and Management program of Tel Aviv University.

Adv. Michael Segal, Head of the City Tax Division: Has an LL.B. and an M.A. from the Law Faculty of Bar Ilan University, and a B.A., Technology Management and Marketing, of Machon Lev, Jerusalem.

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