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Established: 2001
Line of Business: Transit law
Address: 32 Shoken St., 4th floor, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6823957, 0523875526 Fax:
Fax: 972-3-6823958
Email: [email protected]
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About Ehud Malma, Law Office

Ehud Malma, Law Office is a firm specializing in the field of traffic law and in this field only. Attorney Ehud Malma has been involved in the field of traffic law for a period of some 20 years, while still an intern. In 2002, attorney Ehud Malama established his office, which is located near the traffic court in Tel Aviv. Since then, he has gained a great reputation and countless successes in the cases that reached his firm. Today, the firm has five lawyers, two interns and a professional management team that provides around-the-clock response and personal attention to each client. Adv. Malma provides his clients with full and professional service, from the initial phone call to a dedicated representation in the courts, in a wide variety of traffic violations including traffic reports, court orders, road accidents, drunkenness/drug driving, and fatal road accidents. Adv. Malma and the firm’s staff represent thousands of clients from all sectors in all courts of traffic throughout the country.
Among the firm’s clients are many celebrities, members of Knesset, academics, senior managers, lawyers and more.

Transit Law as a Field

As stated, Adv. Malma’s firm deals only with cases related to the field of traffic law. The field of traffic law is a wide and complex field that requires expertise and expertise. During the years of activity, the firm has accumulated a great deal of knowledge in handling all aspects of traffic laws, such as:

• Checking the integrity of reports recorded by police officers (as a report issued incorrectly may be invalid).
• Full knowledge of the operation of the electronic equipment in the possession of the police, such as the “Owl” used to enforce DUI offenses, various laser devices used for enforcement of overspeeding, speed cameras, and the like.
• The investigation of car accidents. When a person is accused of causing a car accident with casualties or fatalities there are many lines of defense at his disposal, and a vast knowledge and skill are required to present them in court.
• Cancellation of points for traffic violations in court.
• Dealing with the disqualifications of the Licensing Office for accumulating points.
• Dealing with revocation decisions by the Medical Institute for Road Safety based on personality-based incompatibility or other reasons.
• Administrative revocations issued in the field by police officers for severe violations.
• Appeals to the District Court, Supreme Court and more.

During the firm’s years of activity Adv. Malma has acquired vast knowledge and experience allows him to face any possible situation in courthouses and find the best solutions for his clients, achieving optimal results for them.

Personal attention and optimal results

Adv. Malma gives personal attention to each client and is updated on everything that happens in the case from start to finish. Representation in court is at the highest level while achieving the best possible outcome in that case.
The firm’s staff provides the highest level of professional care, with values of integrity and integrity always in mind. Adv. Malma is careful to maintain a professional relationship with the legal authorities - the courts, the prosecution, etc.
Each case receives the personal attention of Adv. Malma, who accompanies all the proceedings from start to finish, thanks to the professionalism and the dedicated and successful treatment of clients over the years, the firm has gained a high reputation in the field and many clients.
The firm’s lawyers are not sparing efforts to get the best results for the client, even if multiple court hearings are required.


Retainer for the handling of each case is determined in advance for the case and the customer knows that he will receive the best service without fear of additional payment. It is calculated fairly and there are several options. Adv. Malma believes with all his might that personal treatment, professional care, excellent results and fair fees are the formula for the firm’s success. If you received a traffic report, drunken driving, you were involved in a car accident in which a person was injured or killed, the driver’s license was taken from you for any reason and/or you were invited to the traffic court. Advise a knowledgeable lawyer in order to “get out of trouble” Ensures professional, dedicated and optimal treatment.

Among its many achievements:

• Representing a celebrity in a case involving a severe DUI. Adv. Malma has managed to convince the prosecution to agree to a lenient plea including a short license revocation of two months.
• Representing a senior physician with a world level reputation in an overspeeding case. Two days before the proceeding and after approaches by Adv. Malma to the Israeli Police, they decided to drop the charges and delete the complaint.
•Representing a client in a car accident case. Right after the accident, the client called Adv. Malma, who set out immediately to the site to meet him. The pre-investigation counsel helped end the case with only a low fine and no actual revocation, despite grave charges which demanded one.
• Representing a famous lawyer who had an accident involving the running over of the pedestrian in a crossing. Adv. Malma had marathon negotiations with police representatives and managed to get the charges dropped.
• Representing a client who was caught in a severe DUI for the third time. The client contacted Adv. Malma expecting prolonged jail time and a years-long revocation. After viewing evidence material Adv. Malma negotiated with the prosecution and managed to form a plea involving only 9 months of revocation.
• Representing a client accused of negligent driving, having already been convicted of the same offense in the past. Adv. Malma argued before the Transit Court that the prosecution has failed in proving he was the actual driver. The Transit Judge convicted the client and sentenced him to a year of jail time among other sanctions. In an unprecedented move, the District Court has overruled the conviction, acquitting the client fully while criticizing police conduct with the case. The acquittal allowed the client to return to normal life.
• An IDF officer approached Adv. Malma after being charged with causing a car crash ending with the death of a child. The client was accused of not giving the right of way in a stop-sign junction. Adv. Malma conducted ardent negotiations with state Advocates and proved them that the child’s death wasn’t due to the client’s negligence but due to the father’s, who did not buckle his child’s seatbelt properly. The State Adv.’s Office accepted this position and signed a plea including a short 11 months of revocation and 200 hours of public service. The Transit Court, amazed at the leniency, didn’t uphold the plea and ruled six months of public service. Adv. Malma appealed to the District Court which canceled the prolonged public service and reconfirmed the plea.