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A Boutique Law Firm the Specializes in Tort and Civil Litigation

Elad Danoch & Co. Law Firm
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Established: 2015
Line of Business: A Boutique Law Firm the Specializes in Tort and Civil Litigation
Address: 13 Katznelson, Office 302, Yamin House
Phone: 972-8-9302799
Fax: 972-8-9302839
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.danoch.co.il
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    Elad Danoch & Co. Law Firm

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About Elad Danoch & Co. Law Firm

Elad Danoch - Law Firm is a leading and groundbreaking Israeli boutique law firm, which practices tort, class actions and civil litigation. The firm manages complex and highly-publicized cases.

Adv.Elad Danoch’s firm provides legal representation for the full spectrum of matters in the tort, National Insurance, civil litigation and class actions fields. Over the past few years, the firm has achieved numerous successes in diverse legal practice areas while championing the values of professionalism, commitment, discreetness, creativity, innovation and service-orientation.

Practice Areas

Tort Lawsuits and Litigation
The firm manages large and complex high-profile tort cases, which require supreme litigation capabilities, including lawsuits against mega-corporations, insurance companies or local authorities, which include, among others, complex and important insurance issues.

Road Accidents
The firm manages road accident cases, mostly complex and intricate cases that require facing insurance companies on a daily basis with intensive negotiations and achieving the maximal compensation at the shortest possible period of time – all while managing an efficient and accurate legal proceeding. Throughout the entire process, from the start to finish the firm’s team is at the client’s disposal with maximal accessibility and availability.

National Insurance (“Bitu’ach Leumi”)
The firm manages an extensive practice in the field of National Insurance. In many cases, the proceedings at the National Insurance Institute constitute the majority of the proceeding and require meticulous and thorough groundwork, due to implications of the results of the medical committee. Adv. Elad Danoch has represented hundreds of clients in medical committees with great success, from the preliminary preparation stage and up to the final result – with the guiding principle being: An unrelenting fight for the benefit of the client.

Class Actions
The firm files and manages complex and broad class actions, inter alia, against Israel’s largest corporations. The class action practice area is a unique field which requires vast knowledge and experience, and each and every case is reviewed rigorously, while applying a broad strategic thinking process. The firm sees the class action field as a public benefit mission, since such claims often involve a significant and broad public of victims, who are usually completely unaware of their entitlement to compensation for the damages that they sustained.

The firm strongly emphasizes the benefit of the group of victims who were harmed by the breach of the law’s provisions, and takes care to manage proceeding at the highest professional level, with determination, persistence and uncompromising thoroughness.

Advocate Elad Danoch, Owner
Adv. Elad Danoch is a renowned and leading figure in the field of tort and civil litigation. He serves as Chairperson of the Israel Bar Association Southern District, member of the Israel Bar Association’s National Council and member of the Court Bailiffs Appointment Committee. He has an LL.B. and an LL.M., and was recently named as one of Israel’s most promising young persons by the website ICE. He had a landslide victory in the recent elections to the institutes of the Israel Bar Association, with 96% of votes. Danoch formerly served as a combatant in the Infantry Support Company 12 of the Golani Division.

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