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Established: 2016
Line of Business: Family Law
Address: Tel Aviv Branch: 144 Menachem Begin St., Midtown Tower
Jerusalem Branch: 24 Kanfei Nesharim St.
Phone: 972-3-7485074, 972-58-4820820
Fax: 972-153-774332478
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.zamir-law.co.il
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  • Elad Zamir, Elad Zamir Law Firm  & Rabbinical Lawyers

    Adv. Elad Zamir

    Elad Zamir Law Firm & Rabbinical Lawyers

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    Elad Zamir
  • Avraham  Schreiber, Elad Zamir Law Firm  & Rabbinical Lawyers

    Adv. Avraham Schreiber

    Elad Zamir Law Firm & Rabbinical Lawyers

  • Yael Avitan, Elad Zamir Law Firm  & Rabbinical Lawyers

    Adv. Yael Avitan

    Elad Zamir Law Firm & Rabbinical Lawyers

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About Elad Zamir Law Firm & Rabbinical Lawyers

Elad Zamir & Co. Law Firm is a leading and innovative firm which practices family law (divorces, wills, inheritances etc.) in Israel. The firm is distinct in its status as a one-stop-shop, that offers both legal representation from a lawyer who is proficient in family law in the courts, and representation of a rabbinic advocate who has in-depth proficiency in Jewish law and rabbinical courts proceedings. This is a winning combination that offers the firm’s clients an enormous advantage in choosing the right court and maximizing the results. Such a service is, in fact, a must in family law (since the proceedings are managed both in the rabbinical courts and in civil courts) and on the other hand this service doesn’t exist at all in the leading firm’s sector. To date, the firm successfully represented in hundreds of cases, some of which were precedential and publicized, and has vast experience in managing complex and complicated cases, while emphasizing professionalism, innovation and excellence. In light of its distinction and numerous successes in the field of family, the firm’s lawyers are often invited to lecture in seminars and training for lawyers from the family law field, and also to participate as panel members alongside judges and rabbinical judges.

Representing Clients from the Full Spectrum of Family Law

The firm was founded by Adv. Elad Zamir and it represents clients from the full spectrum of family law including in mediations, cases of domestic violence, child support and alimony, nuptial agreements, division of property between spouses, common law spouses, lasting power of attorney, the Hague Convention and returning abducted children, parental responsibility (custody) and visiting times, adoption, children in need of care, inheritance and wills. The firm’s team is aware that divorce proceedings are often lengthy and tedious and are accompanied by a sense of uncertainty and a loss of self-confidence, and therefore it accompanies the clients across the entire divorce proceedings in order to enable them to understand their legal status and have assurance throughout the entire proceedings. Over the past few years, the firm has been specializing and concentrating in focused topics of family law with an emphasis on the differences between rabbinical courts and civil courts from both the practical and the academic aspects – which deepens and broadens the firm’s professionalism. A good example of this is the financial aspect, where there are material differences between the rabbinical and the civil courts, in matters of the division of stock options, company tax and stock division, which affects the selection of the right court, as well as difference in matters of child support and alimony, children custody and more.

The Human Capital

The boutique firm includes three lawyers: The founder and owner Adv. Zamir – an experienced lawyer with an LL.B. from the Ono Academic College, a rabbinical advocate, a certified rabbi by the Chief Rabbinate and certified to act as a director of public companies from the Hebrew University; Adv. (Dr.) Avraham Schreiber, a certified rabbi with experience in family and inheritance law and insolvency proceedings and Adv. Yehuda Amir – a lawyer and a rabbinical advocate, as well as an administrative team.

Cases that Reflect the Firm’s Uniqueness

One Million Old Shekels - A case where the firm represented a woman who got married in the 1970’s and had a Ktuba with a sum of one million old Shekels. Despite the customary ruling that the Ktuba sum is not linked to the CPI (meaning that the million old shekels worth about 1,000 New Israeli Shekels), the rabbinical court determined that in this case the Ktuba sum would be linked and the woman received a Ktuba sum of more than half a million New Israeli Shekels.

The Rabbinical Court Transferred the Child to a Secular School – A custody case where the firm represented a divorced woman who became non-religious. Formerly, the woman belongs to a Hassidic sect and after her divorce she left the religion and wished to transfer the child she had with her ex-husband to a secular school. Since the proceedings were expected to be lengthy there was a concern that the child wouldn’t be able to start the schoolyear on time and owing to the firm, which fought for the child in the rabbinical court, it was ruled that the child would start his schoolyear in the secular school already at the start of the official schoolyear, as his mother demanded.

The Court Ruled That Adultery and Neglecting the Home Don’t Constitute Grounds for Canceling the Ktuba – The firm represented a woman whose husband demanded to be relinquished from her Ktuba sum with the claim that she was unfaithful and didn’t clean the house. The husband’s bank account, with a cash balance of about 1 million New Israeli Shekels, was seized for the purpose of the Ktuba. His claim was rejected and he was charged to pay a Ktuba sum of 300,000 New Israeli Shekels as a first stage, and the court noted that the remainder would remain seized and in case the wife would lose in the court proceedings the rabbinical court would add to its Ktuba sum from the seized money.

The Court Tried to Deny 100,000 NIS from a Woman Who Complained that Her Husband Beat Her – The rabbinical court in Petach Tikva denied a woman who was represented by the firm, her Ktuba sum because she filed a complaint on violence from her husband, despite the fact that the complaint was closed due to a lack of evidence. In an extraordinary decision, the Chief Rabbi Lau canceled this decision under the claim that “her complaint doesn’t turn her to a rebellious wife”. This ruling became a guiding rule in the matter of Ktuba.

The Court Determined that the House Would be Sold Despite an Injunction of the Rabbinical Court – A case that highlighted the struggle of authority between the civil courts and rabbinical courts. In this groundbreaking case the court accepted the firm’s argument that the court has the authority to rule that the house would be sold despite a contrary injunction by the rabbinical court.

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