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Established: 2004
Line of Business: Holding company
Address: 7 Golda Meir St., Aliash Building 1st Floor, Science Park, Ness Ziona
Phone: 972-8-6577000 5066*
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  • Eldad Peri, Eldad Peri Group Ltd.

    Eldad Peri

    Owner & Chairman of the Board

    Eldad Peri Group Ltd.

  • Izhak  Lax, Eldad Peri Group Ltd.

    Izhak Lax


    Eldad Peri Group Ltd.

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    Izhak Lax
  • Ilan  Feigelman, Eldad Peri Group Ltd.

    Ilan Feigelman

    CEO of Peri Execution, Solara

    Eldad Peri Group Ltd.

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    Ilan Feigelman
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About Eldad Peri Group Ltd.

The Eldad Peri Group is a leading holding company which includes several subsidiaries, which specialize in creating business models and developing innovative products. The Group’s fields of expertise are advanced technology, which includes cyber, nanotechnology and innovative technological solutions, as well as the field of real estate, with a focus on residential construction, and business entrepreneurship.
The Group has made a substantial financial investment in top-notch professionals who are experts in its technological activities. The Group has taken major steps towards developing the technological aspect, including the acquisition of cyber companies such as Routier and Agrint, the latter deals with a unique solution to the global problem of the Red Palm Weevil.
The Group’s long-standing specialization in real estate, entrepreneurship and construction, forms the Group’s firm financial base.
The Group’s activities are based on the values of transparency, reliability and innovation in all endeavors.



PeriTech PeriTech is the technological branch of the Eldad Peri Group. The company identifies technological needs and global trends and works to create business opportunities. The company’s team consists of leading engineers and programmers from various fields, who work to create a vast portfolio of advanced technological products and innovative solutions. In addition, the company invests in promising start-up companies.


Agrint specializes in the development of an absolutely unique solution to the global problem of the Red Palm Weevil, an insect that attacks about 2 billion trees worldwide. Agrint is developing an extremely sensitive sensor for electronic detection of the insect, which will identify the larvae burrowing through the tree in its early stages of life. This development will make it possible to treat and save the affected trees, as well as to prevent the release of hundreds of additional new Red Palm Weevils into the air.


The company specializes in an interactive platform for businesses, designed to transfer real time feedback from the user to the organization, via the WiFi network. The platform contributes to the success of the organization by enabling a user-friendly and immediate feedback from the user, as well as providing the possibility for targeted advertising.
In 2016, the company won, out of 16 companies from around the world, the BlackBox competition by Google, and was chosen as one of the most promising existing start-ups.

Nanotechnology Product Marking

A technological solution designed to protect equipment, goods, reputation and intellectual property royalties, using an innovative and sophisticated method for marking products with nanotechnology means, in a manner that cannot be detected by the human eye, making the information accessible only to authorized personnel. The information stored on this marking can include dozens of technical parameters according to the specific requirements of the product or the client.
The technology is applicable on weapons, ID cards, valuables, vehicle parts, diamonds and pharmaceuticals, as part of the global anti-falsification efforts.

Rapid Construction

A technological breakthrough in the construction of interior and exterior walls, developed to offer an improved alternative to the old methods of construction. This unique technology reduces the duration and the costs of construction by half, while providing top quality, energy-efficient walls with a high level of thermic and acoustic insulation, in terms of both quality and safety.

IDM International and Peri International

The two companies represent the marketing branch of PeriTech. IDM International and Peri International are both international companies, which specialize in global business entrepreneur-ship, and maintain strategic and financial expertise regarding the implementation of ideas and practical results. Each company specializes in a different part of the world. The companies work with leading organizations in the private and business sectors, worldwide.

Peri Real Estate

Peri Real Estate is a groundbreaking, professional company which specializes in project planning, land betterment and residential and commercial construction. The company is active in the fields of residential and commercial construction, urban renewal, planning and land betterment and the organization of purchase groups.
Peri Real Estate currently deals with the planning and construction of approximately 1,500 residential units all over the country. The company provides its clients with comprehensive services at the highest standards, as well as accompaniment by leading experts in the fields of construction, planning, and legal aspects. The company has a vast business network and an acquaintance with leading real estate entities, as well as a willingness to offer creative solutions, tailored to the special needs of the clients.

The company executed the option on a 21dunam land plot in the northern entrance of Rehovot. The project is located near the Science Park, Weizmann Institute, the Faculty of Agriculture and the train station. Peri Real Estate has launched the project which includes 3 towers of 750 apartments, designed especially for students. In addition to that the project includes 7,500 m2 of commercial space, a congress center and a 300-room hotel.
Altogether Peri Real Estate builds more than 1,000 dwelling units for the sake of the residents of Rehovot.

Peri Constructions and Solara

Peri Constructions specializes in planning and construction of residential, commercial and industrial projects, while combining vast engineering knowledge, advanced construction technologies and leading, highly experienced personnel, in order to realize its vision and proudly lead the construction field in Israel.
In 2014, Peri Constructions purchased Solara Ltd. (which was founded in 1981).
Both companies provide planning and construction services for residential, commercial and industrial projects. The cooperation and synergy between the Group’s companies and their various fields of expertise assure the delivery of holistic comprehensive services that include planning, licensing and execution under one roof.

Environmentally Friendly

The Eldad Peri Group invests in rapid green construction, adhering to European standards. In addition, the Group is currently working on the development of a machine for the production of green renewable energy.

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