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Established: 2007
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 3 Nirim St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6443644
Fax: 972-3-6448624
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.zepat.com
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  • Zohar Eliezri, Eliezri Intellectual Property, Patent Attorneys & Law Office

    Zohar Eliezri

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    Eliezri Intellectual Property, Patent Attorneys & Law Office

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    Zohar Eliezri
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About Eliezri Intellectual Property, Patent Attorneys & Law Office

Eliezri Intellectual Property, Patent Attorneys & Law Office, is engaged in intellectual property (IP) and has a unique specialization in drafting patents from a legal perspective. A deep proficiency in a wide variety of technological fields, along with over 20 years of experience in investigating, researching, and drafting patent applications, oppositions and opinions, has produced a firm with an outstanding reputation as legal experts in patent technologies, both in Israel and worldwide. The firm deals with drafting and prosecution of patent applications, support through litigation of law firms in IP, due diligence, legal opinions, trademarks and designs.

Eliezri IP also handles third party notices and contesting patents of clients’ rivals, as well as initiating and conducting administrative and legal campaigns against rival patents in global jurisdictions. The firm works in close cooperation with leading law firms, providing legal support and consultancy throughout court proceedings in the IP aspects of deals, due diligence tasks, valuations and opinions. The firm has two lawyers and five patent attorneys. 

The Firm’s Vision

Eliezri IP has consolidated a central position as a consultant of law firms and international clients in the field of patents and IP. The firm will continue to be an Israeli center of IP expertise, and provide value-added legal services to clients in Europe, China, the US and other countries worldwide, while defending clients’ rights and protecting their IP assets well into the future. 

Practice Areas

Drafting and Prosecution of Patent Applications – The firm is engaged in comprehensive research of the relevant scientific and technological subject matter, prior to drafting and editing patent applications. These applications range over a wide variety of scientific fields, including: physics, electronics, software, mechanics, optics, engineering, communications, medical devices, and homeland security, among other general topics.
Eliezri IP’s general approach is guided by the idea that the patent application is the most critical stage in ensuring the rights of the patent applicant and providing comprehensive protection of their invention.
The firm’s patents have proven themselves numerous times in court, and provided significant commercial value and legal protection.
Examples of clients include: attorneys in Israel and overseas; companies in the defense industry; companies in the aviation, transportation, hi-tech, agricultural machinery, and medical device industries.

Opinions and Analysis of Patent Portfolios – The firm submits opinions and due diligence prior to investments by the company. The firm also performs other types of commercial examinations and analysis, such as evaluations of a company’s IP portfolio from the point of view of the significance and value of registered patents or patent applications at its disposal. The firm also conducts research and examination for providing freedom to operate opinions in various technological fields, in order to determine the feasibility of filing patents, and/or R&D investment.
The firm provides in-depth examination of different aspects of a patent, such as: patent expiration dates, jurisdictions where patents are registered, the substance of various patents, and how development can be restricted in a specific area. These activities provide necessary information that allows the firm’s clients to properly undertake major business decisions with important consequences.

Opposition, Litigation and Legal Support – Eliezri IP works in close cooperation with leading law firms in providing legal support throughout all court proceedings, reviewing agreements, due diligence, valuations, and opinions on IP matters.
The firm assists law firms dealing with litigation in all aspects of the legal proceedings, such as: indictments, cross-examinations, and the like. Commercial law firms that handle litigation benefit from Eliezri IP’s ability and legal understanding of the patent sector, technical and technological understanding; and the need to present conclusive arguments before the courts.
In addition, Israeli and international law firms are assisted by Eliezri in overseeing the details of agreements, in order to ensure that all IP aspects are properly handled from a legal standpoint.

Contesting Actions – As part of the consultancy process, Eliezri IP conducts open or anonymous intervention in patent registration procedures of client’s rivals, in order to prevent their acceptance as valid patents. In this area, the firm carries out the gathering of business intelligence and filing notifications and objections through a precise and comprehensive search for relevant (prior art) information.

Trademarks and IP-Related Rights – The firm is active in the field of trademarks and other IP rights and maintains updated follow-up of the frequent changes stemming from technological developments.
Subjects handled by the firm include: 3D trademarks, music and sound trademarks, slogans, colors and new animations; as well as trade secrets, commercial injustices, consumer rights, industrial designs; and more.

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