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Establishment and Operation of Imaging Centers Worldwide, Development and Building of Advanced Medical Centers Worldwide, Development and Building of Oncology Centers Worldwide

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Established: 2003
Line of Business: Establishment and Operation of Imaging Centers Worldwide, Development and Building of Advanced Medical Centers Worldwide, Development and Building of Oncology Centers Worldwide
Address: 20 Hamagshimim St. Petach Tikva 49250
Phone: 972-3-5584839
Fax: 972-3-5589858
Email: admin@elsmed.com
Website: http://www.elsmed-healthcare.com
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  • Ronen Bechor, Elsmed Group

    Ronen Bechor

    CEO and Owner

    Elsmed Group

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    Ronen Bechor
  • Yosi Zafrani, Elsmed Group

    Yosi Zafrani


    Elsmed Group

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    Yosi Zafrani
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About Elsmed Group

ElsMed Group is a leading, well-known group providing turnkey solutions including the establishment of complete medical centers worldwide as well as various ventures in the medical field with international standards. The essence of the company’s operations is to provide the latest and most advanced medical services to populations worldwide with the active involvement in both the private and government sectors.
The company’s main activities are focused on building, managing and maintaining turnkey medical projects starting from the development stage through the planning, building, procurement, technical and medical training as well as routine operations and mainly to continue providing service support after the installations.

The Following Companies Operate under ElsMed Group:
• ElsMed Ltd.
• ElsMed Healthcare Solutions Ltd.
• ElsMed Healthcare Solutions Russia Ltd.
• ElsMed East Africa Ltd.
• R.U.N. Sport Ltd.

About the Group

With over 25 years of extensive experience, the Group has excelled in applying an efficient procedure that is leading to the construction of medical centers worldwide.
The company becomes involved in the development stages and leading the project through maintaining cost-effectiveness and deadlines defined. In addition, the Group’s range of capabilities is reflected in the medical equipment supply process and mainly in the ability to provide a long-term service support for the equipment after the installation.
The company’s employees include professionals, experts and diploma holders including consultants, architects, engineers, project managers, financial experts, technology experts and medical technology experts. The Group has a proven and successful track record in its line of business.
ElsMed Group’s headquarters are located in Israel and the company has offices in the USA, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Russia.

The Advantages of the Group
Consulting and Planning of Medical Centers; Analyzing the customer’s requirements and desires, local market research, feasibility research, business and marketing plans, medical equipment, training technical and medical staff and providing financing for the projects.

Project Planning and Design
Building master plans and functional plans, obtaining architectural plans, timetables, financial plans, and equipment installation plans.

Construction and Project Management
Preparation of the site, overall construction and building, medical gases infrastructures, IT, air conditioning, sewage, water heating systems, roads and access for emergency transportation and more.

Procurement Management & Equipment Maintenance
Defining procurement and procurement implementation, transportation, installation of the equipment in the medical centers, installation of the medical gases system,preventive maintenance and ongoing service support.

Management & Service
Service support without geographical or language restrictions, training technical and medical staff, financial support, logistics management, IT systems, hospital management systems and more. 

Companies Operating in the Group

ElsMed Ltd.
The Company operates mainly in procurement, upgrade and sales of advanced imaging equipment.
A leading group of engineers and one of its kind in the world operates an upgraded process of complex and advanced medical systems and their sale to overseas markets.
The company is also a partner in dozens of imaging centers worldwide with local private or government partners.

ElsMed Healthcare Solutions Ltd.
The Company is engaged in planning and building medical centers worldwide, starting with local service support centers to advanced hospitals.
The company is involved in complete turnkey projects from the preparation of the basic and detailed plans according to customer needs to routine management of ventures over the years.
The company’s operations are mainly in the USA, Africa, Ukraine and Russia working with private and government sectors.

ElsMed Healthcare Solutions Russia Ltd.
The company specializes in building medical centers, imaging centers, and advanced oncology centers worldwide. The latest and most advanced centers are in Russia and Ukraine through the company’s local subsidiaries.

ElsMed East Africa Ltd.
The company specializes in building medical centers and advanced imaging centers in Uganda and East Africa through the company’s local subsidiaries.

VaRay Oncology Systems Ltd.
The company is establishing advanced oncology centers in Israel and worldwide, including imaging systems, radiation therapy and MRI Linacs.
The company is an exclusive representative of Varian Medical Systems in Israel and other countries.

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