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Torts, with emphasis on Bodily Harm

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Established: 2012
Line of Business: Torts, with emphasis on Bodily Harm
Address: 2 Nordau St., Petah-Tikva, PO 278,
Postal Code 4926040
Phone: 972-03-9303334, 1533-9303334  Mobile: 972-54-4622230
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.embargp-law.co.il
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  • Embar Golan Partush, Embar Golan Partush, Law Office

    Attorney Embar Golan Partush

    Founder and Owner

    Embar Golan Partush, Law Office

  • Uri Partush, Embar Golan Partush, Law Office

    Uri Partush

    Office Manager

    Embar Golan Partush, Law Office

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About Embar Golan Partush, Law Office

Embar Golan Partush Law Office is a boutique firm specializing in the fields of torts and national insurance. The office’s staff has a vast experience in medical committees opposite the National Insurance Institute, Ministry of Defense, Internal Revenue Service and all insurance companies, and a record of high success percentages and getting immense compensations for the office’s clients. Embar Golan Partush Law office is proud of 96% success in office’s cases, and over 500,000,000 million shekels compensations it has achieved for its customers.

The office specializes in bodily harms claims, among them work accidents and occupational diseases, in the field of national insurance, including general disability, special services, mobility, a disabled child, traffic accidents, and deals with claims to get an exemption from income tax, in claims of medical malpractice and claims for long term care benefit. This exclusive proficiency of the office in bodily harms brings its in-depth expertise, and with the love of the occupation by Attorney Golan Partush and the office’s staff, a synergy that’s created results in numerous significant successes for the customers.

The office, founded by Attorney Embar Golan Partush, enjoys an excellent reputation and is known as a leading firm in the field of bodily harms. Attorney Golan Partush brings an experience of many years from her former activity in the legal department of the National Insurance Institute, while serving many years in the National Insurance Committee of Tel-Aviv and the center of Israel Bar Association. This previous experience gives the office a clear advantage and added value, enjoyed by its clients.

To the office’s record, stand legal breakthrough precedents in the field of bodily damage, and many achievements the office obtained in thousands claims for its clients. Over a decade of professional experience in a wide range of cases and files, while continuously striving for success, and implementing values of reliability and professional excellency, in light of which the office operates, brought the best results the office gets for its customers.

Areas of Expertise

National Insurance
The office has many years of experience and proven successes in its conduct opposite the national insurance, that led in many cases to a full payment of sums received by clients. The office deals with claims against the National Insurance Institute in diverse subjects, such as: work accidents, occupational diseases, microtrauma, general disability, aggravation of the situation, exemption from income tax, a disabled child, mobility, special services, nursing, unemployment, guaranteed income, supplementary income, old age pension, maternity pay, complications of pregnancy, victims of hostilities, required work, relatives and representation in medical committees.

Traffic Accidents
Embar Golan Partush Law Office represents its clients in the field of traffic accidents, including an accident to work or from work and a traffic accident while working.

Internal Revenue Service
The office provides first rate legal services in all related to an exemption from paying income tax and representation in medical committees.

Claims Against Insurance Companies
The office specializes in serving claims against insurance companies, including in matters of personal accidents, loss of working capacity, disability pension, serious illness policy, nursing, traffic accidents, accidents in public area and sports accidents.

Medical Malpractice
Embar Golan Partush Law Office provides legal services in all related to pregnancy and birth, as well as in the dental, plastics and observation fields.

Ministry of Defense
The office represents soldiers, policemen and policewomen, men and women of the security forces, the rehabilitation department and exacerbations.

Embar Golan Partush Law Office works opposite the National Insurance Institute, the insurance companies and in matters of private policies.

Contribution to the Community

Embar Golan Partush Law Office sees in contribution to the community a value, in light of which it operates, and trusted with pro bono legal activity in over a hundred cases so far. Legal advisor of the IC Association for bladder diseases and syndromes

Attorney Embar Golan Partush

Attorney Embar Golan Partush, founder and owner of the office, has accumulated to her credit an immense experience on behalf of her customers in over 10,000 medical committees from5,000 cases in representation opposite the National Insurance Institute, including in medical committees, medical committees for appeals and in labor courts. Attorney Golan Partush specializes in representing her clients opposite the different insurance companies, the judicial system on its different courts, medical committees and supreme committees. Attorney Golan Partush’s previous professional experience in the National Insurance Institute brings a unique knowledge of the area, as well as to an added value, that is enjoyed by her clients. In addition to her credit, is a long list of breakthrough precedents in the field of bodily harms.

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