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Established: 1985
Line of Business: All areas of commercial law
Address: Jerusalem Offices:
Beit Hatayelet, 2 Beitar St., Jerusalem
Tel: 02-5654000 Fax: 02-5654001
Tel Aviv Offices:
Sonol Tower, 52 Menahem Begin Rd, Tel-Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6918225
Fax: 972-3-6918226
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.abramson-law.com
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  • Ephraim  Abramson, Ephraim Abramson & Co., Law Offices and Notaries

    Ephraim Abramson

    Managing Partner

    Ephraim Abramson & Co., Law Offices and Notaries

  • Tamar Hacker, Ephraim Abramson & Co., Law Offices and Notaries

    Tamar Hacker


    Ephraim Abramson & Co., Law Offices and Notaries

  • Avraham  Aberman, Ephraim Abramson & Co., Law Offices and Notaries

    Avraham Aberman


    Ephraim Abramson & Co., Law Offices and Notaries

  • Yair Assael, Ephraim Abramson & Co., Law Offices and Notaries

    Yair Assael


    Ephraim Abramson & Co., Law Offices and Notaries

  • Jeffrey  Rashba, Ephraim Abramson & Co., Law Offices and Notaries

    Jeffrey Rashba


    Ephraim Abramson & Co., Law Offices and Notaries

  • Harry  Grynberg, Ephraim Abramson & Co., Law Offices and Notaries

    Harry Grynberg


    Ephraim Abramson & Co., Law Offices and Notaries


    Ephraim Abramson
    Tamar Hacker
    Avraham Aberman
    Yair Assael
    Harry Grynberg
    Jeffrey Rashba
    Osnat Eliram
    Ami Hordes
    Haya Spiegel
    Odeya Brick-Zarsky
    Rafi Shapiro
    Dror Gidron
    Yochai Shechter

    Dr. Hadas Aharoni-Barak
    Hila Stern
    Guy Eizenberg
    Hagit Charas
    Dan Lieberman
    Yuval Agmon
    Liat Sass
    Yoni Cohen
    Simon Synett
    Noga Gal
    Asaf Olami
    Chen Mehr-Kiel
    Moran Kochva-Gvirtzman
    Hilla Bar Ilan
    Carmel Charka-Horovitz
    Dvir Frankfurter
    Noam Benaiah
    Yehuda Danino
    Ran Yaacov Keinan
    Sharon Anavim-Cohen
    Hillel Kelemen
    Yoni Ben Ichai
    Yuval Kochanowski
    Hila Rozanski-Miremberg
    Zvi Zylbertal Israeli Supreme Court Judge (retired), Arbitrator & Mediator
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About Ephraim Abramson & Co., Law Offices and Notaries

Ephraim Abramson & Co., one of Israel’s longstanding and leading law firms, has a dynamic and diversified practice, which encompasses nearly all areas of domestic and international commercial representation. The firm has two branches – Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. Its lawyers deliver comprehensive and pragmatic advice based upon years of practical experience in Israel, the United States, Europe and Australia.

The firm was established in 1985, and currently boasts around 40 lawyers, 6 interns and an administrative staff. The firm is one of Jerusalem’s largest and most prestigious firms, with a friendly and warm atmosphere. One of the firm's main emphases in working with its clients, is that each case is led by a partner who is fully involved in handling the case. Our clients benefit therefore from the personal involvement of the firm’s partners in nearly every case or matter handled by the firm.

The firm takes pride in the successes of its clients, which include, inter alia, numerous business entities in Israel and abroad, government and public ministries and authorities, venture capital and private equity firms, start-ups, companies for the benefit of the public, publicly-traded companies, leading groups and corporations in the Israeli economy, banks, energy and natural gas companies, local authorities, leading advertising agencies, communication and mobile companies, large high-tech firms, pharmaceuticals, real-estate companies, and individuals.

Practice Areas

Real Estate - The firm regularly represents Israeli and foreign developers and real-estate companies in a wide variety of real-estate transactions, and handles many real-estate transactions including lease transactions.

Corporate - The firm represents companies on an ongoing basis in all aspects of their formation, management and operations, in a vast array of negotiations and financing transactions, in regulatory matters (including good corporate practices), labor relations, commercial agreements and litigation.

Venture Capital & Hi-Tech - Our firm routinely counsels venture capital and private equity firms, assisting clients with forming and structuring funds and management companies, negotiating with investors, acquiring positions in portfolio companies, and counseling clients through exit transactions. The focus of most of this work is on the Israeli and international high-tech and bio-tech sectors, where our lawyers also regularly provide real-world business solutions to its varied clients, from budding entrepreneurs to academic institutions and world-class technology companies.

Arbitration & Mediation - in 2018 Supreme Chief Justice, Zvi Zilbertal, joined our office and heads the Arbitration and Mediation department.

Securities Law - The firm represents clients in public issuances in Israel, the US and Europe, in private placements and in the representation of venture capital and investment firms. The firm supports and counsels traded companies on various topics, such as transactions with stakeholders, PIPEs, private allocations and regular reporting to the stock exchanges.

International Practice - The International department represents Israeli companies in their international affairs and international companies from all corners of the globe in their Israeli operations in such matters as mergers & acquisitions, financings, strategic partnering and licensing deals.

Administrative Law and Tender Law - The firm specializes in administrative and constitutional law, and regularly supports various public agencies, governmental companies and government ministries. In addition, the firm provides ongoing counsel in the submission of tenders, in defending and opposing tender results, and in conduct of complex requests for tenders for public entities.

Litigation - Our firm handles numerous and diverse litigation cases, including extensive business disputes, civil lawsuits, administrative and constitutional appeals, communication, infrastructure and higher education sectors, class actions, and commercial aspects of criminal law. The firm has an experienced Supreme Court practice, which represents parties in both civil-commercial proceedings and in various Bagatz appeals, and in cases in the administrative courts and in arbitration and mediation procedures.

Liquidations and Receiverships - The firm counsels clients with respect to liquidation, receivership and bankruptcy proceedings, and attorneys here also serve as appointed officials in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings before the relevant courts, and also in conjunction with the Administrator General and the Official Receiver of the State of Israel.

Public Entities, Legislation and Regulation - The firm is one of the leading firms in Israel working with governmental ministries and public authorities on regulatory issues, in the preparation and drafting of legislation, and in the consulting on governmental reforms and initiatives in several areas, including representation in many administrative proceedings in Bagatz and the administrative court.

Communications - The firm is one of Israel’s leading media and communication law firms, representing leading entities in the field in all aspects of their operations, including broadcasting bodies and regulators in all areas of operations, including tendering proceedings, secondary legislation proceedings, consulting and preparation of legal opinions, representations in Bagatz and more.

Antitrust - The firm handles all aspects of the antitrust field (restrictive arrangements, mergers and monopolies).

M&As - The firm has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, and regularly handles substantial (share and asset) acquisition transactions.

Project Financing and Management – With a particular strength in the field of public and private tenders, the firm is uniquely qualified to work on a range of project finance matters, including in designing in preparing various project and transactional documents.

Labor law - The firm handles all aspects of employer-employee relations (both management and individual employees), in a wide variety of issues, including collective agreements and legal issues concerning such arrangements.

Among the graduates of the firm are the Honorable Justice Yitzhak Amit, the Honorable Justice (retired) Zvi Zilbertal, the Honorable Justice Michal Agmon-Gonen, the Honorable Justice Michael Karshan, the Honorable Justice Alex Stein, Prof. Haim Zandberg, Prof. Tomer Brody, The Honorable Justice Ariel Zimmerman, the Honorable Justice Liat Benmelech, the Honorable Justice Elad Lang, Prof. Amnon Reichman, retired State Attorney Moshe Lador; And more.

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