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Established: 2014
Line of Business: Criminal Law and White-Collar
Address: HaArba’a Towers, 28 HaArba’a St., Tel Aviv
Mobile: 972-54-4684006
Phone: 972-3-7444966
Fax: 972-3-7444965
Email: [email protected]
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  • Erez Abuhav, Erez Abuhav, Law Office

    Adv. Erez Abuhav

    Founder and Owner

    Erez Abuhav, Law Office

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    Erez Abuhav
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About Erez Abuhav, Law Office

Erez Abuhav, Law Firm is a leading law firm with an expertise in all aspects of criminal and white-collar law. This boutique firm has been regularly included in the rankings of Israel’s leading legal guides, since its establishment.
The firm provides its clients with first-class legal services for all aspects of the white-collar field, including related criminal offenses. In its economic practice, the firm specializes in money laundering cases, as well as seizures.
In its criminal law practice, the firm handles a wide variety of topics such as fraud and forgery offenses, deceit and breach of trust, money laundering, computer offenses and law, extraditions, counsel and support through police interrogations and investigations, detention and remand.
Erez Abuhav, Law firm represents suspects and defendants in criminal cases and provides its clients with personal service with uncompromising quality and professional excellence throughout the entire criminal proceeding.
Personal legal service for its clients is a top priority of Adv. Erez Abuhav and the firm’s team. The firm provides comprehensive legal solutions for its clients, with attention to a professional and devoted service, which is optimally customized to the client’s needs.
Adv. Erez Abuhav gained extensive experience during his decade of operation in the criminal law field, and was involved in legislation processes in this field in the Knesset and the Israeli Bar Association. In 2014, he embarked on an independent journey. In the firm’s first years of operations, it specialized in severe crime, economic offenses, money laundering, fraud and bribery, and handled Israel’s most complex and significant cases including forensic cases.
In the past couple of years, the firm has been regularly practicing the white-collar field, through the representation of public officials who faulted, including mayors, public officials, elected officials, executives, military and police officers, and has been mainly focusing on economic cases and capital markets offenses. His years of experience and his successes in the field resulted in the excellent reputation of Adv. Abuhav, in particular in the management of white-collar, capital markets, fraud, tax and money laundering criminal proceedings.
The firm has high professional capabilities for handling complex and long-term legal challenges, in order to provide its clients with a comprehensive safety net.
The firm’s creative and dynamic team, who has extensive experience in all aspects of criminal law, collaborate with other lawyers in all fields of law. The firm’s longstanding experience in forensics and scientific evidences in the criminal realm, led to the special and deep bond between its team and leading researchers and experts in this field, which creates the added value that serves as a unique advantage of the firm. The firm is located at the heart of Tel-Aviv. In order to provide added value for its clients and the public, the firm meticulously participates in legal conventions, lectures accompanies troubled companies and supports non-profits.
An additional department of the firm handles corporate criminal aspects – representation of corporation and senior officers in criminal proceedings and also counseling for the prevention of exposure to crime in the corporate environment.
Erez Abuhav, Law Firm adheres to the value of community service, and takes care to handle pro-bono cases of a social nature. 

Adv. Erez Abuhav

Adv. Abuhav has an LL.B., and was admitted to the Israeli Bar Association. He is a member of the Israeli Bar Association’s Criminal Forum Committee and AML Committee.
Adv. Abuhav has many years of experience in this field. Prior to founding the firm, he worked in Israel’s leading criminal law firms. During his many years of experience, he gained in-depth knowledge and extensive practical experience, and developed unique capabilities for managing a defense array in complex criminal cases.
Adv. Abuhav has been involved in the management of the most complex criminal cases that were managed in Israel in the past few years, most of which were publicized cases. The 10 Channel News Company ranked Adv. Abuhav as one of Israel’s promising and most influential criminal lawyers.
Adv. Abuhav served in the Paratroopers Brigade. Upon his discharge, he worked in a variety of roles in the Shin Bet. In his reserves service, he serves in the missing persons department of the General Staff.

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