Even Derech Engineering and Development Company Ltd.

Infrastructures Development and Construction

Even Derech Engineering and Development Company Ltd.
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Established: 2010
Line of Business: Infrastructures Development and Construction
Address: 97 HaMeginim Av., Haifa
Phone: 972-04-8510656 
Fax: 972-04-8510655
Email: [email protected]
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  • Mattar Maroon, Even Derech Engineering and Development Company Ltd.

    Mattar Maroon

    Chairman and Owner

    Even Derech Engineering and Development Company Ltd.

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    Mattar Maroon
  • Wated  Walid, Even Derech Engineering and Development Company Ltd.

    Wated Walid

    CEO and Chief Engineer

    Even Derech Engineering and Development Company Ltd.

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    Wated Walid

Leading Executives

    Matanes Imad CFO
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About Even Derech Engineering and Development Company Ltd.

Even Derech Engineering and Development Company Ltd. is a leading infrastructures and development company, that specializes in transportation, water, sewage and drainage infrastructure. The company was founded in 2010 by Maroon Mattar, who has 30 years of professional and executive experience in the infrastructures and development industry and Wated Walid, who has 20 years of experience as a civil engineer who specializes in roads and infrastructures. The company’s owners vast experience and in-depth familiarity with the industry enabled the company to execute successfully, from its very establishment, significant infrastructure projects of increasing magnitudes, and to accumulate excellent execution reputation. Nowadays, the company has 56 employees, including engineers, project managers and professional workers, whereas a considerable share of its execution works is carried out by its skilled employees, and this provides tight control and higher standards execution quality. The company has a sizeable fleet of heavy equipment, including cranes, trucks, excavators and loaders. Owing to its values, hard work and meeting its own goals, the company has been in a growth momentum in recent years, with an annual turnover of more than NIS100M in 2018 and expected NIS120M in 2019. The company has a contractor classification of C5 (unlimited) in the Roads segment and C4 in the Water, Sewage and Drainage segment, and it is a recognized contractor for government works in both segments. It is also registered in the Construction and Turbines segments. In accordance with the great emphasis of the company on its execution and construction quality, it is ISO9001:2015 certified.

Among the company’s satisfied customers are government entities including Yefe Nof, Arim Ltd., Israel Roads Company, the Ministry of Housing and Mei Carmal, and local authorities across Israel. 

The Company’s Owners

A significant part of the company’s success stems from the experience, knowledge and proficiency of its owners: Maroon Mattar, The Company’s Chairman, who has been active in the infrastructures development and construction industry since 1990 and was an executive in KSMG until he founded Even Derech in 2010; and Wated Walid, The Company’s CEO and Chief Engineer, who graduated engineering studies from the Technion and has about 20 years of experience with a specialization in the development and construction of various infrastructures. The experienced owners have the professional, engineering and business knowledge in reading plans and architectural programs, planning budget and submitting tenders, that enable them to win public tenders and meet all of their requirements successfully and professionally, while delivering the projects to the orderer within time and budget framework. The skills synergy and cooperation between Walid and Maroon are the sources of the company’s constant growth and strong reputation.

High-Quality and Advanced Execution to the Customer’s Satisfaction along-side Financial Stability

In all of its projects, Even Derech meticulously maintains a thorough understanding of the customers’ requirements and needs, top-quality execution, compliance with schedules and budgets, safety and environmental protection. The company implements the latest construction technologies, including pre-casting for accelerating works, computerized quality control, and more. The company strictly maintains its financial strength and stability, with responsible financial planning, daily cashflow reviews, tight and forward-observation of financial control, and close involvement of the CFO in selecting and monitoring the projects.

Prominent Projects

For the Ministry of Housing: Projects in the city of Harish from 2015 until today, including development and roads works, electricity, water, lighting and sewage, with a total extent of about NIS200M. In addition, horizontal directional drilling works in Zur Hadasa.

For Israel Roads Company: works with a scope of about NIS150M, including the widenings of Road 444 Rosh HaAyin-Nahshonim (NIS50M), Road 672 Elyakim-Yokneam (NIS55M), Road 2, Road 5 and main transportation routes in central Israel.

Metronit: The company was very involved in executing the mass transit system of the Haifa Metropolitan Area. Some of the projects it executed in this context: Metronit Ben-Gurion Av., Metronit Pal-Yam and Metronit Herzl in Haifa, and Metronit Kiryat Ata and Metronit Road 4 Krayot. Total project scope – about NIS200M.

For Yefe Nof: Roads and development works for the Sami Ofer Stadium – about NIS30M. Upgrading and renewing the main transport artery of Merkaz HaCarmel Haifa, including replacing the Carmelit’s entry building. A NIS20M project. Widening of Road 772 along about 5km: A NIS50M project.

For Arim Ltd.: Public open spaces and one of the largest fountains in the Middle East in Or Akiva: A NIS30M project. The development of the Zur Natan neighborhood (roads and other works) in Zur Yitzhak, around NIS20M.

Horiznatal Directional Drilling under the Railway Track: A complex project which required fast and precise execution in order to minimize the disturbance to the railway traffic. Executed within 48 hours.

For Mei Netanya: Streets Upgrading, water, sewage and drainage: A NIS30M project.

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