Expo Fund Ltd.

Real-Estate-Backed Lines of Credit for Acquisition Groups, Real Estate Developers, Individuals and Businesses

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Established: 2012
Line of Business: Real-Estate-Backed Lines of Credit for Acquisition Groups, Real Estate Developers, Individuals and Businesses
Address: 12 Menachem Begin St., South Africa House, Ramat Gan 5270001
Phone: 972-3-5236378
Fax: 972-3-6543060
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.expo-fund.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Avi  Doitsh, Expo Fund Ltd.

    Avi Doitsh

    CPA, Founder, Owner and CEO

    Expo Fund Ltd.

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    Avi Doitsh
  • Shimon  Hybloom, Expo Fund Ltd.

    Shimon Hybloom

    CPA, Director & Chairman of the Credit Committee

    Expo Fund Ltd.

  • Avi  Golander, Expo Fund Ltd.

    Avi Golander

    Director & Member of the Credit Committee

    Expo Fund Ltd.

  • Shay  Loterbach, Expo Fund Ltd.

    Shay Loterbach

    CPA, CFO

    Expo Fund Ltd.

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About Expo Fund Ltd.

Expo Fund is a leading non-bank credit fund providing credit against real-estate collaterals in Israel. The fund is the leading and largest in its field in Israel. The fund offers financing for private clients, acquisition groups, business clients and real-estate developers and provides credit for customers of all of the banks, with fast certainty concerning credit approval.
The fund’s significant advantages are demonstrated in the attractive terms it offers, including fast approvals, flexible repayment programs that suit the borrower’s solvency, and the fact that receiving credit from the fund doesn’t prevent the clients from receiving additional financing from alternative sources.
The fast credit approval process leads to considerable savings of both time and money, and thus the company’s swiftness is combined with its stability, professional excellence and the personal service from which the clients benefit, creating a considerable competitive advantage compared to other financing options on the market.
Expo’s strength and stability, in combination with its high reliability, create the added value from which its clients benefit. The solidity that the company offers, in combination with its professional employees, allow for the excellent reputation the fund enjoys.
An additional unique strength of the fund is its credit board, which includes renowned experts in the fields of banking and real-estate credit. The operations of the fund, which is recognized as an authority in its field, are accompanied by an external trustee (Mishmeret Trusts Services Company Ltd.), which is one of the top three trust firms in Israel.

Areas of Operation

Acquisition Groups

Expo expertise and professionalism in accompanying and financing real-estate acquisition groups guarantees a fast response, assurance and efficiency in the process of providing finance for the members of the acquisition group. The significant time-saving is translated into monetary savings, and the fund’s resilience and reliability provide its clients with peace-of-mind throughout every stage of the process.

Credit for Private Clients

Expo strength and stability enable it to provide private clients with their finance requirements, and provide financing services for real-estate entrepreneurs or other private clients against appropriate real-estate collaterals, after reviewing the borrower in accordance with the fund’s internal criteria.

Supporting Real-Estate Construction

The company provides acquisition groups with the option of accompanying the construction professionally and efficiently with the flexibility that the Israeli banking system lacks, while using unique solutions that were developed by the fund in recent years.

Business Finance

Expo provides business clients and entrepreneurs with accessible and available tailored finance and credit services that enable the clients to receive a quick response for their operations in Israel, including through mezzanine finance, for a period of up to four years.

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