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Commercial Litigation, class actions and administrative law

Eyal Blzovsky, Law Firm
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Established: 2016
Line of Business: Commercial Litigation, class actions and administrative law
Address: 2 Ben Gurion St., BSR 1 Tower, Ramat Gan 5257334
Phone: 972-72-3390734
Fax: 972-72-2411781
Email: Shimrit@blizov-law.co.il
Website: eyal@blizov-law.co.il
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  • Eyal Blizovsky, Eyal Blzovsky, Law Firm

    Adv. Eyal Blizovsky

    Founder & Owner

    Eyal Blzovsky, Law Firm

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About Eyal Blzovsky, Law Firm

Eyal Blizovsky , Law Firm is a high-quality boutique firm that specializes in all aspects of litigation and in ongoing legal counsel in the commercial and administrative law fields. The firm, which was founded in 2016 by Adv. Eyal Blizovsky, represents large enterprises as well as private clients in a variety of legal services in the areas of commercial litigation, class actions and administrative litigation with an emphasis of tenders law, and also in complex infrastructures-related claims (purchaser-contractor-subcontractor relationships, etc.), real-estate, appropriations compensation, and more.
In light of its founder’s longstanding experience, and his renowned expertise in managing large and complex litigation cases in its practice areas, the young and creative firm became a leading and productive firm shortly after it was founded. The firm represents clients from the first line of leading enterprises in the Israeli economy, including Bezeq and Bezeq International, Israel Post, The Postal Bank, The IDF Disabled Veterans Organization, Afcon Group, Ayalon highway, Mifal HaPayis and many more clients in a variety of cases.
The firm is characterized by its dedication, commitment, integrity and loyalty to its clients, and strictly maintains first-class legal work based on professional excellence and thoroughness, with personal attention to the clients anytime and compliance with tight schedules when necessary. Quality, honesty and reliability serve as the cornerstones of the operations of this boutique firm.

Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation
The firm specializes in commercial litigation and handles a long list of some of the largest clients in the Israeli economy in all of the legal tribunals and in all of the civil-commercial law aspects, including various real-estate claims.
The monetary extents, the numerous claims, the quality of its clients and the wide variety of claims in which the firm represents significant clients turn it into a high-quality and professional boutique firm of the first class in this practice area.
Class Actions
The firm has an extensive practice in the representation of leading companies in class actions, and it represents its clients in many dozens of class actions faithfully, meticulously, devotedly, creatively and professionally.
Administrative Law
The firm specializes in representing clients in this practice area with an emphasis on Bagatz Appeals and tenders appeals, and is one of Israel’s notable firms in this area. Adv. Blizovsky has extensive experience in tender law and in support public and private clients in this field both during the RFT process and mainly in managing the accompanying legal proceedings.
The firm handled and handles a list of appeals on behalf of various clients in complex tenders with large monetary scopes. In addition, the firm takes pride in representing the IDF Disabled Veterans Organization in various proceedings that relate to improving and protecting the veterans’ rights including before Bagatz.

The Firm’s Team

Adv. Eyal Blizovsky
Adv. Blizovsky, the firm’s founder, is a seasoned, esteemed and prominent lawyer with 23 years of experience, most of which focuses on court litigation. He started his legal career as an intern in the firm of Adv. Hanan Meltzer (currently the V.P. of the Supreme Court) and upon admittance into the bar he mainly practiced all aspects of litigation and ongoing legal counsel on commercial law, real-estate law, companies’ law and administrative law. For more than 15 years, and up until his own firm was founded, he had been Partner and Head of Litigation in a leading commercial firm and represented in many hundreds of complex cases for large organizations, including private and public entities, in a wide variety of commercial disputes. Adv. Blizovsky was a partner, throughout the years, in many legal precedents in the civil and administrative law fields.
He has extensive experience and expertise in representing class action defendants and representing clients in various administrative appeals with an emphasis on public RFTs and complex disputes, including large-sum arbitrations between contractors and buyers.
Adv. Blizovsky also has expertise in various real-estate, planning and building and appropriation claims, and represented the National Roads Company of Israel in a long series of appeals concerning the 431 and 531 roads, in dozens of claims concerning possession-taking in areas that were appropriated for national projects and also in many dozens of appropriation claims amounting to NIS hundreds of millions, and participated in setting several important precedents in these matters.
He also represented Ayalon highway Ltd. in a long series of appeals and claims concerning the Ayalon Road Project. Alongside these activities, he gained experience in representing public entities in complex audits of the State Comptroller Office, and in recent years he has been representing clients in shareholders and partners disputes.
Adv. Amos Harif
Has an LL.B. and an LL.M., Commercial Law from the Bar-Ilan Law Faculty. Admitted to the bar since 1998, has extensive experience in representing clients in courts and providing ongoing legal counsel on various legal fields, including contracts, real-estate, labor law and local authorities law.
Adv. Mira Pichhadze
Has a B.A., Behavioral Science and an LL.B. from the College of Management Academic Studies.
Adv. Eilon Akun
Has an LL.B. from Bar-Ilan University.

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