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Planning and Zoning, Real Estate, Municipal Taxation

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Established: 2018
Line of Business: Planning and Zoning, Real Estate, Municipal Taxation
Address: 2 HaTidhar St., Millennium House, Ra’anana
Phone: 972-9-9530000 
Fax: 972-9-9530001
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.ekod.co.il
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  • Eyal Kutchinsky, Eyal Kutchinsky, Law Firm

    Eyal Kutchinsky

    Founder and owner

    Eyal Kutchinsky, Law Firm

  • Marcel  Gurevitch, Eyal Kutchinsky, Law Firm

    Marcel Gurevitch


    Eyal Kutchinsky, Law Firm

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About Eyal Kutchinsky, Law Firm

Eyal Kutchinsky, Law Firm is one of Israel’s leading boutique firms in the fields of planning and zoning, real estate and municipal taxation. The firm was founded in 2018, following Adv. Kutchinsky’s retirement from the Abraham Bar, Law Offices where he served as an associate and partner since 2001. The firm’s clientele includes some of Israel’s largest real estate companies and also private entities. The firm supports and represents clients before all of the planning institutes, including appeal committees and administrative courts, in complex planning and licensing proceedings, the promotion of plans, construction permit applications, relief requests from standard zoning code requirements, special-use permits and filing objections, betterment charges appeals, damages claims caused by construction plans and deciding appraisals.

Unique Specialization in Urban Renewal

Over the years, Adv. Eyal Kutchinsky has accumulated a unique specialization in Tama 38 projects, and even served as a member of Rishon LeZion Municipality’s team for the implementation of Tama 38. His abilities and experience in the various disciplines comprising this innovative segment (real estate, planning and zoning, municipal taxation) enable him to promote such projects rapidly and efficiently.

Adv. Eyal Kutchinsky, The Firm’s Founder

Adv. Kutchinsky, who heads the firm, is considered to be one of Israel’s leading lawyers in the practice areas of planning and zoning, municipal taxation and real estate, and he specializes in counseling property owners and initiators while outlining creative solutions which obviates expensive and lengthy legal proceedings. Eyal has more than 20 years in the legal profession and formerly served as the legal counselor of local planning and zoning commissions. Furthermore, he served as a legal counselor of a team of the Ministry of Construction and Housing which wrote the new construction code that replaced the Planning and Building Regulations (permits applications, terms thereof and fees). As a lawyer who is familiar with both sides of the trench, Eyal has extremely deep knowledge and understanding which enable him to promote his clients’ interests in the fields of real estate, planning and zoning and municipal taxation. Over the years, Eyal accompanies numerous residential and commerce projects, from the location and acquisition of lands, through the rezoning of the land, planning, permits and financing, and up to marketing the projects and registration of multioccupancy houses. By education, Eyal has an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University and he is a member of the Bar since 1999.

The Firm’s Practice Areas

Planning and Zoning
The firm accompanies developers, rights owners and public companies in complex planning and licensing proceedings, including the promotion and drafting of the plans, preparation of permit applications, relief requests from standard zoning code requirements, special-use permits, objections and more. The firm’s clientele in this field includes, among others: Rami Levy Ltd., Mega Or Group, Gabai Group, Chen and Itay Gindi, Gindi Holdings, Rami Shbiro, UMI, Natanel Group, Israel Lands, BIG Commercial Centers, Izaki Group Investments, Mevaseret Mall, Hamami Group, YMCA Jerusalem, Itzhaki Group, Zarfati Shimon, A. Rotman, etc.

Real Estate
The firm is considered to be a one-stop-shop in the real estate sector, and its comprehensive service offering includes close legal support throughout every stage of the project: from the land acquisition and transaction financing, through taxation aspects of the transaction, rezoning and redevelopment and up to construction permits, construction, marketing, registration of multi-occupancy houses and more. In addition, the firm represents clients in proceedings before the Real Estate Commissioner and in litigations concerning their rights in properties, dissolution of partnerships, etc.

Betterment Charges
The firm has unique expertise in the field of betterment charges and is considered to be one of Israel’s leading firms in this practice area. The firm successfully accompanies public companies, initiators, property owners and local committees in complex appraisal proceedings and in betterment charges appeals amounting to NIS dozens and hundreds of millions annually.

Objection to Injurious Plans
The firm specializes in representing both objectors and applicants in objections to plans, relief requests from standard zoning code requirements and special-use permits. The firm represents clients throughout all types of objections, including in administrative petitions, all with the involvement and guidance of professional advisors as required (architects, appraiser, traffic consultants, etc.).

Municipal Taxation
Adv. Kutchinsky has extensive experience in representing local authorities and initiators and property owners in lawsuits for canceling fees and development charges (paving, water, sewage, tunneling, initial setup fees, etc.) in sums of NIS tens of millions. Adv. Kutchinsky served as a legal advisor of appeal committees for city tax matters, and the firm currently represents private clients in proceedings before the city tax appeal committees and in related administrative petitions.

Expropriation Compensation and Expropriation Claims under Section 197
The firm represents landowners in expropriation compensation claims and in appeals and deciding appraisals concerning depreciation payments under section 197 of The Planning and Building Law. In addition, the firm represents local committees in compensation claims amounting to NIS hundreds of millions.

In light of Adv. Kutchinsky’s longstanding experience in legal counsel both to local authorities and to private entities and entrepreneurs, which are often located on opposite sides of the trench, he also serves as a mediator in his practice areas, while creating a pleasant and professional mediation environment that supports him in leading the parties to fast and beneficial mediated agreements.  

Litigation and Administrative Law
Adv. Eyal Kutchinsky has longstanding experience in representing local authorities, local planning committees, real estate developers and private entities in diverse legal proceedings before all of the civil and administrative tribunals, including appeal committees, district and administrative courts and the Supreme Court.

Business Licensing
As part of the firm’s umbrella of services, and in especially in light of its proficiency and specialization in local authorities law, the firm provides clients with comprehensive legal support for all aspects of receiving temporary and permanent business licenses.

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