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Established: 2005
Line of Business: Litigation, International-Commercial Law and Commercial Law
Address: 17th Floor, Sonol Tower, 52 Menachem Begin Road, Tel Aviv 6713701
Phone: 972-3-5377388
Fax: 972-3-5377399
Website: http://www.lirazlaw.com
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  • Eytan Liraz, Eytan Liraz & Co. Law Offices Law Offices

    Eytan Liraz


    Eytan Liraz & Co. Law Offices Law Offices


    Guy Reches Senior Partner
    Lior Ben Dror Senior Partner
    Refael Yulzari Partner
    Prof. Yaad Rotem Partner
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About Eytan Liraz & Co. Law Offices Law Offices

Eytan Liraz & Co. is one of Israel’s leading boutique firms. The firm’s core activities involve complex, large-scale litigation cases (the firm is ranked as a leader in its field in Israel - please see D&B rankings) in a broad range of litigation fields in courts, and complex Israeli and international arbitrations. The firm supports leading businesspeople, top Israeli and international companies, in complex, large suits, including commercial suits, civil suits, class actions (representing defendants), complex white collar cases (Israeli and international), and power struggles in wealthy Israeli families and companies.

Adv. Eytan Liraz is a known authority in his field and was appointed by the Israeli delegation to the International Chamber of Commerce as an Alternate Member of the International Court of Arbitration in Paris, one of the world’s most important arbitration institutions. He has formerly served as representative in Israel of the Switzerland-Israel Chamber of Commerce, as Deputy Chairman of the Israel-South Africa Chamber of Commerce and head of the legal desk of the Israel-France Chamber of Commerce.

Work at the firm is conducted by teams, with Adv. Liraz personally involved in every case, assisted by experienced, skilled and top-tier partners who have long been an inherent part of the firm. The firm has operated in the international arena for many years and has close working relations with top law firms in Europe, the U.S, and the Far East.

The Firm’s Practice Areas

Eytan Liraz & Co. combines the diverse mix of abilities of its staff. The source of the firm’s success includes creativity, innovation, thoroughness, and teamwork. The main practice areas are litigation, international commercial and commercial law including in the pharmaceuticals domain. 


The firm specializes in all areas of commercial litigation and is proud of its roster of top-tier clients. Adv. Liraz has been involved in a long list of high profile cases including representing: the Defense Minister before the Winograd Committee (as part of a team of leading attorneys); MK Eitan Cabel in the Histadrut power struggle (including a ruling of major public significance, studied in universities, allowing Cabel to challenge to be Histadrut head); MK Shelly Yechimovitz in legal proceedings in various judicial venues in relation to the Histadrut elections; Yerucham Local Council in a High Court petition of national importance after the IDF training base city was placed in its municipal borders; and more. The firm represents leading organizations and businesspeople in complex, high-profile cases in the courts and complex Israeli and international arbitrations. The firm has expertise in handling complex, large-scale litigation disputes. The firm works assertively, creatively and intensively, to promote clients’ interests with teamwork, and devoting the full efforts required to deeply and thoroughly study the legal facts, and invest the time and resources needed to consistently achieve the best results for clients. The firm provides consultancy on strategies for legal proceeding and conducts them. The firm is also successful in amicably resolving disputes, drafting compromise agreements, before and after litigation. 

International Activities

In international litigation, the firm has a unique advantage because of Adv. Liraz’s expertise and experience in conducting complex international disputes, over many years and continents. Before founding the firm, he specialized in complex international litigation in New York, U.S, and Europe. For many years, the firm has conducted the most complex and large international disputes in Israel in courts, and international arbitrations (in various international arbitration institutions).

The firm has a unique approach to assisting clients that launch international activities. The firm’s team specializes in international activities and includes lawyers with major experience in all legal matters regarding founding foreign businesses. This advantage provides clients with the added value stemming from the synergy of the overall team’s experience and creates the best legal strategy for success. Foreign clients interested in founding businesses in Israel will feel at home with the firm’s staff which speaks several languages and include lawyers with international professional experience. The firm’s staff understands complex cultural and legal nuances involved in launching international business operations and anticipates legal, regulatory and tax challenges, dealing with them in advance. These proven abilities enable the firm to provide international entrepreneurs with a smooth entry into Israel’s market.

Pharmaceutical Sector

The firm is undoubtedly one of the Israeli firms that have led the pharmaceutical sector from a legal perspective over the past 15 years, conducting a series of proceedings that have shaped the market. The firm has supported many multinational corporations entering Israel’s market and led the Israeli side of mergers with foreign pharmaceutical firms. The firm forms agreements on which a substantial part of clinical trials in Israel are based, and supports agreements for R&D, local-international collaborations, establishing leading VC funds and VC investment deals. The firm was involved in many M&A transactions, worth hundreds of millions of dollars and more, and the reorganization of the company acquired. The firm supports the most important academic institutions in their commercial activities and IP commercialization, stressing life sciences and pharmaceuticals.

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