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Accounting, Taxation, Internal & Investigative Auditing, Advisory Services

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Established: 1955
Line of Business: Accounting, Taxation, Internal & Investigative Auditing, Advisory Services
Address: Head Office
Fahn Kanne House
32 Hamasger St., Tel Aviv 6721118
P.O.B. 36172 Tel Aviv 6136101
Phone: 972-3-7106666
Fax: 972-3-7106660
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.grantthornton.co.il
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  • Mickey Blumenthal, Fahn Kanne & Co. Grant Thornton Israel

    Mickey Blumenthal

    Co-Managing Partner

    Fahn Kanne & Co. Grant Thornton Israel

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    Mickey Blumenthal
  • Izhar Kanne, Fahn Kanne & Co. Grant Thornton Israel

    Izhar Kanne

    Co-Managing Partner

    Fahn Kanne & Co. Grant Thornton Israel

  • Joseph Ginossar, Fahn Kanne & Co. Grant Thornton Israel

    Joseph Ginossar

    CEO Fahn Kanne Control Management Ltd.

    Fahn Kanne & Co. Grant Thornton Israel

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    Joseph Ginossar
  • Shlomi Bartov, Fahn Kanne & Co. Grant Thornton Israel

    Shlomi Bartov

    CEO Fahn Kanne Consulting Ltd.

    Fahn Kanne & Co. Grant Thornton Israel

  • Yigal Rofhe, Fahn Kanne & Co. Grant Thornton Israel

    Yigal Rofhe

    Partner, Taxation Department Manager

    Fahn Kanne & Co. Grant Thornton Israel

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    Yigal Rofhe
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About Fahn Kanne & Co. Grant Thornton Israel

Fahn Kanne & Co., one of Israel’s veteran CPA firms, is ranked among the top six accounting firms in the country. The firm has a number of different departments, enabling it to render services to our clients in a broad variety of fields. The services we render are based on an in-depth understanding of the client’s business and the environment in which it operates and they benefit from the close accompaniment of our partners and senior staff. This enables us to provide high quality service with a personal touch to each and every client, regardless of its size. The firm is staffed by partners and managers with comprehensive experience in both the professional and academic fields, assisted by a staff of over 300 employees. The professional staff consists of certified public accountants, economists, legal experts and tax consultants. The firm’s client list includes public companies whose shares are listed for trade on Israeli and global stock exchanges, multination corporations, private companies, local authorities, government ministries, and non-profit organizations.
The main branch of the firm is located in Tel Aviv, with branches in Haifa, Jerusalem and Kibbutz HaGoshrim.

International relations

Fahn Kanne & Co. is the Israel-member firm of Grant Thornton International, a network incorporating accounting firms from around the world with an aggregate staff of more than 58,000 employees. The member firms render independent auditing services, taxation and consulting in the fields of control and economics, in more than 130 countries worldwide. Our firm has strong ties with the international network and these ties assist our multinational clients in furthering their activities on a global scale.

Professional services

Auditing and accounting – Financial statements are an important management tool which contribute to an organization’s ability to analyze and evaluate its performance, both from an operational and a financial standpoint. The firm acts in accordance with this approach and integrates it with international capabilities, a broad business vision and a high involvement of the partner in charge of the client’s portfolio.
Our technical department is staffed by professionals and experts who render services in the fields of Israeli GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP. The firm consults on equity issues involving companies listed on the Israeli stock market, as well as foreign stock markets, and is well-known and well thought of by underwriters, authorities and institutional entities.
Control and risk management – These services are rendered by our subsidiary, Fahn Kanne Control Management Ltd., which specializes in these areas of activity. The company has a staff of over 80 control professionals and it has developed a variety of services tailored to the needs of our clients.
The major area of activity of the department is internal auditing, with special expertise in hi-tech and real estate companies, companies active abroad, Sox applications, risk assessments, payroll control, financial control, occupational safety and hygiene, information systems-related services, including information security information leakage DRP, consulting on and selection of information system strategies, project management, systems development, etc., discovery forensic auditing which includes investigative accounting and preventative forensic auditing which includes mapping of fraud and embezzlement risk.
Business and economic consulting – These services are rendered by our subsidiary, Fahn Kanne Consulting. The company specializes in economic, accounting and business consulting services, including company valuations, fair value estimations for purposes of financial reporting, transaction consultancy, mergers and acquisitions, expert opinions for use in litigation, business risk assessment, governmental sector work, infrastructure and project financing, betterment and rehabilitation of companies. In addition, the company has expertise in the areas of finance, banking and insurance and special expertise in the debt market and in the compilation of models in the fields of valuation and operation of financial instruments.
Taxation – The department renders comprehensive consulting services in all areas of taxation: Israeli and international taxes, transfer pricing, trust taxation, indirect taxes, U.S. taxation, individual tax returns, and capital investment incentives. The department has extensive experience in handling complex tax issues and in accompanying investment activity and transactions in Israel and abroad.
Incentives – The department specializes in financing companies through government incentives: the Innovation Authority, the European Union, Bi-national Funds, etc. The department’s services include, inter alia, compiling optimal financing strategies, drafting and reviewing funding requests. The department has experience in working with companies in various stages of development and in many areas of activity, e.g., software, medical equipment, printing, cyber, energy, water, command and control systems, etc.
Management and supervision of trusts – The services rendered by the department include, inter alia, accompaniment and supervision over transfers and allocations of funds, various trust services and management of employee benefit plans. The staff of the department has amassed extensive experience in the field of trusts and supervision, including an in-depth knowledge of the legal requirements applicable to this field in Israel and around the globe.
Tender consulting and accompaniment – Halevi Dueck Ltd. is Fahn Kanne’s tender consulting firm, rendering the gamut of accompaniment services relating to corporate responsibility and corporate governance, ethics, sustainability, environment, community relations, with special expertise in the drafting of corporate responsibility and assurance reports and extensive experience in the preparation of codes of ethics and ethics programs.
Hi-tech and life sciences – The firm has expertise in accompanying startups and growth stages in biotechnology, biomed, cleantech, internet, information systems, etc. In addition, the firm accompanies private and public offering in Israel and abroad.
Real estate industry – Our firm has many years of experience in working with construction and real estate companies, both public and private, in Israel and abroad, as well as an in-depth understanding of the unique needs in this industry and in-depth knowledge of the nature of the individual company and client.
Not-for-profit organizations – The department renders accompaniment services tailored to the complex challenges facing not-for-profit organizations. The staff of the department consists of dedicated employees with expertise in the not-for-profit industry, including certified public accountants and economists with extensive experience and reputations.
The diamond industry – Our firm has more than 60 years of experience in the industry and serves as the auditors for more than 100 diamond companies. Our services include: auditing, taxation, transaction consulting, economic services, bookkeeping services, payroll controllership, labor laws, etc.

Our clients

Auditing: Goldbrands Ltd., Leader Capital Markets, Hanan Mor Holdings Ltd. Group, Wingate Institute, Mayer’s Cars and Trucks, Ituran, Eternity, Meshullem Levinstein, Darban Investments, S. Horowitz, Maccabi Haifa, Ort Israel, Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, Merkavim Transportation Technologies, Kravitz, Postal Bank, Auberbach Formica Center Ltd. Saver One 2014 Ltd., Elspek Engineering Ltd. Sahar Stovitsky & Co., Advocates, Integrity Applications Ltd, mutual funds, startup companies in various stages, etc.
Control Services and Risk Management: Ministry of Environmental Protection, Avis-UMI Group, Coca Cola Group, MalamTeam, the Management College, Teldor, Isrotel, Ministry of Housing and Construction, Gazit Globe, Mellisron, Elron, Tiv Taam, Alonei Hetz, Ilan, Clalit, Shufersal, the Coal Company, Tel Aviv Municipality, Meitav Dash, etc.
Economic Consulting: Bank Hapoalim, Isracard Group, multinational companies (Dao Shipping Ltd., AniView), Government Companies Authority, government ministries (Transportation, Health, Economy), Israel Airports Authority, Company for the Development of Gush Etzion Ltd., Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, Multilock Technologies, Ltd., Migdal, First Libra Israel Ltd. Elco Ltd., Teleclal Ltd., Hamat Valves Castings Ltd., Meuhedet Health Fund, Electra Consumer Products Ltd., etc.

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