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Established: 2012
Line of Business: Architecture and Urban Planning Firm
Address: 9 Omarim St., Omer Industrial Park, 8496500
Phone: 972-8-6210000
Fax: 972-8-6322325
Email: [email protected]
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  • Jacob  Fisher, Fisher Elhanany Architects

    Architect Jacob Fisher

    Founding Partner

    Fisher Elhanany Architects

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    Jacob Fisher
  • Ohad  Elhanany, Fisher Elhanany Architects

    Architect Ohad Elhanany

    Founding Partner

    Fisher Elhanany Architects

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    Ohad Elhanany
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About Fisher Elhanany Architects

Fisher Elhanany Architects is a young, dynamic and fresh firm, which provides multi-disciplinary architecture and urban planning services for the largest entities in Israel including leading contracting companies, government authorities, local authorities and international companies.

The firm was founded by Jacob Fisher and Ohad Elhanany, two of Israel’s renowned architects who have more than 25 years of skill and experience in working in the architecture and urban planning profession in Israel and globally. The firm focuses on architectural planning and supervision of large projects across Israel, in the fields of residential development, offices, industry, commerce,  and public institutes. The firm specializes in planning statutory urban projects and renewable energy facilities, preparing detailed plans and providing reviews and consulting concerning planning and building and real-estate policy matters.  The firm has the proven ability to conduct with all of the project-related authorities and committees. Its clients include some of Israel’s leading private and institutional entities, such as the Ministry of Defense, Israel Land Authorities, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Housing, The Planning Administration of The Ministry of Interior, municipalities and local councils, Ben Gurion University, Shikun and Binui, Mahsanei HaShuk, Asia Cyrus, Toren Ltd., Y.H. Dimri, Eyal Peretz, S.I.H. Rafael, Deloya, The Construction Center, Ozen Brothers, Avisror and Sons, Karnia, A. Aviel, Oron Nadlan, Omer Engineering, Oshira Ltd., Egged, Haifa Chemicals, Moshavim, purchase groups, EDF, Menora Mivtahim Energy, Dorel, N-Lite, Energex, Alumi Capital, Solgreen, private clients and more.

Since its establishment, the firm has been experiencing considerable growth both in the personnel and in the managed projects. Currently, the firm employs about 36 experienced architects, practical engineers and town planners who graduated from leading institutes, and a supportive administration team. The firm has an addition branch in Eilat with 2 professionals. In 2017, it switched to working with the Revit software and nowadays all of its construction projects are planned through this software. Some of the projects, such as the new office building of ICL Group in Beer Sheva, are planned and managed holistically through the BIM360 software (including all of the consultants) and thus the firm can provide advanced and professional planning services for systems-intensive projects. The firm is ISO 9001: 2015 certified, and a member of the National Green Building Council.

Business Partners for the Development and Construction Processes

Beyond its proven planning and architectural capabilities, the firm is characterized as a dedicated, involved and caring partner of the developer. The partners as well as the architectural team supports the developer from the conception of an idea, provides proper guidance through the planning and permits processes, identifies opportunities and failures and provides an accurate response for every challenge. Afterwards, the firm supports the developer throughout all of the planning processes, the contracts with financiers, the conduct with authorities, involvement in governmental agencies and committees and in fact, provides holistic service package which optimally materializes the idea. Owing to a deep familiarity with the fundamentals of urban planning and with the local and national planning authorities, the firm mediates between the developer and the municipality, integrates the interests of both parties and provides appropriate solutions for each of them. Thus, the firm enables the developer to fully exercise its rights in the initial planning processes and his potential project profits, and streamline the construction process.

Renewable Energy Expertise

The firm specializes in planning mega-projects of renewable energy, and serves as the only and preferred alternative for international energy companies in general and renewable energy companies in particular. Over the years, the firm consulted many districts in Israel on natural gas and energy infrastructures, and was involved in planning of Israel’s largest and most significant projects in the field. The firm provides a spectrum of services for energy companies and entrepreneurs from the feasibility check, through the preparation of documents and efficient operative communication with the involved parties.

Urban Renewal

The firm broadens its urban renewal operations in Israel and particularly in Southern Israel, in large residential projects with thousands of units. Owing to its statutory familiarity with urban renewal and zoning, the firm manages to submit entire projects, in accordance with the pre-set budgets and schedules.

Notable Achievements

Commerce and Office Complex, Beer Sheva - A large complex for the design of extensive and systems-intensive office and commerce spaces, such as: The G7 office building, which includes 13,000 sq.m. of office and commerce spaces; “Rothschild” Building which includes about 45,000 sq.m. of office and commerce spaces; ICL’s Headquarters in Beer Sheva – a 14-stories office building covering 40,000 sq.m.; The Zim Center Commercial Center in Rahat – 9,000 sq.m.; Karnia Office Building in Omer – 18,000 sq.m.; Kiryat HaMemshala government offices in Ofakim – 6,000 sq.m.

Residential: The firm specializes in planning all types of high-density residential projects including high-rise buildings, mix-use buildings, subsidized and affordable rent buildings, special housing and dormitories, detached houses, stepped houses and residential complexes. Some of the projects that the firm planned include 330 apartments in the evacuating airport complex for Ozen Brothers and 168 apartments for Eyal Peretz, 158 apartments + 170 dormitory units in Sderot for Y.H. Dimri, 223 units for affordable rentals in Ashkelon for Avisror&Sons, 251 units in stepped construction in Dimona for Asia Cyrus, 234 in high-density construction in Dimona for A. Aviel, 119 apartments in high-rise buildings in Beer Sheva for S.I.H. Rafael, 156 apartments in high-density construction in Beer Sheva for Oron Real Estate, 113 detached houses for Omer Engineering.

Urban renewal, HaMeshahrerim Complex, Beer Sheva - A residential complex in central Beer Sheva. The project includes evacuation of 42 units, and planning a diverse mix of 252 units, commerce and public areas.

Urban Planning: In 2019, in the framework of a nationwide public tender, the firm was chosen to be a planning firm of the Israel Lands Authority. In the framework of this agreement, the firm is promoting detailed plans for residences, industry, urban renewal etc., in various scopes all across Israel. For example, an urban renewal plan in the Ramot neighborhood in Jerusalem, in the HaGivaa complex in Ofakim etc. Other plans which have been promoted for local authorities and private entities include: 3,000 apartments in the Afikei Nahal neighborhood of Ofakim, the design of an employment park in Netivot, an agrotech employment park in Ofakim, Industrial Area Idan HaNegev, planning of “Sigaliot” neighborhood in Beer Sheva including 1,600 residential units, and construction of the “Afikei Nahal” project which includes 7,500 residential units.

National Energy Infrastructures: Planning UHV Photo-Voltaic facilities, TTL 85 a PV facility in Timna, TTL 96 in Ta’anahim, TTL 98, 117 and 127, plans for high-voltage PV facilities across Israel, TTL 47 wind turbines in the Golan, Turbines in Jezreel Valley.

Architect Jacob Fisher

Has a Master’s Degree in Town and Environmental Planning from The College of Design, Arizona State University. Has a B.Arch. from the Technion, a licensed architect and member of the Independent Architects Association, has 27 years of experience in architecture and town planning in a wide variety of projects.

Architect Ohad Elhanany

Has a B.Arch. from the Technion, a licensed architect and member of the Independent Architects Association, has 19 years of experience in architecture and town planning in a wide variety of projects.


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