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Intellectual Property services including Patents, Trademarks and Designs

Fisher Friedman IP Group (FIPG)
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Established: 2016
Line of Business: Intellectual Property services including Patents, Trademarks and Designs
Address: 6 Maskit St. (Business Park, Bldg B) Herzliya Pituach 4673300
Phone: 972-9-7777027
Email: [email protected]
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  • Michal Fisher, Fisher Friedman IP Group (FIPG)

    Dr. Michal Fisher


    Fisher Friedman IP Group (FIPG)

  • Nathalie Friedman, Fisher Friedman IP Group (FIPG)

    Dr. Nathalie Friedman


    Fisher Friedman IP Group (FIPG)


    17 employees
    3 partners – 2 of them women, 2 senior partners
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About Fisher Friedman IP Group (FIPG)

Fisher Friedman IP Group (FIPG), founded in 2016, is one of the leading IP firms in Israel today, offering a wide spectrum of IP services. The firm specializes in building intellectual property strategy that maximizes the client company value through creating and managing IP assets such as patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights, breeders’ rights and trade secrets.

The firm’s attorneys specialize in drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications around the world. The firm’s team also handles oppositions, provides patentability, validity and freedom to operate opinions and offers litigation support.

Our firm believes that being a part of the clients’ team is essential in providing the best possible IP protection. By visiting clients’ facilities, meeting R&D, marketing and business development teams, and taking part in brainstorming sessions, our firm’s attorneys assist the client in harvesting innovation and developing strategies to block competitors.

Our team of Patent Attorneys are experts in a variety of technological and scientific fields - life sciences, chemistry, physics, mechanics/engineering, artificial intelligence, medical devices, security, software/hi-tech, foodtech, agritech, canna-tech and more. Our entire team shares a passion for innovation, possesses analytical and creative thinking and are trained to focus on maximizing the business value of the company. Fisher Friedman IP Group provides personalized client counselling, with all the process stages performed or closely monitored by a partner of the firm.

Among our clients are companies ranging from newly founded startups to large international corporates. The strength of our clients’ IP portfolios is emphasized by the many “exits” and investments achieved, with many clients returning to our firm when establishing a new enterprise. The firm also accompanies investment firms and companies in acquisitions, mergers and IPOs, including full IP due diligence processes.

The firm was proudly chosen as a certified service provider to the Tech Transfer companies of leading universities and medical centers in Israel – Technion Institute of Science, Hebrew University, Tel-Aviv University, Ben Gurion University, Sheba Medical Center, Hadassah Medical Center, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Bnai Zion Medical Center and others.
The founders of the firm, Dr. Michal Fisher and Dr. Nathalie Friedman are active members of the IP sector in Israel. They co-founded (after being approached by the IP committee of AIPLA - the American Intellectual Property Law Association) the Women in IP forum in Israel in collaboration with Adv. & patent attorney Einav Zilber, former Chairperson of IPAA - the Israel Patent Attorney Association, and Adv. Yael Riemer, partner of FBC & Co. Since 2020, they hosted virtual conferences with the participation of hundreds of leading women from the industry, academia, government, legal and patent attorney sectors. The forum is a platform for cooperation for Israeli women in IP related sectors.

The firm is recognized and is ranked as leading in local and international rankings such as Dun’s 100, Chambers Global, Legal 500, MIP IP Stars and, IAM Patent 1000. The founding partners Dr. Michal Fisher and Dr. Nathalie Friedman are ranked and recommended in IAM Strategy 300 and IAM Strategy Global Leaders.

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