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Established: 1989
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 7 Jabotinski St., Aviv Tower (City Gate), 43rd floor, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-6114140
Fax: 972-3-614130
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  • Ariel  Frohlich, Frohlich Farchi, Law Firm

    Ariel Frohlich

    Founding Partner

    Frohlich Farchi, Law Firm

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    Ariel Frohlich
  • Nissim  Farchi, Frohlich Farchi, Law Firm

    Nissim Farchi

    Founding Partner

    Frohlich Farchi, Law Firm

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    Nissim Farchi
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About Frohlich Farchi, Law Firm

Frohlich Farchi was established in 1989. The founders, Ariel Frohlich and Nissim Farchi (graduates of Tel-Aviv University) went independent and founded the firm after gaining professional experience in torts in general and bodily harm in particular. Since the firm’s inception about 30 years ago, it grew and developed. The firm currently includes 13 lawyers, 2 interns and 6 legal secretaries. In its years of operations, the firm handled more than a hundred thousand clients.

The Firm’s Distinguishing Quality - Representing only Casualties

The firm represents only causalities-plaintiffs. Since its inception, it has been representing only the underdogs, those who suffered from bodily harm – only the casualties. The firm never represented, nor shall it represent, insurance companies or state institutes or hospitals or large healthcare institutes – i.e., defendants. The advantage which is offered to the clients in such a case is a complete alignment of interests between the firm’s employees and the clients. Those who do not represent insurance companies – owe such companies no favors, and are free to conduct the proceedings against such companies without limitations and dues. Only in such a case the clients are truly the focus.

The Firm’s Outlook – How We Treat Our Clients

The firm emphasizes the client’s interests and believes in full disclosure. The firm tries to present an accurate, comprehensive and true perspective of each case. Working together with the clients, in-depth familiarity with them and all of their personal details are the recipe for success in managing their cases. The firm attempts to refrain from deluding the clients and provides realistic estimations of their chances and potential damages.

Practice Areas

The firm handles the full spectrum of bodily harm cases. The most common type of injury is traffic accidents related injuries, with an emphasis on the management of particularly severe injuries. The firm also specializes in medical malpractice and insurance claims representation of workplace causalities vis-à-vis the National Insurance Institute, general negligence claims, school accidents insurances, and sport claims insurances.

Negotiations and Management of Lawsuits - The firm’s numerous clients indicate its excellent results, as satisfied clients recommend our services to other clients. Our success stems from professional and appropriate management of the proceedings against the insurance companies – the defendant, both during negotiations and during court proceedings.

The firm has managed thousands of cases thus far in all tribunals, including district courts and the Supreme Court. The firm achieved results which are expressed in hundreds of verdicts, some of which have been mentioned in the media and the courts websites, and some of which serve as precedents which are studied in various universities and colleges.

Representation in Traffic Accidents Cases - The firm has tremendous experience in representing traffic accidents victims. Vehicle and motorcycle casualties, car passengers, riders of electric and regular bicycles, as well as pedestrians. The firm represents Traffic victims suffering from minor injuries all the way to severe injuries that end in paralysis, amputation, or death. The firm achieved diverse legal precedents. The firm reached absolutely unprecedented sums of damages in some of its large traffic lawsuits.

Representation in Medical Malpractice - The management of medical malpractice cases requires vast and unique experience, and including making appropriate use of supporting opinions, proof of damage, managing lengthy and complicated legal proceedings and hearing numerous witnesses and various experts. The firm has been managing such proceedings for many years, and achieved significant achievements, which were published on legal websites and media outlets.

Severe Injuries and Accidents - Severe and significant bodily injuries of various causes (road and workplace accidents and medical malpractice) justify large compensations. In such cases, the defendants – the insurance companies – have every incentive to resolutely resist payment. They place their best lawyers, engage private investigators, fight through serious external experts, numerous witnesses and management of proceedings that are aimed at exhausting, intimidating and leading to settlement at low sums. They regularly appear vis-à-vis the best lawyers of insurance companies and before the various courts that handle such cases. The firm has no conflict of interests or motivation to settle on low sums, and these cases are managed fearlessly until completion.

Financing of Court Expenses

The management of legal proceedings occasionally requires paying substantial legal expenses in advance, mainly for court fees and expert opinions. The firm assists its clients in securing finance for the management of the proceedings, and won’t allow a victim to abandon a justified claim due to a lack in funds. The firm assures convenient prices and installment plans from the experts, or interim finance from financiers, all in order to support the client in the management of a justified claim.

The Firm’s Staff

The firm has been meticulous in its selection of employees throughout the years. Most staff members were selected from among the numerous interns who completed their internships in the firm over the years, and there is almost no employee turnover in the firm. Most of the employees have been in the firm for over a decade. All of the firm’s lawyers are highly experienced in litigation, representation vis-à-vis National Insurance committees, and negotiations. Tenured and experienced employees are a significant asset for a law firm, and they bring stability and optimal and continuous management of the proceedings for the clients.

Support from External Experts

The management of bodily harm claims of all types requires the counsel, presentation and submission of the opinions of external experts, mainly opinions from medical experts but also of experts from numerous other fields. The firm consults are obtaining opinions for clients from the most proficient doctors in all required medical fields.

The firm also maintains close working relationships with economics, long-term care, vehicle expenses, mobility aids and equipment experts, safety engineers, actuaries and pension experts. The proper and professional engagement of external experts is tremendously important, since they provide the opinions in their respective fields and testify in the courts and help in supporting the damages that the firm claims.


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