Ziv Glazberg from G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co.,  Advocates & Patent Attorneys
Ziv Glazberg מחברת G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co.,  Advocates & Patent Attorneys

Adv. Ziv Glazberg


Year of Birth: 1981
Email: [email protected]
Fields: Patents, Intellectual property (IP)
Position: Partner
Past positions: Researcher at IBM research labs (2002-2007); intern for Justice A. Levy at the supreme court (2007-2008); lecturer at the military academy on computational and cyber-defense subjects (2002-present day)
Seniority in position: 9 years
Public positions: Deputy-chair of companies committee, Israel Bar Association, Central region.
Education: B.A., Computer Science (cum laude), Open University (1996-2000), LL.B, University of Haifa (cum laude) (2003-2007), B.A. Economics (cum laude), University of Haifa (2003-2007)
Member in: INTA, AIPPI, ECTA
Community Activity: Founder and Member of the Board of “Al-Spam”, the Committee for Eliminating Spam Mail in Israel.
Military rank: Master Sergeant

What recent key move did you lead?
I increased the staff at the firm, so that we could meet the expanding demand of our clients. In recent years, we doubled the number of employees at the firm, while maintaining professional as well as human quality. This is a major challenge, but I’m glad to already see that investment in manpower pays off and bears fruit.

What are the firm's strongest attributes?
The firm’s first-rate legal expertise, combined with deep understanding of technology. The field of intellectual property, particularly those of the High-Tech and Medical equipment world, requires a combination of legal knowledge with a deep-rooted grasp of technology. In time, we discovered that this combination is rare on the local market and our clients know how to identify it, and appreciate it.

Which of the firm's recent key moves will lead to it becoming stronger over the next few years?
Besides investing in personnel, we are working on expanding our foreign client base. We have reached the conclusion, that, the combination of advanced judicial understanding, and technological knowledge is rare even outside Israel, and we’re working on signing-up foreign clients, even those without any immediate interests in Israel. Today, we manage Intellectual Property portfolios for not insignificant clientele of such foreign customers, and I believe this trend will intensify.

What are the main challenges facing the firm in the next few years?
We want to preserve the excellent service experience our clients get, and foster an organizational culture that relishes quality and service.
With the growth of the firm and the number of clients, there is a limit on the ability of our partners to deliver personalized care to each and every one of our clients, as before. We must delegate to our qualified staff, while also maintaining the same level of service as before, both from a legal and technological standpoint, but also in professionalism and standard of care.

What would you recommend an up and coming executive?
Check your preconceived notions with empirical data. People suffer from many psychological biases, and executives are not different in that respect. Test yourself and the results of the decisions you make, and never fear admitting you’ve made a mistake, and change your mind.

What should one remember during hardships?
Even during hard times, one must never abandon a company’s most treasured asset – its reputation.
Continue offering service at the highest level, even if it means losing money in the short term. In the long run, those who settle on quality, won’t grow.