Uzi  Hadad from Gadish Group
Uzi  Hadad מחברת Gadish Group

Uzi Hadad

CFO and Business Development Manager

Gadish Group
Managing Design, Coordination & Supervision of Projects, Construction & Infrastructures
Year of Birth: 1978
Email: [email protected]
Position: CFO and Business Development Manager
Past positions: Chief Business Development Officer (2012-2018); PMO (2008-2012)
Seniority in position: 13 years
Education: M.B.A. – specialization in finance – Ben Gurion University (2005 – 2007); B.A., Industrial Management – specialization in project management – Sapir College (2002-2004); Construction Practical Engineer – The Beersheba Technological College (2017-2020)
Languages: Hebrew, English
Military rank: Staff Sergeant