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Established: 1998
Line of Business: Family and Personal Status Laws
Address: 9 Jabotinsky St., Hachsharat Hayeshuv Tower 26th Floor, Bnei Brak
Phone: 972-73-7051480
Fax: 972-3-5224722
Email: [email protected]
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  • Lori Geizler, Geizler Law Office

    Lori Geizler

    Owner & Manager

    Geizler Law Office

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    Lori Geizler


    Shmuel Geizler Commercial Real-Estate Dept.
    Ronit Lider
    Moran Wallach
    Noam Abraham
    Kochi Weissman
    Shira Pitman
    Lari Franko Execution Dept.
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About Geizler Law Office

Geizler Law Office is a boutique firm, which specializes in family and personal status laws, and is considered a leading firm in its field. The firm, which was established 19 years ago by adv. and arbitrator Lori Geizler, and is headed by her, is renowned for its profound knowledge and vast experience which render an added value, the firm’s clients enjoy.

Personal service, integrity and sensitivity, while focusing on goals

The firm is characterized by an understanding of the complexity of its field of practice, and the crucial decisions it entails. Nevertheless, the firm is known for fighting fiercely and focusing on the targets it implements in its work, and is highly motivated to achieve the best possible outcome for each and every client.

The synergy between sensitivity and focus renders the firm’s belief to ease both parties’ situation during this difficult time, by means of promotion of a positive discourse between them, while emphasizing the achievement of the clients’ goals and maintaining their personal interests.

Adv. Geizler meticulously leads all proceedings to their end, with a sensitive and humane approach, while persevering and working hard at all times. The firm enjoys its many years of reputation due to the mutual integrity under which it operates, while implementing the values in light of which it works, among which are transparency, without gender preference. The firm’s vast experience and knowledge are the basis of its many precedents.

The firm regularly updates with recent legislation and rulings. The firm views innovation and creativity as the key to success, and maximizes its ability to achieve the client’s goals.

The firm treats each case humanly and tolerantly, while emphasizing further sensitivity when children are involved.

The firm is extensively experienced in representation in all instances and is proud of its vast international activity, including Rabbinical Court, Great Rabbinical Court, Family Court, District Court and the Supreme Court.

Areas of expertise

The firm specializes in all matters pertaining to family law and personal status, including child support, and assists in achieving exhaustion of rights for the client and child support that reflect the economic reality of the parties prior to their separation, as much as possible.

In addition, the firm specializes in managing writ of execution in order to collect child support, as well as matters pertaining to custody, including management and representation of multiple clients in order to arrange custody matters.

Moreover, the firm specializes in child kidnapping cases, immigration cases, property claims and cooperation breakdown, declarative sentences claims, common law partnership claims, child support from inheritance claims, domestic violence and abuse protection order and proceedings management, divorce, marital harmony claims, guardianship claims, estate management, wills and inheritance proceeding management, including wills or inheritance objection proceedings.

In addition, the firm specializes and is highly experienced in managing receivership proceedings, and managing and dealing with the legal process pertaining to arranging the matter of receipt of usage fees, and has reached significant achievements and substantial monetary compensation for those injured as a result of delaying cooperation breakdown of the asset.

The firm further deals with arbitration and dispute resolution, drafting pre-nuptial agreements, marital harmony agreements, divorce agreements or co-parenting agreements, and proceeding management for same-sex couples.

Adv. Lori Geizler, Owner and Manager

Adv. Lori Geizler has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1998, and has an academic law degree LL.B. Adv. Geizler, the owner and founder of the firm, is a certified arbitrator, writes for the media and is interviewed pertaining to her status as a family law expert. Adv. Geizler specializes in family law and personal status, divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, wills, child support, custody, guardianship law, same-sex couples, etc.

Adv. Geizler regularly publishes professional articles, in Ynet website, among others. She also lectures on matters pertaining to children’s rights at Tel Aviv University and in professional forums. 

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