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IP, Internet Law, Privacy Protection, Libel/Defamation and Parallel Imports

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Established: 2009
Line of Business: IP, Internet Law, Privacy Protection, Libel/Defamation and Parallel Imports
Address: 3 HaYetizra St., Sh’ap Building, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-7266726
Fax: 972-3-6039824
Email: [email protected]
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  • Sa’ar  Gershoni, Gershoni & Co., Law Firm

    Sa’ar Gershoni

    Owner & Managing Partner

    Gershoni & Co., Law Firm

  • Ran Greenvald, Gershoni & Co., Law Firm

    Ran Greenvald


    Gershoni & Co., Law Firm

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About Gershoni & Co., Law Firm

Gershoni & Co., Law Firm, is a boutique law practice that deals with the registration, licensing, enforcement and management of intellectual property (IP) – commercial trademarks, copyrights, official designs and patents.

In addition, the firm specializes in libel, defamation, privacy, internet, and computer laws, which dovetails the IP focus of the firm. The firm provides strategic consulting, keeping a broad view of the needs and goals of its client, mapping out the clients’ relative advantages allowing them to leverage knowledge and reputation for further growth. 

Innovation and Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Among the firm’s clients one finds Israeli and foreign companies from a variety of fields: High-Tech, electronics, fashion and clothing, toys and recreation, gaming, publishing, and more.

The firm has accumulated, over the years, legal successes and precedents at the Supreme Court in the field of parallel imports, and with the patent office. The firm’s enforcement department is particularly efficacious and works concertedly with the relevant authorities: the Israel Police, the Customs Authority, and more.

Adv. Sa’ar Gershoni

Adv. Sa’ar Gershoni holds an LL.B. and LL.M. (with expertise in technology) – both from Haifa University. On top of this, Adv. Gershoni is a certified and renowned mediator in his area of expertise. The firm was founded in 2009, after Adv. Gershoni had worked for several years in the IP departments of some of the largest law firms in Israel, where he acquired experience in leading strategic cases of diverse kinds.

Alongside his day-to-day legal affairs, Adv. Gershoni is a member of the IP commission of the Israeli Bar, a member of INTA – the international union of lawyers in trademarking. He lectures at Shenkar college on issues concerning IP, and is frequently invited to conferences as well as for media interviews. Recently Adv. Gershoni completed his soon to be released book on parallel imports and fair competition.

Adv. Greenvald

Adv. Greenvald is a partner at the firm and heads its litigation department.

He holds an LL.B. from the College of Management Academic Studies. Adv. Greenvald formerly handled commercial litigation cases in large firms, and was the legal counsel to one of Israel’s largest investment houses.

The Firm’s Staff

Alongside the partners, the firm hires attorneys, with years’ worth experience in the IP and commercial law areas.

Unique Expertise – Parallel Imports

The firm holds a unique expertise in the field of parallel imports. The firm successfully represented “Machsan HaYevuan” before the Supreme Court, and obtained a guiding ruling which serves Israeli courts to this day.

The judgement on that case was selected was one of the most important ones obtained in 2013.

Libel Law

Since libel and defamation laws deal with damage to a person’s good reputation, it is only natural for the firm to deal with these matters. Cases dealt with by the firm have received great media attention, which obliges the firm to tend to the client’s privacy on one hand, yet effectively manage publicity, on the other.

Trustworthiness and Reliability

The firm enjoys a longstanding reputation for reliability, built over the years. The firm has clients from around the world – the US, South America, Europe, Australia, and the Far East, who enjoy its services for many years, and make for plenty returning clients as well.

The client’s welfare and obtainment of the best results possible are lodestars of the firm, and for that – with the willingness to fight without compromises – comes the aspiration to always maximize benefit for the client, without needless proceedings whose cost outweighs their returns.

Personal Attention and Support

The firm is proud to provide level-headed services for all clients – big and small. According to Adv. Gershoni: “The understanding of the complexity of managing legal proceedings, and the emotional toll hence placed on the client, force us to provide personal touches to approach, and be constantly available. Our self-investment in every case is absolute, without time constraints, since every client comes first, always. Moreover, since this is boutique law practice, oftentimes clients become, actually, a part of the family”.

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