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Established: 1969
Line of Business: Civil-Commercial Law
Address: 100 HaHashmona’im St., Tel Aviv 6157401
Phone: 972-3-5613070
Fax: 972-3-5614773
Email: [email protected]
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  • Tal Gibor, Gibor - Law Offices

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    Tal Gibor
  • Gibor Yeshayahou, Gibor - Law Offices

    Adv. Gibor Yeshayahou


    Gibor - Law Offices

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    Gibor Yeshayahou
  • Daphna  Gibor Haibi, Gibor - Law Offices

    Adv. Daphna Gibor Haibi


    Gibor - Law Offices

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    Daphna Gibor Haibi
  • Tamar Gibor, Gibor - Law Offices

    Adv. Tamar Gibor


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    Tamar Gibor
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About Gibor - Law Offices

Gibor Law Firm is a boutique firm that specializes in civil-commercial law for more than 50 years. This family-owned firm consists of top-tier and professional lawyers with vast experience that collaborate their work with unmatched synergy, while consulting each other and providing personal, fast and efficient service.

The firm was founded in 1969 by Adv. Yeshayahou Gibor. Over the years, four additional lawyers joined the firm, of which three are family members. The firm’s clients benefit from the added value of the firm’s familial atmosphere, while receiving creative solutions with a business perspective, which prioritizes the clients’ benefit. The firm provides comprehensive legal services, which include courts appearances (including filing lawsuits and injunctions), conducting arbitrations and mediations, negotiations, one-time legal counsel or ongoing counsel, business and commercial assistance (starting at the establishing of a business or corporations, through drafting the establishment contracts and up to accompanying the day-to-day operations), drafting various agreements, handling commercial and real estate transactions, managing collection and execution files to collect debts. The firm meticulously maintains its professional excellence, integrity, courtesy and high availability for the clients, a personal and friendly attitude and teamwork. The synergy that forms because of the cooperation between the firm’s lawyers with their specific specializations leads to the broad, deep and comprehensive view of each case, and for optimal results for the clients. The firm’s clientele includes clients from the business, private and public sectors in Israel and abroad, including leading banks, business companies, Hi-Tech companies, large buildings management companies, house committees and numerous business from various fields. The firm’s great seniority is also evident in its clients, with many of them become returning clients for many years.

House Committees and Property Management Companies

The firm has longstanding experience in legal counsel and representation in the field of managing and maintenance of residence and commercial buildings, it is amongst Israel’s leading firms in this field. The firm represents buildings management companies, developers, purchasing groups and house committees  beginning at the initial negotiations for signing a management agreement. The firm represents buildings’ management companies and house committees, during the post-occupation stages and the ongoing interaction with the owners and tenants, in disputes between residents, and provides solutions in residential buildings, office buildings, commercial centers and complex buildings. The firm represents house committees, developers and contractors in construction impairment lawsuits. The representation takes place in various courts and ongoing work with professional experts who provide experts opinions concerning construction impairments and negotiating for settlement agreements.

Banking and Execution of Debt

The firm has been specializing in representing banks in financial lawsuits against debtors and in the legal collection of debts, carrying out various execution proceedings for many years. The firm represents Israel’s leading banks. The firm handles proceedings under the Dishonored Checks Law. The firm handles the legal collection of debts for individuals and companies. The firm’s success in debt collection is a result of its vast knowledge and deep experience in this practice area.

Contracts and Corporations

The Firm represents business companies, partnerships, NGOs, private individuals and investors in various commercial law matters, accompanying them in the incorporation of the company/partnership/NGO and in their day-to-day operations, drafting core agreements, registration, decision minutes, commercial agreements and more.

Lasting Power of Attorney, Wills and Inheritance

Adv. Daphna Gibor-Haibi is certified by Israel’s General Guardian to prepare LPAs. The firm prepares all types of wills, including mutual testament, testament that include various limits or requirements for the heirs, testament that determine the heirs after heirs and more, and handles will enforcement, probates and estate management.

Litigation and Lawsuits

The firm specializes in litigation on all of its various aspects, including filing and handling financial lawsuits, and accompanies its clients from the debt formulation stage, through letters of notice prior to filing a lawsuit and negotiations, and up to court proceedings (including injunctions) and lawsuit management up to receiving a court decision and executing it, where necessary.

Representation of Safety Consultants

The firm provides ongoing counsel services for safety consultant and work safety supervisors, representation in the various courts in lawsuits which are filed against them, negotiating for settlements, and ongoing assistance and support in the framework of various contractual relationships.

Labor Law

The firm provides legal services for employers and employees in the employment relations. The firm counsels to service providers and receivers who wish to formalize their relationship as a contracting relationship in every aspect. 

Subrogation Claims

The firm represents commercial companies and various clients in Subrogation Claims.

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