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Gil Friedman, Law Firm
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Established: 2006
Line of Business: White collar and serious crimes
Address: 2 Weizmann St., Tel-Aviv 6423902
Phone: 972-3-6932020
Fax: 972-3-7742040
Email: [email protected]
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About Gil Friedman, Law Firm

Gil Friedman, Law Firm in a leading boutique firm, which practices all fields of criminal law, from initial investigation stages, through representation in the arrest procedure and all of stages of the criminal proceedings up until its completion.
 The firm mainly represents defendants who face their first criminal charges and white collar offenders, manages arrests and provide response in the management of the case.
The firm, which was established after 15 years of experience of its founder, Adv. Gil Friedman, in all of the police investigation roles, represents its clients before all courts, and accompanies them throughout all of the interrogation stages, with an optimal implementation of his vast experience in the ongoing work in front of the enforcement and judicial authorities. Adv. Friedman responses are based on his deep personal experience in the police, where he served as an investigator in all of the key investigation roles, including the International Crime Investigation Unit.
The unique vast experience of Adv. Superintendent Friedman, who commanded numerous investigation units in the police, provides the clients with added value that is focused on professionalism, personal service and reliability. The wide variety of investigations in which he served as an investigator help him handle Israel’s most complex cases with great success.
Inter alia, Adv. Friedman represents highly-publicized cases in the district courts, for example the Roni Ron, Herzliya Rape, complex cases such as Holy-Land, representation of Rafi Refaeli in a publicized case, complex white collar cases, The Yisrael Beiteinu case concerning Nata (The urban public transport company), the representation of Shiri Sobol, representation in the extortion case of the Hadrei Haredim website, and many others.
Adv. Friedman has a vast experience also in international cases, including in the US, in work in front of the FBI and the FDA. In addition, he has experience concerning extraditions and transfer of convicts from abroad for serving their sentence in Israel.
Adv. Friedman gained an excellent reputation due to the excellent results he consistently achieves. 

Practice Areas

Criminal Investigations Counsel
The firm accompanies its clients personally, and sometimes even physically, with immediate consulting, in accordance with the investigation’s development. The firm’s partners have in-depth knowledge of all of the investigation’s procedures, with an ability to predict its outcomes, in accordance with the client’s specific event.

The firm specializes in representation in remand extensions in all of the courts. Adv. Friedman has extensive experience in such discussions, and can discuss with the investigator or prosecutor who demand the extension. The firm represents its clients in such discussions, with an emphasis on the vast experience in crime cases and the ability to work in front of the Attorney Offices across Israel.

Evidence Management
Most of the cases where indictments are submitted conclude in a plea bargain between the prosecution and the defense.
The decision of such a bargain, is considered with consideration to the presented evidence, and against the odds of a conviction and a severe punishment. In case there is no room to consider such a bargain, the evidence case must be managed in the best possible way, in order to discredit the prosecution’s evidence.

Representation of Plaintiffs
The firm represents complainants in work in front of the police and judicial system. Adv. Friedman’s experience and familiarity with the system enable him to support an efficient and professional service for those who believe that the police aren’t doing enough to handle their complaint.

Adv. Gil Freidman (Former Superintendent)

Adv. Friedman has an LL.B. from the Bar-Ilan University, and an LL.M. (commercial specialization) from the Bar-Ilan University.
In the framework of his police service, he graduated the investigator and head investigator course, and extensive trainings concerning investigation, fraud and other crimes.
He interned in the Tel-Aviv Prosecution – Criminal, and afterward was an investigator in the Severe Crime Investigation Unit, where he served as the unit’s arrest litigator.
He managed comprehensive white-collar investigations such as the investigation of Gregory Lerner, who was a bribery suspect, the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, Ariel Sharon, and investigations against the “Gesher Alia” non-profit, which was managed by the manager of the Prime Minister Office at the time, Avigdor Liberman. This experience provided Adv. Friedman with the ability to handle far-reaching investigation cases and a practical perspective of the methods and initiation rationale of police investigations.
Adv. Friedman represented several extradition cases in Brazil and the United States, as well as cases in the United States and South America.
Adv. Friedman served as head of the Rosh-Ha’ayin Police Station investigation office, and deputy station manager. In this role he carried out thousands of investigation in reported and exposed cases, such as drugs, and was exposed to in-depth work with the Arab Sector at the “Triangle Villages”.
Afterwards he served as head of the Kfar-Saba station’s investigation office, where he managed thousands of investigation in a period of about three years, while making decisions concerning the opening and closing of cases.
These diverse roles provided him with extensive experience concerning the police’s considerations when closing cases and deleting criminal records.
He served as head of investigation and intelligence of the Petach-Tikva station, and oversaw all of the investigation and intelligence operations. This experience provides him with the ability to find the given problems in all types of investigations against the suspects.
He served as a fighter in the Paratroopers Brigade, and five years in the Shin-Bet.

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