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Real Estate Development and Execution, Urban Renewal, Renewable Energy

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Established: 2019
Line of Business: Real Estate Development and Execution, Urban Renewal, Renewable Energy
Address: 84 Herbert Samuel St., Hadera
Phone: *8256
Fax: 972-4-6072299
Email: [email protected]
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    Kfir Ginat
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About Ginat Group

Ginat Group is active in the development and execution of the full spectrum of real estate projects, from projects, through commercial real estate projects and up to projects under the various urban renewal programs. The group was founded by the family’s father, the Late Uri Ginat, who started working in the real estate industry already in the 1990s, and nowadays it is owned by the businessperson Kfir Ginat, who is a second-generation member of the company. Kfir arrived to the company after a long service at the rank of Major in elite units of the IDF. Over the past few years, Kfir has been expanding the company’s operations while initiating, leading and managing large-scale projects across Israel, with an emphasis on urban renewal. Some of the company’s projects are executed in cooperation with other developers and some are built by it fully independently. All of the projects are accompanied by Israel’s best-known architecture firms.

Financial Stability

Ginat Group benefits from proven financial strength that stems from prudent business management while fully cooperating with Israel’s largest banks. Each of the projects that the group leads is accompanied by first-class financial advisors. And the company provides collaterals and bank guarantees to its customers. This prudent management, alongside with the bank guarantees, creates economic security for the group and for its buyers and residents.

One Stop Shop

The group’s great advantage stems from the fact that it combines initiation and execution under one roof. This means that the company has absolute supervising capabilities over all of its projects at any given moment, and the ability to meet its preset schedules. Furthermore, this provides the company’s customers, whether buyers or existing residents (in urban renewal projects) with the knowledge and assurance that the team who signed the contract with them would be the team that would accompany the actual construction process and the team that would deliver the apartment’s keys to them at the end of the process. The company is also responsible for the post-construction checkup year so that the service that it provides customers is the most comprehensive in the industry, which leads to peace of mind for the customers.

Transparency, Reliability, Creativity and Flexibility

The group has been following professional and moral values that have been guiding its operations from the start. The most important of those are transparency and reliability to the customer who receive, throughout the entire process (planning and execution), ongoing online updates on the project’s status and progress. In addition, the company applies business creativity and flexibility that enable it to act as a elite commando unit of sorts, which is characterized by extremely efficient, professional and fast decision making.

Personal Attention and Unpresumptuous Dialogue

The company prioritizes its customers and provides them with personal and warm attention throughout the entire project. The customers receive clear and accessible information from the company’s team while maximizing their considerations and benefitting from flexible options for changing and upgrading the apartments’ layouts.

Notable Projects

4 HaReshet, Bat Yam: A Tama 38/1 (reinforcement and expansion) project where the company is adding 11 new apartments, including garden apartments and upscale penthouses, to 6 existing apartments. The longstanding residents would benefit, inter alia, from a designed upscale lobby, a one-of-a-kind subterranean robotic parking area, storage rooms, safety rooms and spacious balconies.

2+4 Ostrovski, Ra’anana: A Tama 38/2 (demolition and reconstruction) project where the company would build two upscale 7-story building with thirty 3-,4- and 5-room apartments as well as garden apartments and upscale penthouses. The project was planned very meticulously and the residents would benefit, among others, from a lavish and luxurious technical spec, an upscale lobby, a subterranean parking and spacious balconies.

Tower 53, Ra’anan: A Tama 38/2 (demolition and reconstruction) project in which the company would demolish an old building where 4 families currently reside and would build in its place an upscale 7-story building with 17 new apartments. 3-5-room apartments are planned in the new building, as well as garden apartments and spacious penthouses. The residents would benefit, inter alia, from a lavish and luxurious technical spec, an upscale lobby, and a subterranean parking area.

G Complex, Hadera: A real estate project in the Beit Eliezer neighborhood of Hadera. The group purchased this land from Bezeq Ltd. and it plans to build on it a boutique building with only 8 stories in order to conserve the uniqueness and serenity that the area offers. The apartments mix includes 3-5-room apartments, luxurious penthouse apartments and spacious garden apartments above the 2 commerce floors. Half of the project’s apartments are dedicated for affordable housing for young couples.

Protecting the Planet

Ginat group believes and significantly participates in protecting the environment, while taking care to optimally use green construction materials and methods. As part of this worldview, the company established a technology arm under the name “Ginat Technologies” which acts resolutely to develop and execute a biomass green energy project. This project is aimed at generating green electricity from agricultural waste. In the framework of these operations the company holds two facilities in Turkey which generate electricity from chicken manure and corncobs. The pilot was successful and the company intends to execute this operation also in Israel.

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