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Established: 1996
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 7 Menachem Begin Rd., 29th Floor, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-7549933
Fax: 972-3-7549934
Email: [email protected]
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  • Shalom  Goldblatt, Goldblatt Gindes Yariv Advocates

    Shalom Goldblatt

    Founding Partner

    Goldblatt Gindes Yariv Advocates

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    Shalom Goldblatt
  • Ehud  Gindes, Goldblatt Gindes Yariv Advocates

    Adv. Ehud Gindes

    Founding Partner

    Goldblatt Gindes Yariv Advocates

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    Ehud Gindes
  • Harel  Yariv, Goldblatt Gindes Yariv Advocates

    Harel Yariv

    Founding Partner

    Goldblatt Gindes Yariv Advocates

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    Harel Yariv

    Shalom Goldblatt
    Ehud Gindes
    Harel Yariv
    Liat Tsarfati Shalom
    Rahav In-Dar
    Daniel Tabakov Sadan

    Hai Michael
    Lihi Yablonka
    Aurelie Abihssira- Arrouas
    Roy Shalev
    Tslil Dahan Kenan
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About Goldblatt Gindes Yariv Advocates

Goldblatt, Gindes, Yariv - Law Office is a highly-experienced firm providing quality legal counseling in the core business areas: insolvency and company rehabilitation, corporate M&As (particularly distressed companies), commercial and real estate law and litigation. The firm is considered a leading law firm, rich in experience and unique in the field of corporate rehabilitation, moratoriums and debt restructuring. The firm proactively plays a preeminent role in deals while locating and realizing unique business opportunities and results for its customers, professionally, compassionately, creatively and collaboratively. The firm was founded on the basis of friendly relationships between its founders, and it extends the values of friendliness, professional trust and fairness also to its clientele and peers.

For more than two decades, the firm has been handling numerous moratoriums and corporate rehabilitations, counseling to in various public debt restructurings and accompanying large scale real estate projects and transactions. In recent years, the firm managed some of the largest corporate rehabilitation and creditor arrangement cases in Israel.

The firm’s success in implementing complex creditor arrangements enables its client companies to successful recover, and such companies often continue to receive the firm’s services in other practice areas. The firm participated in a variety of “mega” moratoriums and debt restructurings of some of the Israel’s largest corporations. The firm’s staff initiated and executed complex and creative rehabilitation processes and creditor arrangements and led companies to full rehabilitation. As a consequence of the scope and quality of its work for over a decade, the firm is recognized by a variety of rankings conducted by D&B and BDI, as one of Israel’s leading and well-known law firms in the fields of insolvency, receivership and liquidation.

Practice Areas

Insolvency, Corporate Rehabilitation and Moratoriums - The firm’s Insolvency, Corporate Rehabilitation and moratoriums Department is one of the longstanding and leading departments in its field in Israel. The firm has tremendous experience and expertise in creditor arrangements, including arrangements with bondholders of public companies, and it handles a large portion of the cases being conducted in this field. Corporate rehabilitation requires profound understanding of legal and business complexities, and the firm’s attorneys have profound understanding and knowledge in these fields and their integration. The firm’s success also results from its ability to provide very fast solutions and responses for the need of distressed companies for immediate professional assistance, in order to minimize the potential damages and facilitate their rehabilitation.

Debt Arrangements - The firm possesses extensive experience and expertise in debt arrangements for private and public companies, vis-a-vis banks and bondholders. Services involve negotiating with creditors, formulating debt arrangements and supporting the agreement’s implementation.

Company Liquidation - The firm has expertise in representing corporations and shareholders in objections to liquidation procedures, while directing towards recovery and creditor settlements. The firm’s experience and expertise in coping with these processes’ vis-a-vis the courts, the banks and various creditors, led its clients to numerous successful settlements in cases that began as liquidation procedures.

Companies and Corporations - The firm is expert and experienced in corporate law, and its various facets and provides varied legal services in all of the fields necessary for private and public corporations. The firm represents leading companies in the Israeli economy in the fields of industry, commerce, communications, food and logistics.

Mergers & Acquisitions - The firm has led a large number of purchasing and merger deals in the scope of billions of shekels. The firm’s extensive experience in this field includes locating sources of funding, negotiation management, tax planning and obtaining the required regulatory approvals necessary to conclude the deal. In addition to regular accompanying of the deal, our handling also includes due diligence and drawing the agreements.

Contracts and Commercial - The firm offers a wide variety of services for public and private companies, including counseling in ongoing operations and special projects, and drawing various agreements for services, purchasing, sales, investments and real estate. The firm advises on all aspects pertaining to the corporation and its legal management, from incorporation and strategy formulation, shareholders’ and founders’ agreements, articles of association, financing and investment agreements, until the corporation’s full conduct vis-a-vis its own customers, suppliers and government entities. The law firm further provides services for companies in formulating regulations and supervises sweepstakes as part of their marketing promotions.

Real Estate and Property - The department currently accompanies numerous large-scale projects and handles all aspects of real estate transactions for business, entrepreneurial and private entities, including foreign residents. The Department represents a varied clientele, including contractors, developers, commercial companies, individuals, moshavim, kibbutzim and acquisitions groups, etc., locating various transaction opportunities, and accompanying the process until its conclusion. The legal services offered by the firm encompass all facets of real estate transactions, e.g. due diligence and preliminary examinations, initiation, development, planning and construction, real estate acquisition and sale, property taxation, banking and financial guidance as well as all of the related real estate litigation.

Civil Litigation - The firm specializes in representing corporations, concerns and individuals, in litigation in all branches of civil and administrative law in the courts and judicial institutions in Israel. The firm’s litigation department benefits from its wide experience in developing litigation strategy and offering legal services before any judicial body in Israel, including alternative dispute resolution courts (arbitration, mediation proceedings and negotiations for out-of-court settlements). Over the years, the firm’s litigation department has acquired unique expertise in representing companies in of the full range of proceedings before judicial entities in Israel, as well as representation of shareholders in various disputes pertaining to control struggles in companies and accompanying companies in disputes relating to infrastructure projects. The firm also deals with various commercial lawsuits, antitrust lawsuits, the capital market, real estate, petitions to the High Court of Justice, administrative petitions and bank claims.

Class and Derivative Actions - Our firm has developed an expertise in filing derivative and class actions and has recorded numerous successes in this field. The firm accumulated extensive experience in class actions in the fields of consumerism, banking and communications, etc.

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