Sigal Schlimoff-Rechtman from Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co.
Sigal Schlimoff-Rechtman מחברת Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co.

Sigal Schlimoff-Rechtman

Founder & Partner

Gross Orad Schlimoff & Co.
Insurance, Reinsurance, Insurance Regulation, Representation of International Companies Including Pharmaceutical And Hi-Tech Companies
Year of Birth: 1961
Email: [email protected]
Fields: Commercial Insurance and Reinsurance.
Position: Founder & Partner
Additional Positions: Lloyd's Representative in Israel.
Education: Special Program for Foreign Lawyers, Stanford University, California (02); LL.B., Faculty of Law, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (84-88); Computer Science & Psychology, Portland State University, U.S.A (83-84).
Member in: International Association for Insurance Law, International Bar Association, AIDA Europe
Activities: Pro bono legal assistance to various organizations including Tabeka (Law and Justice to Immigrants from Ethiopia); Kav Hazinuk (promotion of youth with leadership potential); Association of Friends of Kfar Idud (protected housing for adults with mental disabilities); legal assistance to women and children in distress; legal assistance to the Outbox Association
Military Rank: Lieutenant (Res.).
Languages: Hebrew, English.