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Import, Marketing and Distribution

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Established: 1972
Line of Business: Import, Marketing and Distribution
Address: 1A Moshe Sharett, New West Induastrial Zone, Rishon Lezion
Phone: 972-3-7708970
Fax: 972-3-7708900
Email: [email protected]
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  • Oded Guri, Guri A.A.O Ltd.

    Oded Guri


    Guri A.A.O Ltd.

  • Amos Guri, Guri A.A.O Ltd.

    Amos Guri


    Guri A.A.O Ltd.

Leading Executives

    Itzik Cohen CFO
    Racheli Tzrouya CFO
    Dudu Elimelech V.P. Sales & Trade
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About Guri A.A.O Ltd.

Guri A.A.O. Ltd. is one of Israel’s leading marketing and distribution companies. Founded in 1972, the company imports, markets, sells and distributes a wide range of Israeli and international brands manufactured by leading companies in Israel, Europe and North America. The company sees itself as a strategic partner of all the manufacturers it works with, and its vision is to be at the forefront of the Israeli market as a result of a professional and experienced sales team that leads the company and its brands to a path of long-term growth.

The Company’s Vision

The company’s vision is to be a key player in the Israeli market by operating a professional and experienced sales team. The company espouses values of professionalism, loyalty, motivation and transparency. These values are showcased in the company’s long-term relationships with its employees, suppliers and clients. Guri grows in a consistent and profitable manner for the benefit of its suppliers and customers, while improving and increasing its brands’ market shares.

Leading Brands in the Israeli and International Markets

Guri distributes leading Israeli brands as well as major international brands such as Henkel, GlaxoSmithKline, Reynolds, Mapa Spontex, Zobele and Clorox. During 2020 the company took over the exclusive distribution and introduction to the Israeli market for the brand ETI, which is the second largest baked goods company in Turkey.

Domestic brands include Style, Prinuk, Hamtzuzim, and more. Close cooperation between Guri and manufacturers which it works with results in productive synergy, allowing the manufacturers to concentrate on manufacturing the products, while Guri focuses on sales, distribution and operational aspects at the highest standards.

This strategy has produced very successful results. In 2020, the company showed an increase of 3.4% compared to the previous year (StoreNext data, 2020).

The Health Sector – Growth Accelerator

In 2016, the company made a strategic decision to become a key player in the health products market. Guri is active in the organic products sector and entered the gluten-free market in 2016 by introducing the new brand GFREE, thereby becoming a significant player in this market. Guri’s professionalism in this field earned GFREE the title “Product of the Year 2018” by Israeli consumers in the category of gluten-free products. In 2017 and 2018, the company continued to develop in this field and started to market the original HaKosmin brand and the Mandel Granola brand. During 2019, the company continued to grow and entered the sugar free products and sweeteners field under the brand Truvia, which is a sugar substitute and a natural sweetener based on the stevia plant. During 2020, Guri followed this line of work and deepened its operations in the gluten free market via the distribution of Green Lite products.

Additionally, the company acquired 50% of “Tvuot”, a company that specializes in the import, export and marketing of organic products.

These strategic moves made Guri a prominent player in the field of health products.

Private Labels

The company helps its retail clients manufacture products for their private labels. Thanks to Guri’s connections in the retail sector, the company knows the retailers’ needs and connects them to its various suppliers, thus also promoting its suppliers’ businesses. The company imports dozens of high-quality products at competitive prices both under its clients’ private labels and under its own brand, “G.”

In both instances, the message is value for money. The Private Label Department was created in the spirit of the current economic times, enabling Israeli consumers to purchase quality products at competitive prices.


The company markets to Israel’s leading retailers and reaches more than 1,800 points-of-sale directly, including leading food chains Shufersal, Rami Levy, Bitan, Hazi Hinam and pharmacy chains such as Super-Pharm and BE, as well as leading private retail stores. In recent years, Guri expanded its sales in private market and added individual clients to its roster, to which Guri sells directly. Guri enjoys mutually-beneficial cooperation and trade connections with the retailers that it works with, and grows together with them. This strategy has led Guri to achieve an overall weighted market distribution rate of 95%.

Guri’s Sales Network

In order to be able to respond to the challenges of the changing markets, Guri has undergone a comprehensive change in its network, using various means to build a broad-based and powerful distribution network that is required to bring products directly to the points-of-sale with optimal positioning. The company is developing its data systems for its sales operations. All the tasks for its sales operations are now managed using the EYEDO system, which enables supervision and control of every task for every product, and for every point of sales. The company has also implemented the VISPERA program, which uses cameras to determine the number of products on the shelves up to the level of a single item, as well as shortages in shelf space – only minutes after taking a picture.


Guri distributes its products through an advanced warehouse and has the capacity to store and distribute dry goods, goods stored at 18 degrees Celsius as well as frozen products. Guri uses advanced IT to contact and track customer orders and shipments. The company possesses all the authorizations required to import, market and store food products, cleaning supplies and toiletries.

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