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Import and marketing of electronic products and household appliances; import and marketing of communication devices and accessories; import and marketing of computer products, electronic components and storage solutions for the industrial and high-tech markets

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Established: 1985
Line of Business: Import and marketing of electronic products and household appliances; import and marketing of communication devices and accessories; import and marketing of computer products, electronic components and storage solutions for the industrial and high-tech markets
Address: 14 Hata’as St., Kfar Saba 4442514
Phone: *6683, 09-7631515
Fax: 972-9-7671053
Email: info@hye.co.il
Website: http://www.hye.co.il
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  • Yossi Sarudi, H.Y. Group

    Yossi Sarudi

    Owner & Chairman of the Board

    H.Y. Group

Leading Executives

    Yossi Sarudi Owner and Chairman of the Board
    Itzik Chen Deputy Chairman, CEO H.Y. Service and Logistics Ltd.
    Yariv Ben Nissan CFO
    Adv. Dafna Zamir Legal Advisor
    Moshe Daniel CEO - Electrotrodan Trade Ltd., Sinodan Ltd., Shalter Appliances Outlet Ltd.
    Ron Lavi CEO H.Y. Components Ltd.
    Amir Noy CEO Best Mobile Ltd.
    Amir shechterman CEO H.Y. Smart Solutions Ltd.
    Adv. Itai Hochberg CEO Uria Real Estate Ltd.
    Guy De-Picciotto H.Y. Electronics and Components Ltd.
    Dov Kotler CEO Solgal
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About H.Y. Group

The H.Y. Group is one of Israel’s leaders in the import and marketing of electrical appliances, electronics, LED lighting and communication products to the B2C and B2B sectors. The Group operates through several companies, such as H.Y. Electronics and Components Ltd., H.Y. Service and Logistics Ltd., H.Y. Components Ltd., Electrodan Trade Ltd., Sinodan Ltd., Si-Com Ltd., Best Mobile Ltd., H.Y. Smart Solutions Ltd., Solgal  Solar Energy Systems, Real Estate and Shalter Appliances Outlet Ltd. Amongst the many brands that H.Y. Group markets in the fields of electronics and electricity are LG, WD, Hisense, Gorenje, ASKO, Nokia,  SanDisk, Seagate, and more. The company employs more than 600 staff.

Marketing Electrical and Electronic Products

The Group’s vision is to lead the Israeli market with solutions in electronics and advanced communications for private and business customers. The Group imports, markets and distrib-utes leading brands, such as:
LG The Group is the official importer of LG Electronics: screens, audio-video systems, digital and professional screens and computer accessories.
Hisense A leading Chinese company that manufactures, freezers, refrigerators, and washing machines. 
Gorenje Europe’s foremost luxury brand for household electrical appliances, with products that incorporate unique and advanced technologies, alongside exceptional and meticulous design by some of the best international designers, such as Oraito, Phillippe Starck, and Karim Rashid.
ASKO A Swedish luxury brand for household electrical products, with 60 years of experience, with award-winning designs combined with advanced technology and smart solutions.
Nokia H.Y. Group, the official importer of HMD, the maker of Nokia mobile devices. The international brand “Nokia”, named one of the industry’s founders since its inception, had since led to global breakthroughs, inventions, patents and technological achievements in the field of mobile communication
Western Digital  The world’s leading storage company that incorporates three brands - WD, SANDISK, HGST, that manufacture and develop advanced data storage solutions for end-users and industry. 
Western HGST A manufacturer of a broad range of magnetic hard disks, SSD’s as well as other storage solutions. HGST is the world’s leader in the “enterprise” sector.
SanDisk A flash technology storage manufacturer – disk-on-key, memory cards for cameras and mobile devices, MP3 / MP4 music players, SSD drives and embedded storage components. 
Seagate A worldwide storage solutions leader of information and magnetic hard drives. Seagate manufactures portable drives to end users and internal drives to industrial con-sumers, including SSD and HDD drives with a variety of storage capacities.

Service and Support by the H.Y. Group

The Group perceives warranty support and excellent service as key values. Through H.Y. Service and Logistics Ltd., the Group operates a service network for the products it markets. The service network offers many qualified technicians, a repair laboratory, an installation of LG TV sets at the customer’s home and the sale of related equipment to the customer. Addition-ally, the group operates a Customer Service Center, which is open six days a week. H.Y. Service and Logistics also provide maintenance and repair services to external entities.

Electronic Components

The H.Y. Group offers hardware components solutions for dedicated products for all segments of Israeli industry - telecom, security, industrial, medical, storage, military, and more. The company operates in three focal areas - the storage market, memory components and displays. The company’s activity focuses on offering solutions to the development and engi-neering departments of OEM customers and selling to customers, integrators and subcontractors in Israel and abroad. In addition, the company has extensive activity in the PC market, IT integration and electronics stores, covering a wide range of storage solutions, optical drives, memory drives, and more. The company has been active in the field of electronic com-ponents for more than 30 years, and has long-term strategic partnerships with representatives in Europe, the Far East and the US. The company’s policy is to lead the market in the content areas in which the company operates, alongside the development of new content worlds – from products and customers.

Retailing in the Cellular Field - Best Mobile

Best-Mobile is the largest private cellular and gadgets chain store in Israel. In 2011, Best Mobile was acquired in 2011 and now has 41 stores nationwide, located in Israel’s leading shopping centers. Best Mobile is Israel’s only chain that specializes in cellular and related products. Its stores offer a variety of 120 cell phones, 5,000 accessories, and advanced gadgets. The chain has 200 employees.

Solutions for Energy Efficiency

H.Y. Smart Solutions provides consumers with advanced lighting solutions that contribute to energy and electricity savings. The company provides a comprehensive and complete response for various projects in the LED lighting field and offers its customers a total solution that integrates project planning and energy efficiency, up to integration, installation, maintenance and service in the areas of outdoor lighting, street lighting, and interior lighting. H.Y. Smart Solutions represents the world’s leading brands such as LG, Luxtronik, VIZULO, GRECHI, CGD, Glitter and more. Its services provide a comprehensive solution in lighting for customers from the business / private and public sectors.


Oriya Real-Estate is H.Y.’s real-estate arm. The company is an entrepreneurial company, which specialize in yielding real-estate and the betterment of properties, in the commercial real-estate field.
The group’s real-estate activities are different from the rest of its activities but there is synergy between them, and thus Oriya constitutes for a key factor in the group’s business portfolio.

Solgal Solar Energy Systems

The company specializes in the planning and establishment of electric generating systems using photovoltaic technology. Since 2008, Solgal has promoted the use of renewable and clean energy sources, as well as enabling access to exist-ing advanced solutions. Solgal emphasizes professional, quality and reliable service while ensuring careful attention to each client’s specific need.

Retailing in the Appliances Field – Shalter

The Shalter Appliances Outlet Chain sells electrical appliances manufactured by leading brands directly to the consumer, that were previously on display or come from surplus invento-ry.

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