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Established: 2003
Line of Business: Law Firm: S. Friedman & Co. Accounting Firm: Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar
Address: 4 Hatzoran St., Poleg Industrial Zone, Netanya
Phone: 972-9-8926711
Fax: 972-9-8926696
Email: club365@m365mail.co.il
Website: http://www.club-365.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Rami Shavit, HaMashbir 365 Ltd.

    Rami Shavit

    Group CEO

    HaMashbir 365 Ltd.

Senior Executives

    Dvora Yitzhaki Chairperson of the Board
    Nissim Hasan Deputy CEO for Operations and Sales
    Anat Yona CFO
    Ronen Laviv V.P. Club 365
    Ibrahim Magzal V.P. Sales & Marketing
    Itzik Peer V.P. Information Systems
    Adv. Shirly Kook Legal Counsel
    Amir Bronfeld Business Development
    Sigal Cohen Marketing Division Manager
    Lior Gavish Digital & Innovation Manager
    Michal Avni Economics and Control Dept. Manager
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About HaMashbir 365 Ltd.

HaMashbir LaZarchan Israel Ltd. was founded in 1947 for the purpose of operating the HaMashbir LaZarchan chain of department stores. In 2003, its activities were bought by the Shavit Group (2003) Ltd. 

HaMashbir Department Stores Ltd.

HaMashbir Department Stores runs the only chain of department stores in Israel, and is one of the leading companies in Israel’s commercial retail sector.

The chain comprises 38 branches located in shopping malls and other central locations throughout the country. Their total commercial space covers about 100,000 square meters. Thanks to its professional and skilled staff of 1,700 employees and 1,800 additional sales associates, the company’s overall revenues for 2018 totaled NIS 1 billion.

The chain offers a wide selection of quality products in the fields of cosmetics; women’s, men’s and children’s fashion; lingerie; footwear; houseware; sports; electric appliances and jewelry. The stores carry leading international brands alongside high-quality local products, providing a shopping experience similar to international department stores.

In 2018-19, the chain expanded its range of international fashion brands, in the field of women’s fashion, the chain offers exclusivity: Pont Roma, Morgan, Promod.

In the field of men’s fashion alongside Israeli brands such as: Bagir, Polo Beverly Hills, E.V.G, F.V. and Levis. In the field of children’s fashion, the chain offers exclusive international brands: French brand Okaidi and Italian brand OVS. In the field of footwear, the chain offers a wide range of brands: Lady Comfort, RockPort, Geox, Fly Foot, Hush Puppis, Caterpillar, Blundstone, and more.

The Home Fashion category was expanded this year, with the addition of new international home textile brands: Steve Madden and Replay, exclusive to the chain, along-side Kitan (Vardinon), Arlitex and Home Style.

The Bags and Suitcases Category was expanded with new brands: GUESS, Celine Dion, Nine West, Replay (exclusive in the chain in suitcases), National Geographic, Caterpillar, Samsonite, Slazenger, Jeep, Swiss, Delsey and Echolac.

The chain marked the sports sector as a strategy for its activity and expanded the commercial areas of the departments significantly, bringing in a full range of leading brands in the field, such as: Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, Brooks, New Balance, Puma, Diadora, Arena, Saucony, Skechers, and Kappa. Today, it is the leader in both footwear and sports apparel, alongside complementary products such as sports accessories, caps, weights, sport socks, wide range of water bottles, sport gloves, binoculars, and more.

In 2019, HaMashbir is launching a marketing move which assembles all of the changes in its value offering (the enrichment of the fashion, sports and children departments) and leverages them through a connection with the fashion stylist Dorin Atias.

Dorin Atias, a leading stylist, TV star and fashion designer who has a spot in the “Guy Pines” entertainment show and owns the premium brand Petite Doris, joins HaMashbir as a presenter who assists in procuring and selecting collections and brands from across the globe. This is a strategic connection aimed at providing significant credibility to the transformation that the chain underwent to become a relevant fashion chain for various target populations.

Dorin Atias participates in the selection of items that would be emphasized in the media presence and the stores. Beyond being the brand’s new face, she would serve as an inspiration for the procurement choices of the various departments.
She would lead the campaign under the slogan “Something New is Happening in Hamashbir” 

Club 365

The membership club was founded in 2013.
The company’s principal asset is the database of Club 365 members, which consists of over 700,000 households and over 1 million card holders (some households have more than one club card). The Club 365 customer loyalty program is one of the leading customer clubs in Israel in its field. It offers members a plethora of benefits throughout the stores 365 days a year.
For more information, please visit: www.Mashbir.co.il

Club 365 Finance

Club 365 Finance is jointly owned by HaMashbir 365 and Yenot Bitan Holdings. Club 365 Finance is the financial arm of HaMashbir 365, and its purpose is to promote and develop platforms for marketing financial products to Club 365 members, using the retail space of coalition members and the Club 365 database. In June 2012, HaMashbir 365 and Club 365 Finance signed an agreement with CAL-Israel Credit Cards Ltd. The credit card company, which includes 300,000 card holders, provides the Family 365 card holders with a loyalty program that accrues 3% cash-back with every purchase made in one of the coalition chains: HaMashbir LaZarchan, New-Pharm, Yenot Bitan, Mega BaIr, Kishrey Teufa, Tzomet Book, Shuk Mehadrin, Mega Ba’Ir and others. In addition to existing discounts.

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